10 Best Sites to Buy Clubhouse Followers (Real and Active)

buy clubhouse followers

If you’re a marketer and you were lucky enough to have received an Invite to join Clubhouse, then congratulations on joining the exclusive elite app, but now that you’re there, what’d do? You already know that Clubhouse is a unique app that is a mix of talkback radio, house party, and conference calls. But did you know that being on clubhouse radio can give you more traction on your other social media platforms? Shocked eh? I think it’s pretty understandable since getting into Clubhouse is pretty hard and the people with-in the app are the elites so if you’re in the app then you’re considered an elite by default so it’s obvious that people would want to follow you.

If you go live on Clubhouse, many people would find you on the other social media platforms and follow you or drop you a message telling you how much they liked your radio session and stuff.

Well, that’s just me talking from personal experience since according to my analytics, I’d gained a little above 400 people within a week of my first radio session on Clubhouse. But what if that doesn’t work out? well, then you’ll have to learn the tricks to increase your Clubhouse followers or maybe buy clubhouse followers if you afford it. Well in this article we’re about to show you some of the best sites to buy clubhouse followers at a reasonable price; so shall we check what’re the sites that’ll let you buy Clubhouse followers?

List of Best Sites to Buy Clubhouse Followers


buy clubhouse followers

While searching for websites that provide Clubhouse features, we realized that there are very few websites that provide exactly what they promise and hence we handpicked only those who seem to be the most trusted and legitimate sites, and of course, Social Packages was one of them. Social Packages make sure that they help individuals and businesses stand out from their competitors, and as I said before too, to get famous on Clubhouse this might be the best time due to the less competition. It’s been a while since Social Packages has been helping in promoting and boosting the presence of influencers on different social media platforms with their genuine quality and authentic audience. They claim that they helped many celebrities with their reach.

Apart from Clubhouse, they offer services for all the other major social media platforms including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and so on. They make sure that they stay far away from fake accounts and automated bots, as they too believe that it’s not good for long-term growth and also know that it will put their client’s accounts at risk. Other than their quality, they are also popular for their affordable prices as their package range fits all, doesn’t matter whether you are an established organization, startup, or an influencer. They have packages that will suit your needs and won’t make a hole in your wallet.

Just like Get Viral while placing your order on Social Packages, you don’t have to put much time, you’ll just need to choose a package according to your needs then add your username and head to the payment page. And of course, they too offer secure payment methods, you can perform the payment via PayPal (most preferred) or Credit card.

The only negative thing that we found was they do offer a refill guarantee but they don’t offer guarantee for retention, although they claim that the followers that you’ll get from them will actually have interest in your content.


buy clubhouse followers

Compared to other sites mentioned on this list, Views Expert is quite new in this industry but still with their experienced team and genuine services, they are gaining fame and loyal customers. Views Expert’s work is very much similar to SidesMedia, as they too boost your social media presence through their vast networks. Hence, The audience or followers that you’ll get from Views Expert will listen to what you have to say as they’ll be having similar interests. They offer multiple options for almost every social media platform (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, and so on). Although their Instagram services are more popular, they aren’t just limited to just that as they are still growing. They don’t offer instant delivery as of now, but once you place your order within minutes they starts working on it, and within 2-3 days or earlier, they complete your order

Their prices are more on the high side though we believe with genuine and high-quality services, their packages are reasonably priced and I dare say that they are totally worth it. And of course, just like other companies they too prioritize their customer’s queries and difficulty, hence they try to improvise in their customer support services, currently, they are a 24/7 helpline number to resolve all your queries before and after the order is placed.

They offer hassle-free checkout options, you can pay via debit or credit cards, PayPal (recommended), and so on.


GetViral - buy clubhouse followers

Next, we have Get Viral, which is known for its Instagram growth services but since they are one of those few websites that are offering Clubhouse services, they started to gain traction for those services too. And just like SidesMedia they too help their customers gain engagement organically, they don’t use fake accounts or any bots. They have full confidence over their high-quality services and experienced team, hence they offer a quality guarantee.

