10 Best Companies to Buy Prop Money (2021)

You have seen the high-speed chase scenes, the ones where there is a trunk full of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cash. The ones where those cars crash and the bills go up in smoke. Have you ever stared at the burning money raining down at the end of the film and wonder How on earth do they get that money to look so real?

The answer is talented prop money companies that use great designs, high-quality products, and provide amazing customer experience. The companies use the most updated technology to create a currency that can fool just about anyone from afar.

If you are a producer and need to purchase motion picture money for a scene you have come to the right place. We have taken a look at many companies on the market today and narrowed them down to the top 10 companies to purchase your movie money from.

How We Picked the Best company

When deciding which companies to add to our list, we looked at 5 different topics we thought were important to customers and then did some digging.

·        Quality

When you are using movie prop money, you want it to look as real as possible. However, you also want it to hold up. A lot of times money is being used in films, it’s going to go through some stuff. You want this money to last.

Finding high-quality movie money is essential to making your shot look as realistic as possible. If your hip hop artist is flashing monopoly money in his music videos, he is probably going to look for another producer.

·        Design

When your purchasing props, you want fake money that looks real, feels real, and can fool an audience. However, you also want to make sure it can be used for any sinister reasons too.

We wanted to find companies that understood how important it was to create realistic money, without crossing the lines of real counterfeit money. These companies have put together great ideas and solutions to keep their prop money from getting into the economy.

·        Cost

Most directors want to save as much money on movie props as possible when creating scenes. All the high tech effects and actors are already racking up a hefty bill during production. So it was important that we found some of the best fake money, but at an affordable price.

·        Customer Experience

Have you ever heard the term “The customers are always right?” Although that may not always be the case, if you want to make money, you have to pretend it is. We wanted to find a company that has an easy to manage web site, help easily accessible, and professionals who knew what they were talking about.


It was also important to us that we found company pages that were easy to navigate through and set up in a way that it only took minutes to find what we needed and cash out.

·        Shipping

Lastly, we were determined to find companies that made shipping easy and affordable, and as an added bonus, could ship last minute for those producers who need their replica money now.

Our Top 10 Prop Money Companies of 2021

These companies are the best companies to look towards when you are in search of some great money props. Whether you are producing a music video, an action-packed movie, or a 30-second commercial, these sites should be your go-to for all of your prop money needs.

1.   BuzzProps

BuzzProps stuck out to us as soon as we opened the page. This site is straightforward and easy to navigate. The money is high-quality replica money, with a great look that made us do a double-take.

BuzzProps has worked with big names like Netflix, Universal, Warner Bros, and HBO and has fantastic reviews. Filmmakers have stated they love this prop money, and it makes their shoots look phenomenal.

Don’t have a big budget to work with? No problem, BuzzProps have you covered. They offer very affordable stacks and bundles for all types of financial situations, allowing even the lowest budget films to have access to great movie props.

These high-quality movie props are proudly made and shipped from their warehouse in the USA, and they make payment easy accepting most major credit cards and PayPal.

There is a reason BuzzProps is the first store on our list and has some of the best reviews out there. They have exceeded our expectations in all 5 categories listed above. Their customer services and product qualities are second to none, so make the most of them and know that you’re in good hands.

2.   RJR Props

RJR Props has designed realistic money for movies such as Fast and Furious and Baby Driver. Delivering a great look for a good value. This company offers some of the best quality prop money in the industry, offering their customers many options and variations of fake cash.

The company offers a wide range of services in addition to selling motion picture money, including renting out their movie money, airplane interior mockups, and much more.

They are dedicated to adhering to all of the government’s laws regarding the manufacturing of motion picture money to ensure you will never get caught with illegal fake money on the set.

3.   New Rule FX

New Rule FX is a great place to go for theater props, prop money, and even gold. Their site is user friendly and inviting. It is easy to search through the products available and find exactly what you are looking for without losing your mind.

These bills are affordable and of high quality. This company promises information security and privacy along with following all of the legal standards for creating fake cash. Never worry about your personal information or purchases getting out to the public.

4.   Moe Money Shop

If you are looking for that perfect music video props shop, this is the store for you. Not only do they provide great looking realistic money, but they also offer other products to make that money shine.

Check out their money gun you can use to “make it rain” or customize your cash with the artist’s picture front and center. Moe Money will give you top quality movie money and at a reasonable price.

