10 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Streams (Legit and Instant)

buy spotify streams

In the 21st century, technology is at its peak, and lives are more fast-paced than ever before. Therefore, more and more people are looking for hands-free entertainment. This is why music and audio streaming have come out to be popular genres that people swear by. Be it music, podcasts, audiobooks, or even films, audio content is among the most highly consumed forms of content today. Now, thanks to audio streaming platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud, audio streaming has come right in our smartphones. As someone trying to build a professional career in music, oration, or as a voice artist, this can be gold for you. You can leverage the potential of these platforms to grow your presence on social media and get recognized for your work. For this, you can buy Spotify streams and get the initial exposure for your albums, music, or podcasts.

Especially if you are a beginner, buying Spotify streams can kickstart and boost your organic reach faster than organic promotions. So, do you want to get more fans and more visibility on Spotify? Then, check out the following best sites to buy Spotify streams for getting high-quality Spotify promotions.

Best Sites to Buy Spotify Streams

Views Expert

Views Expert - buy spotify streams

Buying Spotify promotions has never been easier than with Views Expert. This is because this provider offers premium Spotify streams to make your channel go trending in a speck of time. And in just two simple steps at that. So, whether you are an influencer or a music aggregator who wants more publicity for your playlists. Views Expert brings traffic from real and genuine Spotify users to grow your popularity online. Here, you can buy Spotify Streams and also Spotify Followers.

As compared to other websites that offer Spotify marketing, Views Expert is a tad bit more expensive. The reason is that they strategically promote your content. Their aim is to improve your playlist or album rankings, making you more discoverable on the platform. Further, they do not simply deliver numbers, but also to invite users to listen to your tracks or podcasts. Spotify Streams packages start from $11 for 2000 streams and go up to $56 for 10000 streams. These plays will get delivered to your channel starting in just 1 to 3 days.

Social Packages

Social Packages - buy spotify streams

Are you looking for safe and fast Spotify streams with guaranteed results? Then, look no further, for Social Packages is there to do just this task for you. This social media marketing service offers users packages to buy Spotify streams for your channel. They offer real and premium Spotify streams at attractive prices, that would not weigh down on your pocket. You can buy anything from 500 to 500000 Spotify streams in the price range of $3 to $747. All these plays will be from a worldwide audience and come with a refill guarantee.

With Social Packages, buying Spotify plays is literally only a few clicks away. All you need to do is select a suitable package. Then, enter the URL to the song or podcast on Spotify on which you want to increase the play count. Once you pay for your order, your Spotify streams will start rolling in just 1 to 2 days. Besides this, Social Packages provides 24/7 customer support catering to any concerns that you might have regarding your order.


best site to buy spotify streams

With this provider, you can get the Spotify marketing solution that suits you. With services to cater to every budget, Get Viral offers packages to buy Spotify streams. These streams do not simply increase your play count on Spotify but get you the exposure to reach across to a greater audience. Spotify streams from this provider come from worldwide Spotify users. However, they do not provide the option to target relevant audiences. This means that at best, you will get a random audience listening to your tracks or podcasts.

Spotify streams packages from GetViral begin at a price of $6.99 for 1000 Spotify streams. This price goes higher to $750 for 500000 streams. It offers fast delivery with your Spotify plays dropping to your account in just 10 to 30 minutes. Further, their services are backed by a refill guarantee and 24/7 customer support. Also, you would not require sharing your password, making Spotify promotions safe and secure. If you are looking for quick and easy growth for your Spotify channel, then packages from GetViral are the most suitable for you.


viralyft - buy spotify streams

One of the best sites to buy Spotify streams, Viralyft is your one-stop destination for authentic Spotify promotions. It brings top quality, worldwide plays from actual Spotify users to get your tracks the necessary exposure. When you buy Spotify streams from here, you make your Spotify tracks or podcasts visible to a global audience. Therefore, if you are a budding musician, worldwide Spotify streams from this provider, can boost your music significantly.