Before using any marketing strategy, Get Viral makes sure that those methods are tested, tried, and don’t violate any policy of social media platforms. They offer a refill policy, Although the retention rate of followers that you’ll get from them, totally depends on your content as you’ll be gaining genuine followers from Get Viral. Another great thing about them is that if you just got an invite for Clubhouse, you can kickstart the numbers of followers by buying their services as they offer fast delivery, within the 10 minutes of your order they start working on it and take just 1-2 hrs to completely deliver your order.

On their website Get Viral claims to offer quality and satisfaction guaranteed. Placing an order through Get Viral is very much easy, once you find the package that suits your requirements, all you have to do is provide your Clubhouse username and Email address and check out safely. And of course, you don’t have to worry about your payment safety, no personal data will be stored as just like other sites on this list Get Viral also allows you to pay through their SSL encrypted checkout.


And with this we’ve reached the final site of this article that is Fastlikes; if compared to some of the bigger names in this article like UseViral and Viralyft then Fastlikes appears to be a rather small and lesser-known social media services provider, but much like Viralify and Useviral, Fastlikes does its best to provide only the genuine services for any social media platform of your choice.

Fastlikes offers its services for 8a total of social media platforms including YouTube, Tik Tok, Spotify, and Facebook. Its various social media packages include packages for more Likes, Followers, Subscribers, Plays, Views, Page likes, Reel views, et cetera. The majority of these Social media packages are also reasonably priced and start at about $3 for 300 Instagram likes and they start at $6.99 for 1000 YouTube views; their largest package is for Instagram and Twitter followers which costs $430 for 50,000 Instagram followers and 20,000 Twitter followers.

If you’re looking for USA-only targetted follower packages then you’ll be happy to know that Fastlikes offers USA-only social media packages.

If you’re thinking of making purchasing any of the Fastlikes packages, then all you need to do is enter the video/post link in the “enter link” spacebar given under the package description. After adding the necessary information, all you need to do is proceed to the payment page and make the payment; currently, Faslikes.io offers payment methods that include Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal.

Fastlikes usually takes around 1-2 days to deliver small packages while the larger ones can take up to 1 week. If you have any questions regarding any of their services, you can simply get in touch with their customer care and they’ll clear your doubts; as expected from one of the best sites for purchasing followers huh?


Next, we have Viralyft, a social media marketing agency that offers services for almost every platform. They cater to the needs of almost everyone no matter if you are a businessman trying to promote your business or just an influencer trying to get famous. With Viralyft you’ll easily find a package for yourself according to your requirements and budget as it offers multiple options from which you can choose. Other than Clubhouse it offers services for Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter. Viralyft is one of the most well-known promotional service providers due to the quality of their services, in whatever platform you require help with.

The followers that you’ll receive from Viralyft will follow you out of personal interest, as Viralyft offers authentic engagement with the help of a genuine audience. Hence they ensure that these followers will support you for the long term. And if you are wondering whether they are safe or not, know that they have experience of over 50 years in marketing and they make sure that they implement only tested methods. Plus, they have secured their website with HTTPS, hence you can use their services without any worries.

Apart from that, the best thing about them is their user-friendly interface as it makes the whole process more feasible, you can also track your order after deciding and placing your order. Plus, they start working on your order right away, and mostly they take just 10 hrs to complete an order (it depends on the size of your order too). Ah! Although they ensure retention if in case you lose followers after receiving your order inform them within 5 days as their free refills offer stays valid only till then. And if in case of any questions or difficulty you can contact them anytime as they offer 24/7 active customer support and a live chat to help you out.


If you’ll google about companies that offer social media promotional services, you’ll find thousands of results but of course, we all know most of them are just quick scams. Famups is one of those social media service providers who makes sure that their customers make them their first choice. Hence they offer authentic support and reliable ideas to their customers so that they can increase their traffic on different social media platforms.

Till now they have completed 15,249 orders and worked on over 1000 projects. Although their user interface is pretty basic, nothing that’s stand out but of course quality of services are what matters. They implement only organic marketing strategies in order to grow their client’s engagement and presence on different platforms. As it’s the start of Clubhouse, you should definitely try Famups for gaining followers as their marketing planning guarantees you long-term success.