Need somewhere to shoot once you have your money? Moe Money Shop is opening their very own studio to help you capture the perfect picture.

5.   PropMoney

Propmoney.info store has literally thought of it all. Bringing you fake money that looks real in just about any movie scene. This company offers double sided print, filler stacks, aged money, and even money pallets, giving you all the options you could want to get that authentic looking shot.

This company abides by all laws and regulations when creating prop money and ensures you will not be caught in a legal battle because of their products.

Propmoney.info has affordable prices on all of their products and includes free shipping to all of their US consumers.

6.   Prop Movie Money

Prop Movie Money is a company created by filmmakers over 10 years ago when they were desperate for good quality motion picture money that filmed like real money. They designed some of the best prop cash money on the market.

Their staff is educated professionals highly qualified in designing money that films very well but is also legal to handle. They have a no shine design, customizable options, and designed with color corrections to make the bills as real looking as legally allowed.

7.   PropMoney

Propmoney.com made our list because of the customer support services offered. Their prop money guide is helpful for customers trying to decide what product is best for them and shows you exactly what that design looks like. Their motion picture money is affordable and they ship your order out the next business day.

This company offers a wide range of dollar amounts and replicates the design of the bills to match the year your movie takes place. They offer all denominations of money and a variety of various bills in the same bundles. You can also purchase blank fillers or full print stacks.

8.   Not Legal Tender

If you are looking for a site that is very easy to manage and gets straight to business, this site is for you. Not Legal Tender has a simple site to navigate through that will get you checked out without any hassle.

This company does not mess around when it comes to the use of their replica money and they offer a whole page describing how their money differs from the real thing. Keeping their customers safe from the Secret Service ruining their scene, and keeping their business safe from being fined or forced to destroy inventory.

9.   Prop-Money

Prop-money.com offers a wide range of fake bills. From all denominations you can think of, to worn down “aged” stacks. These bills are all well made and will look absolutely legit in any shoot you use them in.

They offer great prices on their products and free shipping. Prop-Money.com ships your order the next business day

10. StrobeProps

Strobeprops is a company based in Texas that ships their products directly from their local post office within 12 hours of purchase. This company is hands on with all their sales and makes the process personal. If you have any questions their chat box is always available to help navigate you.

Strobeprops products are 100% legal and although their bills look very real, they differ in size, feel, and design of actual currency.

Is Prop Money Legal

Prop money is legal if it adheres to all of the rules laid out by the government. These rules have been put into place to help prevent any fake tender from getting into the local economy.

To keep themselves covered from any legal ramifications most companies will make their bills differ from real money and follow the regulations for reproducing U.S. currency images.

  • The bills are designed slightly smaller
  • The colors will differ by a few shades
  • Printing is only done on 1 side
  • The pictures will be altered
  • “Replica” or “not for legal tender” will be printed on each bill
  • The prop money will have identical serial numbers.

Trying to use prop money as legal tender is a Federal crime and can get you a hefty fine and up to 20 years in prison.

Not only can the perpetrator get into serious trouble, but the manufacturer of the props can as well. If the Secret Service finds that the manufacturer isn’t following the legal guides set in place to their standards, they can be fined and also forced to destroy all of the fake money that looks “too real”.

Finding the Best Motion Picture Money

If you are in the film or entertainment industry and you need motion picture money, you want a product that looks real. Anything less can make your scene look like an amateur shot. So what should you be searching for in fake money that will get you the perfect look?

  • Color– make sure the color of the bills only differs a few shades from the real thing.
  • Texture– Although the paper used will be different from cotton like legal currency, you don’t want thick bills.
  • Design– Check that your bills are designed to resemble the right time frame your scene takes place, and that the “president” is correct for the bill it’s on.
  • Cost- Props should not cost you a small fortune, there are many sellers out there get the bang for your buck.

The best advice we can give you is to go through a reputable company. Although you may find a good deal on places like Amazon or eBay, that doesn’t mean you are getting the best deal altogether. Chances are good you will be getting play money, rather than prop money.


The prop money market is booming right now and there are many different companies offering you the best product for the best price. However, if you want to save yourself time you can simply navigate to one of these top 10 companies provided for you. In our humble opinion, if you are looking for a great product, affordable prices, and amazing customer service, Buzzprop.com offers all that and more. So check out their website and all the others today.

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