10 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Post Likes (Real and Instant)

facebook post likes

Having a Facebook account is the first step in taking your business or personal brand to the next level. Facebook opens a wide range of doors into the world of social media and marketing. You’re looking at potential clients, customers and even sponsors, so why not make your page look as good as you want it too.

If you want to make your name in the marketing world, then Facebook is one of those social media sites that you have to be on. In saying that there are a lot of services that make it easier to achieve the same. A huge range of service providers provides services like buying FaceBook page likes, post likes, followers or shares to increase engagement with your page.

It is obvious that with the more likes and shares you get the more people to notice you and your brand. This is why buying likes, shares or followers is highly encouraged. In this post, we will be focusing on the best sites to buy Facebook post likes.

Here is the list of Best Sites to Buy Facebook Post Likes:


Viralyft - buy facebook likes

Viralyft is a targeted Facebook post likes provider. If you have ever been worried about these likes being fake, then throw that thought out of your head now. These likes are 100% real and you can visit their profiles to even check for yourself. You can now buy Facebook post likes that make it extremely convenient. All you have to do is select the service of your choice and then checkout, submitting the information that is set. You will then be provided with the service.

At cheap prices you get the highest quality likes that help you improve your page reach and credibility, thereby ranking your Facebook page. It is completely safe and private. If you have any queries, feel free to contact the 24/7 customer service for help.


GetViral.io - buy facebook likes

GetViral is one of the best places to buy Facebook post likes from. All you have to do is select the package that appeals to you. There are a lot of different options that you can choose from as well. Then, you need to enter your Facebook Post link, with no password required. Add it to the cart and checkout. You can pay either through Paypal or Card. You can save a lot of time and energy that it would normally take to build momentum on your Facebook post likes.

Whether you want 100 Facebook post likes or 10000, Buzzvoice is here to help. The Facebook packages are brilliant value and will be delivered in just a few short hours. It doesn’t take a lot of time at all. There are various other options of likes packages in between as well, so choose whichever works for you. You can get thousands of likes in less than an hour.


SocialPackages.net - buy facebook post likes

Facebook is a social media that you have to be on if you want to grow your business. Every person you know probably has an account around you. So think about the amount of business it will bring you. If you do have a Facebook account, then growing it to be big enough is the issue. This is why SocialPackages is the best site to buy Facebook posts likes that help accelerate your social media potential and growth by a lot.

Having likes on your page is an indication of how many people truly visit your posts. A page that has no likes on their posts is an automatic sign that no one is interested in. There needs to be something that keeps the interest of a newcomer on your page. The best way someone shows their appreciation of your posts is by clicking on the like button.

At the SocialPackages, if your order does not get delivered immediately, then you can raise a ticket or chat with them, to get a refund right away. Moreover, you don’t even need to worry about your orders, they are all safe, private, and secure. They do not ask for any passwords so do not provide any.


buy facebook likes -

ViewsExpert is the best site to buy Facebook post likes. The likes on a Facebook post are what makes you stop and read them and further interact with them. You must buy these Facebook posts to make it count towards more engagement. They offer services at very effective prices.

It is delivered within 48 hours with the highest quality service. ViewsExpert, in general, have very good prices for their likes. These likes are permanent and ensure fast delivery.


Social-Viral - buy facebook post likes

Buying Facebook post likes at social Viral helps you boost your viewer engagement instantly. The 100% genuine post likes to come for real Facebook accounts and a trustworthy source. It is very cost-effective and more importantly does what it promises to do. Anyone can be your friend on Facebook, most of whom you might not even personally know. But if you do want your account to get more likes and shares, then it is important that you request for real accounts and not bots. While the bots superficially increase your numbers, they also trigger a warning from Facebook. It is important to only use real and genuine accounts to like or follow your pages.

Social Viral offers the best service when it comes to Facebook post likes. So, after you sign up with Social Viral, you will see your Facebook post likes with you in no time at all. If there are any issues that you face, then you can call the Social Viral team any time of the day or night and they will sort things out for you.