The only negative point is that we couldn’t find their About page, although their customer support is very active and friendly. They offer 24/7 live chat and email support ( they respond within the time frame of 8 hours).

Even though Famups is the one-stop solution for Clubhouse, they also offer services for all other major social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Twitter. If we talk about its pricing we believe Famups packs are reasonably priced as per the market. While the delivery time is taken by Famups for your order mostly depends on how big your pack is but on average it takes around 3-10 days.


Famoid, which is again another well-known social media service provider, was originally established in 2017 (not too old) as a software development company in Delaware U.S.A but later they shifted their focus to social media services. Other than Clubhouse, Famoid provides its amazing services for many other social media sites including Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Although Famoid provides more variety and services for Instagram than any other platform but just like Famups, Famoid is too in its growing phase.

They try to change the bad image that those scammy websites have created for the social media marketing industry by offering reliability. The great thing about Famoid is that they prioritize their customer’s security by using completely secure payment methods (SafeCharge & Paypal), they pride themselves in taking their customer’s security standards above anything else. Also, all the Packages in all the categories provided by Famoid are from 100% real and active people so you’ll have to face little to no chance of getting smacked (smack!) with a ban. Above all that they offer 24/7 active support who provide an instant solution to every problem or difficulty, you are facing. Till now they have satisfied over 2,41,067 customers.


And now we’ve reached our last, er, second last Social media services provider namely Social Viral. Social-Viral will help you improving engagement rates on your Social media accounts and gain more credibility; much like the other renowned sites here, buying followers packages from Social-viral pretty much risk-free since their packages are made up of real/active users instead of bots that’ll disappear within a week.

Social Viral offers its services for various Social media platforms like  Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and Spotify and their offered packages include likes packages, views packages, and followers packages.

Social Viral is a customer-centric company which is why they try their best to make sure that their clients are satisfied with their various services, and other than the 24/7 email support they also offer to monitor your account for several weeks after purchase in case your follower count drops suddenly. Since the audience that you’ll get is real hence they can’t guarantee that they will stay, but they will offer free top-offs for a week if they do drop.


Let’s start with UseViral, a social media growth company that offers guaranteed results. The reason why we added them on #1, is due to their approach, they use cross-promotion in order to boost social media accounts by getting you real engagement and attention. They specialize in helping businesses increase the amount of engagement and grow their social media pages. Other than Clubhouse they also offer services for TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Spotify, and so on.

They offer a variety of options in terms of different followers and engagement for almost every social media platform. As soon you place your order, UseViral starts promoting you and your content on multiple websites and apps through their 5000+ web partners. Hence the followers that you’ll get will have an interest in your content and will interact too. So you don’t have to worry about them hurting your account or your reputation. Also, if you want to target a particular group or relevant users, then their support will help you identify and target them.

If you don’t want to make it obvious that you purchased followers from a third party, that you’ll have an option to choose between gradual/natural or immediate delivery. Although their standard time for delivery is 1-2 days, which we think is the most effective time frame. And just like all the other sites in this life, they are too safe to use, as they never ask for your passwords and all your purchase information stays confidential through SSL encryption and safe payment gateways. One of the best things about them is that they prioritize their customer’s issues and help them solve them at the latest.


SidesMedia and UseViral are a bit similar to each other, as SidesMedia too has created a network of real people, and they’ll be the ones interacting with your content. Those real people get paid a share for interacting or following your page. In this social media promotional industry, there are only a few companies that are totally transparent and direct about their services and SidesMedia is one of them. They make sure that their customers know everything about them before buying their services, as they have shown transparency by disclosing their work. You might be surprised knowing that they don’t offer services for Facebook and Instagram, as it’s difficult to offer those services through their approach but at least they are honest about it instead of using bots or fake accounts.

SidesMedia is one of those companies that implemented Clubhouse features right after knowing that it can be a new big thing. They are one of the best options (that’s why we have them on this list) as they will give you the initial push that will help you become famous at Clubhouse. Apart from Clubhouse, they offer services for TikTok, Twitch, Youtube, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitter, and Pinterest. You also won’t have to wait for long for the delivery of your order, as they complete their order within a 1-2 days time frame. And of course, in case of any query or difficulty, you can contact them.