With over five decades of expertise in Spotify marketing, streams from Viralyft aim to improve your channel’s search engine rankings. Therefore, you get the assurance of more visibility. With premium quality, safe delivery, and secure payments, Viralyft is the place you should head to if you are looking for effective Spotify marketing. The price begins from $4.99 for buying 1000 Spotify streams and goes up to $750 for 500000 Spotify streams.


Want to boost your Spotify content with organic reach? Then, Famups is where you can get real, high-quality Spotify promotions. Whether you are a musician, a digital creator or a brand, Famups is your number one provider for Spotify promotions. With this website, you can boost your content with strategic marketing that delivers guaranteed results. Here you can buy Spotify streams in a variety of packages that cater to every budget. These streams will make your Spotify channel more discoverable on the platform and bring more followers and audience organically.

Famups provides a wide range of packages for different budgets. These packages start from $6 for 1000 Spotify streams and go up to $140 for 50000 streams. All these streams will be delivered to you in a natural manner in just 3 to 5 days. Further, they neither require you to share your password nor follow other profiles. So while you invest all your effort in creating awesome music content, your Spotify channel will continue to receive authentic promotions.

Social Viral

One of the best sites to buy Spotify streams, Social Viral does exactly what its name suggests. It helps to make your Spotify channel go viral by authentic and strategic marketing. When you buy Spotify streams from this website, it ensures that your music content gets more attention and visibility on the platform. By doing so, also makes your tracks eligible for monetization.

Fast, affordable, and genuine, Spotify streams from Social Viral kick start your Spotify promotions right away and the right way. Spotify streams packages from this provider start at a price of $5.99 for 1000 streams and go up to $139.99 for 50000 streams. All the streams that you get from here, are high-quality plays from users who are genuinely interested in your content. With quality you can trust and results that you can see, Social Viral is the ultimate website for Spotify promotions.

Media Mister

Media Mister is one of the social media promotions giants in the industry today. As such, it is also one of the best sites to buy Spotify streams. With unbeatable quality and affordable prices, Spotify streams from here increase your following on the platform and even get you recognized by labels. So, your tracks get the necessary exposure while you can have total peace of mind. It helps you grow your presence among various Spotify communities by getting high-quality Spotify streams.

From Media Mister, you can buy Spotify streams of various types. This includes streams for tracks, albums, playlists, or podcasts. All these plays are from active Spotify users who would listen to your tracks. This means, when you buy Spotify streams from here, you are not simply buying numbers to display on your channel. Instead, you are buying real engagement. The prices start from just $5 for buying 1000 track plays. They also provide the option to buy streams from worldwide audiences or target audiences from various countries. Delivery begins in just 1 to 2 days.

Stream Digic

If you are someone who uses Spotify for professional, business purposes, then Stream Digic might come of use to you. It offers professional assistance in increasing the visibility of your audio content on Spotify. What makes Stream Digic unique is that it does strategic and targeted promotions to drive listeners to stream your music. As a result, your tracks begin to rank higher in the Spotify app and attract more listeners organically. Here, you can buy Spotify streams in a variety of packages including Spotify streams and Spotify playlist streams. These streams will arrive on your podcasts, playlists or songs from a worldwide audience.

Further, they also make your music eligible for royalties. With Stream Digic, simply say goodbye to empty numbers and fake accounts spamming your Spotify channel. So whether you are an emerging musician, or an artist looking for an audience base to monetize your Spotify tracks. Stream Digic will get you the popularity required to get recognized, even by a label! The price starts from $9.90 for 1000 Spotify streams and $54.90 for 10000 playlist streams.