For the price of $3.99, you get 50 high-quality Post Likes. All you have to do is enter the post URL with no password needed and then wait a maximum of a few hours to receive your order. If there are any issues with your order, you can always contact the 24/7 customer support for more details. There are various packages up to 2500 post likes, but the priciest is $49.99 The same specifications apply.


Famups is a great alternative to begging your friends for more likes or using any other service that days weeks to deliver a small order. They provide results quickly and efficiently. These are real Facebook post likes and even have USA targeted options.

All likes are guaranteed for 1 year. You will get your likes within 1-2 days. If you have any questions do contact the 24/7 customer support team for help. Once they notice that you have a large number of likes, those very same friends will start engaging with your account more.


GetRealBoost is one of the best sites to buy Facebook post likes from as it has genuine post likes that only add to your value. You can find them for a reasonable price and gain enough credibility among others on the site. For a price of $5, you get 200 worldwide post/photo likes. Already, you should be snatching up this deal, the prices don’t get any better.

The likes are delivered quickly and if you have any issues the 24/7 live customer support team is always there to help out. You have to enter the post URL and give your Email ID, after which you can pay. Once, the payment has been made, wait for a few hours to see results.

There are other packages you can choose from. The priciest is $100 for 5000 likes. All the same, specifications apply to all the packages across the website. Buying likes will only increase your engagement. Moreover, it is simply a small price to pay for a larger outcome later.


FBSkip is a site to buy Facebook post likes. Rest assured that Facebook do not remove the likes they provide which adds to the fact that it is the best quality product ever. All the likes are 100% manual Facebook likes on photos and there are no cheap bot likes that are dropped in a few days. Moreover, you can enjoy a lifetime warranty on all services. FBSkip has been 6 years on top of the google rating. All the users who have a registered account on Facebook have filled out profiles, added friends and followers and most importantly have liked your posts.

Unlike other sites, FBSkip does not delay the delivery of likes nor will you experience any delays in order fulfilment and other issues with customer support. Nor will you see any low-quality profiles like the ones that do not even have profile pictures and whose names don’t look real. This is one of the promising sites that ensure good quality deliveries.


Venom is the best place to buy Facebook post likes from. It helps you increase your traffic that will ultimately lead to more sales. Which in turn leads to more customers and even greater chances of attracting the biggest and the most profitable advertisers in the market. It is all a positive curve upward. With these services, you can also choose where exactly you want your new Facebook followers to come from. You can choose between a local town or city or all over the world. This will help you reach targeted consumers that increase the chance of sales.

Venium’s service packages are unique and completely different from other websites. It is more interesting with the pricing model. You only need to pay a measly amount of $0.99 Per 100 Likes. These likes are 100% real and will remain active indefinitely. They are of the highest quality and also improve ranking. They are guaranteed for a Life-Time and provide instant tracking. You have a minimum order of 50 likes and a maximum of 10,000 likes per order.

All your data is stored behind multiple layers of military-grade encryption which means that you do not have to worry about cyber attacks. Moreover, you are guaranteed satisfaction with the site’s digital marketing services. Regardless of which service you invest in, you will get a 100% money-back guarantee, no questions asked.


Famoid is an experienced team that can be trusted to give you the most reliable likes on the market. Getting that Facebook likes that you bought can make a huge difference for your business or brand. At famoid, they ensure quick and fast delivery. It is reliable and quick, so you do not need to be paranoid about not getting your money’s worth.

For a minimum of 100 Facebook high-quality post likes, it would cost you $12.95. It is completely safe and requires no password. If you have any queries you can always contact the 24/7 customer support service for more details. Within 1-5 days, your order should be exactly where they belong. It does take the maximum amount of time, because of the drip-feeding. This releases the likes slowly to simulate real people. The maximum number of likes you can get is 1000 Facebook Post likes for the price of $58.95.

At Famoid, your safety is their priority, so none of your information will not be revealed anywhere.


Buying Facebook post likes does not hinder any of the other normal aspects of being on Facebook. It makes the chances of you being recognized even higher. Making that small investment means that you will get more out of it.

Especially if you are a small business, even 10 or so more likes, will put you above your competitors. If you need more sites for other Facebook-related services, then check the above-mentioned sites.

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