They are featured by some trusted bloggers like Increditools, Influencive, Home Business, Hellbound Bloggers, etc. But still, the best thing about them is that they are offering something that no one else is offering and that is trust.

Clubhouse Followers Guides:

How to buy Clubhouse Followers?

Since you’re here, you must already know the best sites to buy Clubhouse followers, but I guess you’re wondering how exactly you should purchase from those sites and if it is safe to buy from these sites, then you’re in the correct place since this guide has been written to clear your queries and below we’ve stated the steps through which you can securely buy Clubhouse followers.

  • Step 1:

For the first step you need to pick the site from which you wish to buy clubhouse followers, but before that do go through their terms & conditions to get a solid understanding of their offerings and also check their reviews on different review platforms (like Trustpilot for example) to check if their products are as legit as they say or not. If you find them reliable enough, move on to the next step.

  • Step 2:

In this step, you’ll need to take a look at their packages, pricing, and delivery time; you can also get in touch with their customer service to get a better understanding of their products and to check the quality of their customer service (because it matters).

  • Step 3

After you’re done testing you’re preferred service provider and are completely sure that they are genuine, you can go ahead with picking your desired package and entering your profile link in the given space.

Do Note: No genuine Clubhouse followers provider will ever ask you for your Clubhouse password or any other sensitive information. All they’ll ever ask you is just your username or profile link so they’ll know where you want packages to be delivered, in case they ask for your password, they’re a scam and might compromise your security.

  • Step 4

After choosing your desired package and adding the necessary information, you’ll be taken to the payment page where you’ll need to pick your preferred payment method; there’ll be plenty of payment options to choose from like Mastercard, Visa, and PayPal but we recommend PayPal because as you know, it’s one of the most secure payment options.

After making the purchase, you can keep track of their delivery progress via email updates, if you are bothered about anything related to the delivery progress or if there’s a delay in deliveries, then do get in touch with their customer service as soon as possible.

So there we are, those steps give above are everything you’ll need to discreetly and securely buy Clubhouse followers packages. These steps appear like a lot of work, but it is important to carefully select the Clubhouse services provider for your own safety.

Can we get banned for buying Clubhouse followers?

Buying Clubhouse followers is a pretty easy and effective method to raise one’s popularity and follower count on Clubhouse, but it leaves us with a few questions like whether these third-party services are genuine, whether is it legal to purchase these third-party services and if we’ll get banned on clubhouse for purchasing from third-party; in this guide, we’ll answer all those questions

Let’s start with your first query, which is “Whether these services are genuine or not”; and its answer is Yes, these third party services are genuine but do note that in this information technology era, it’s far too easy to get scammed online; so try to be as careful as you can while picking a third party seller for buying Clubhouse followers. You could simply check the reviews of the seller on different sites, you can also give it a test run by purchasing a small package from them.

As for your second query, purchasing third-party services for Clubhouse or any other social media platform falls in the grey area; meaning that it is neither legal nor illegal to purchase. Also, if you ever buy Clubhouse follower packages for cheap, you’ll nearly always receive bot followers, which isn’t great if you want to gain popularity and under circumstances, you might also lose these followers with-in a few weeks, so basically wasting your money. But it’s a different story if you purchase Clubhouse followers packages from a verified third-party seller with plenty of positive reviews because these sellers nearly always sell genuine packages that are made up of real people who might be interested in your content and these followers won’t disappear if they’re interested in your content.

So if you wish to buy clubhouse followers, do adequate research on the seller and only then make the purchase.

And to answer your third query, you won’t be banned on clubhouse for buying followers since clubhouse can’t tell that you’ve purchased followers if they’re active followers; but there might be a tiny chance of being banned if you purchase bot followers.


And with that, we’ve reached the end of this article and I’d like to thank you for sticking around till the very end and also I sincerely hope that this article helped you in some way while you’re on your unending journey to gain more Clubhouse followers.

We did our best and mentioned nearly all the sites that’ll help you grow your Clubhouse followers in this article, but we assure you that those sites aren’t enough and there are many other sites beginning to provide services for Clubhouse.

If you’ve ever stumbled across another genuine site not given in this article, do reach out to us through the comments section or mail us.

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