If you are looking to skyrocket your content on Spotify, then Venium is your perfect destination. Whether you are an influencer, a budding musician or a content aggregator, this provider can be your marketing expert. Using this platform, you can buy Spotify streams that are real listeners for your Spotify tracks and podcasts. And this is not all. Each Spotify package from Venium comes with strategic promotions to drive targeted traffic, boost sales, improve search engine rankings. Therefore, buying Spotify streams from here also increases your visibility on the platform.

They share your music with their in-house, widespread network to promote your content. Your tracks are played and shared by real and human Spotify users until it reaches the promised play count. What makes this website unique is that they offer a lifetime retention guarantee and highest stream time. They bring streams from worldwide users who are genuinely interested in your music. The minimum package costs $4.99 per 1000 Spotify streams with instant delivery. You can also live to track your order through their dashboard.


If you simply cannot compromise on the quality, then FollowersUp should be the first thing to tick off on your list. With professional Spotify promotions from this provider, your music will get the attention you need to become famous on Spotify. Here, you can buy Spotify streams and playlist streams at a price that you can afford. Spotify streams from FollowersUp boosts your account and gets you recognition from a worldwide audience.

Packages to buy Spotify streams begin from $9 for 1000 plays and go up to $119 for 20000 streams. For buying playlist streams, the prices remain the same. The average delivery time is between 3 days to 4 weeks depending on the package that you purchase. What makes FollowersUp one of the best sites to buy Spotify streams is that they provide a lifetime retention warranty. So, there is no scope for losing your credibility on the platform.

Spotify Streams Guides:

How to Get More Spotify Streams?

Although you can buy Spotify streams to promote your audio content on Spotify and even get great results. But, as with all shortcuts, you can never know if they will be long-lasting results or not. The right way to get started on Spotify is through organic Spotify marketing. Organic Spotify streams help to generate more royalties as compared to streams that you buy. This is because the fans that come organically will truly be interested in your music and will listen to your tracks again and again.

Further, they make your channel eligible for monetization by increasing the play count of your audios. Also, since these viewers are the ones genuinely interested in your content, they will stay on your channel. This means your stream will only continue to increase, as it were. Below are some of the most useful tactics and techniques to get more Spotify streams organically for your channel.

  • Embed Spotify Tracks on Your Website –

With newer features rolling in rapidly on Spotify, Spotify Embeds have become one of the old tricks. But, as with grandma’s old remedies, Spotify Embeds work like magic if you are looking to get more Spotify streams organically. And it is super simple to embed individual tracks or playlists on your website. Embedding your Spotify tracks on your website lets the viewer listen to your music without leaving the website. Similarly, people can listen to your tracks while scrolling through Facebook or Instagram.

These plays will ultimately count towards the total streams on Spotify. Hence, you get more Spotify streams. Plus, if the viewer likes your style of music, listening to a particular track embedded on your website can leave them intrigued to check out your Spotify channel to listen to more of your music.

  • Create an Artist Profile on Spotify –

The best way to become popular on a platform like Spotify is to get onboard the Spotify for Artists. This feature is exclusively designed for new artists who want to make a mark and get recognized for their music. Creating an artist profile on Spotify gives you access to several tools which you would not be able to access otherwise.

This includes, analytics to see where your streams are coming from, a customizable homepage, and the ability to submit to playlists. From your artist profile, your audience can hear your newest releases and dig deeper into your playlists. Plus, if you have a verified blue tick on your profile, your channel appears more credible. All this cumulatively can get more Spotify streams on your tracks, playlists, and podcasts.

  • Be Consistent in Posting New Music –

Imagine following an artist who posts too much music on a particular day and then disappears for weeks. Chances are that you are already unfollowing them. Now, this is how all audiences behave – if you do not appear consistently, they too will go away. So, if you are an artist looking to promote yourself and your music on Spotify, then be consistent.

You can decide your own pace by posting daily, or weekly or twice a week. The key point is to show up and consistently deliver new content that your audience wants to see. This will scale up your Spotify streams metrics gradually. Also, they make your existing fans look forward to your upcoming tracks.

