Ping! And there you see another email flashing in your Inbox. The chances are that this one too may go those hundreds of emails that you have not cared to open till date? Sounds familiar? I’m sure it does. But you care a darn about it.

But, picture this! You are an entrepreneur; you send marketing emails to you existing and prospective clients, but those emails are meted with the same fate as the ones which you did not read? Now, do you care? Of course, you do! By all means, you do! And you should.

What Needs to be Corrected in the Emails?

The scenario is rather evident. People do not read all emails. And the reasons may not only be abundant but also rather obvious. Usually, major flaws lie with the subject line, frequency, and purpose.

Here are 5 email marketing tips that not only fetch remarkable results but are also astonishingly plausible.

1. Watch the Subject Line

The subject line is the quintessence of your email. If you fail to make an impression here, the odds are that your email will either get buried somewhere deep in the heap of Unread messages or be sent to Trash without even a look.

email subject line

Spend the maximum time with your subject line. It is like the packaging of a product. Better the packaging for a good product, the more the chances of consumer picking them up for a look.

  • Make sure it doesn’t look spammy with words like “free”, “lottery”, “help”, “donation”, “percent off”, and the like.
  • Keep it short – anything as short as 6 to 10 words only. The open rate of emails with subject lines longer than this was found out to be pretty discouraging. Plus, long ones go far out of bounds to read at a glance, unless you open it.
  • You could very well include the name of the addressee in the subject line of you want.
  • You could also pick catchy phrases from the pop culture. Trending really works.

Try it! Your open rates will soar for sure.

2. Make it a Personalized Approach

Don’t make your email sound like it was sent to anybody and everybody. The psychological truth behind approaching people is that they like to feel special. It is just like going to your grocery store and the staff remembering your name and what exactly you buy every time.

So, use personalized salutations. Don’t just say “Hi,” “Hey there”, or general stuff like that; instead say “Hi Alan!” or “Hey Suzanne.” It makes a terrific difference, and that is what it should make.
personalizing emails

Since the first few words of your email are visible in the mailbox, when people see themselves being addressed by their names, they do get compelled to open that very email.

how to get people to open your email

And it worked 😉

3. Regulate the Frequency

Don’t be a stalker. Please!

Getting the same emails too often can land you in the spam list. Did you know that around 70% of emails are spam? And, so there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to be in the remaining 30%.

email spam

Notice there is no personalization at all in the email. And they contacted me through my website contact form, makes it look even more spammy

So, check the frequency of your emails. Don’t make it push the receiver to spam it.

4. The Matter Matters

Now, don’t think that getting your email opened is the end of the story. The entire perspective of deliverability much is kept in place.

Unless you have in your email, the matter that really matters, it is just not going to matter to the reader. In plain words, a bad product with a fancy packaging cannot sell. So, what you convey through that email must offer some value to the receiver. Else, it is just going down the drain.

high converting email template

This is a decent email. But they did not address me by my name. Also, he wants me to share his article but does not offer anything in return. These often do not convert that well. I emailed him back saying I would share his article if he links to mine haha

Make offers that help you in conversion to sales, or those that expand your reach. And, make sure you stand by those.

5. From You with Love

About the From line, it is the most ignored I guess. Do you like receiving random emails from some random email address that you do not even care about? You don’t.

email to and from

Notice how they emailed me from their domain name and the email was sent to my domain name email also. It makes both parties look more credible.

Moral of the story, take a look at the From and replace that email id with a name. If possible, choose a person who people can relate to your brand. Avoid addresses like Sales, Marketing, Company Head, etc. it is an entirely cold approach and displays pathetic open rates.

Go on, try these, and you will be surprised to see the increase in your email deliverability and open rates.

Comment below and let me know if any of these tricks worked for you!Opinions expressed here by Contributors are their own.

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