  • Submit to Spotify Curated Playlists –

Playlists curated by Spotify already have a large viewership. If your song gets landed in a Spotify curated playlist, it has the potential to boost your visibility and hence, stream count exponentially. You can pitch unreleased tracks to Spotify’s playlist editors for consideration. To do so, firstly sign in to Spotify for Artists on the desktop. Then, there are two ways of submitting your songs to Spotify’s editors for playlist consideration. You can either click on the ‘Pitch a Song’ option at the top of the Home Tab.

Alternatively, go to the Music Tab and under the ‘Upcoming’ option, select ‘Pitch a Song’. Once you have chosen a song to submit for playlist consideration, fill out all the information about the song as you can. The more information you enter, the better are the chances of getting approval. If your song gets approved, Spotify will add your pitched song to the followers’ Release Radar playlists. As soon as your song releases, all these followers will listen to the track, increasing your stream count multifold.

  • Create Your Own Playlists –

Playlists inherently get more streams than individual tracks. This is because listeners usually tend to listen to multiple songs at once while listening to a playlist. Playlists are also a great way to engage existing fans by giving them your style of music in one place. Gradually, as people listen to your playlists, your stream count will increase.

This may also get you, new followers and listeners, as playlists are super shareable. So, if your existing fans like your content, they might share it with their friends or on social media. Eventually, this will build up your listeners and get more Spotify streams for your playlists and individual tracks.

  • Share Playlists That Feature Your Music –

Sharing playlists that feature your music through direct links attracts all the listeners of that playlist to listen to your music. This is a great way to build your Spotify fans and get more streams organically. It not only increases your stream count since playlists drive the maximum amount of plays per listening session.

But also, it helps your existing listeners be aware of your progress as an artist. This can go a long way in building your credibility as an artist in the long run. Inevitably, they will look forward to your upcoming music more and more. So, your Spotify streams will multiply organically through the butterfly effect. Plus, it creates your unique presence among selected communities on Spotify.

  • Engagement Above Metrics –

One real Spotify fan is several times worth more than 100 streams that you buy from third-party services. This is because, when you buy Spotify streams, chances are that your music will only be played into a void. The reason being that the people listening to the tracks or podcasts could very well be automated bots. So, even though you get the numbers, your engagement and visibility will not improve. As such, the Spotify algorithm considers engagement above metrics and this is what you should improvise too.

Even if initially the numbers on your Spotify profile are lesser, your focus, therefore, should be to retain them. When you engage your existing fans, your content on Spotify will organically attract more new listeners and fans. As a result, your tracks will gradually get more Spotify streams and the fans that stay.

  • Collaborate and Cross-Promote –

Like collaborations on Instagram, cross-promoting can go a long way in bringing more fans to your profile. On your Spotify channel, you can feature other artists, labels, playlists, or individual tracks. But, make sure that they are similar to the style or genre of music that you create or aggregate. This makes the collaboration appear more natural and hence, more valuable for your existing fans. Alternatively, you can ask your existing fans for recommendations and add their suggestions to your own playlists.

This can be useful to engage your fans and even bring more followers to listen to your content. You can also collaborate with music influencers on Instagram, popular music blogs, etc.. This helps to increase your reach and visibility on the Internet with the potential to bring new fans. If you do acquire new fans, your overall stream count will increase gradually.

  • Leverage Spotify Ad Studio –

Spotify has millions of users worldwide and what better reason to use the platform for running ads? Not only will Spotify ads give visibility to your content, but also drive metrics. That’s because yes, Spotify ads are really that impactful! Spotify offers a self-promoting platform known as Spotify Ad Studio, for creating meaningful and high-impact ads for your brand. The Ad Studio comes with a suite of ad experiences, creative tools, and resources. Using these, you can create stellar ads that hit the right note with your target audience.

This means better experiences for the listeners and better metrics for your content. With the Spotify Ad Studio, you can create audio and video ads easily and quickly. Also, you get exclusive access to the tools and insights for measuring impact. With Ad Studio, you can get actionable insights and put them into practice to increase your Spotify streams.

  • Promote Across All Platforms –

When you promote your content across various social platforms, it is likely to bring more potential streams. This is because it lets your fans find you and listen to your music wherever you are. If you are particularly looking to increase your Spotify streams organically, then share your direct Spotify links literally everywhere on the web. They will not only add to your overall stream count but also bring fans to your artist profile. You can also update your YouTube video descriptions to contain the links to your Spotify profile.

Further, host listening parties on Facebook or Instagram and retroactively use Spotify hashtags on these platforms. Another way to increase streams through cross-promotions is to copy and paste one of your Spotify links into the Twitter search bar. By doing so, you can find the Spotify listeners who have shared your music. Then, you can like or reply to their tweets to engage with them. You can even encourage them to listen to more of your music.

How to Buy Spotify Streams?

If you have made up your mind to do Spotify promotions the easy way, then you can buy Spotify streams. By doing so, you can increase the play count on your tracks or podcasts instantly. When a viewer sees the large stream metrics on your songs, he/she is motivated to listen to that song. Hence, you attract more listeners organically and display social proof about the credibility of your content.

However, please note that like all shortcuts, Spotify promotions from third-party websites cannot guarantee long-term results. Spotify constantly suspends fake profiles from the platform. So, the numbers on your tracks can go down as quickly as they appear, when you buy them from stream boosting services. Therefore, it is crucial to choose only the best and the most credible service to buy Spotify streams.

Buying Spotify streams from stream boosting services is literally a piece of cake. The following are the simple steps that you need to follow to buy Spotify streams that are authentic:

  • Select a Provider for Buying Spotify Streams –

The Internet is afloat with numerous sites that claim to sell real Spotify streams but are actually scams. Therefore, it is crucial to do your research and select the most reliable, best sites to buy Spotify streams. Alternatively, you can select a provider from our thoroughly researched list of websites to save time and effort.

Certain providers that offer Spotify streams at dirt cheap prices deliver streams that are from bot accounts. Therefore, they are empty numbers only. Such accounts can spam your channel, disable monetization on your content or even get your account suspended from Spotify.

  • Pick a Suitable Package –

Once you select a website from which you want to buy Spotify streams, browse through the packages that they offer. Normally, you will find a package custom-tailored for your budget. If not, you can contact the respective provider for a customized package or bulk orders. The next thing is to make sure that you go through the description of the package specified on the website.

It contains specifications such as delivery time, price, number of streams, etc.. After this, select the plan that best matches your requirements. Then, click on the ‘Buy Now’ button given below to purchase the package.

  • Enter the Spotify URL

Open the song, playlist, podcast or album on which you want to get more Spotify streams in a new tab. Now, copy the URL to that audio and paste it in the space given on the provider’s website. Then, click on the Next option, following which, you will be directed to the payment gateway to process your order.

  • Pay for Your Spotify Streams

The checkout is the last step when you want to buy Spotify streams from third-party services. You can pay the requisite amount using your preferred mode of payment. Usually, Spotify marketing providers accept payments through common modes including credit and debit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin. However, the payment methods can vary from website to website. Hence, you will have to check that on the website before purchasing a package.

After checkout, you will get the Spotify streams on your audio content on Spotify instantly. Some websites deliver the streams starting in just 24 to 48 hours depending on where you bought them from.


So, what are you waiting for? Get the exposure and visibility for your tracks and make your standing on Spotify. When you buy Spotify streams from trusted websites, you get the assurance of quality and results that make a difference. With more Spotify streams to back your playlists, albums and podcasts, you are sure to attract more fans and build a credible identity as an artist or label.

Are you someone who cannot wait for organic marketing to show results? Then, wait no more and head to these best sites to buy Spotify streams and see the boost for yourself!

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