10 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Comments In 2021

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Over the last decade, social media has turned into a giant. We have been exposed to a multitude of social media sites that serve various roles. YouTube is one of the oldest such platforms and currently the most popular. In 2005, this video-sharing network was founded and now receives over 2 billion users per month. Hundreds of thousands of videos are posted every day. It provides more than just fun, though. To make a living, many use YouTube and it has become a full time source of income- and sometimes extreme wealth. Creators get paid when users watch the videos they post. Businesses also find it to be a vast source of customers for their products or services. Earning millions a year by posting videos online, though, is just not that easy. So, many people end up searching for the best place to buy Youtube comments in an attempt to stimulate their growth.

But there is an entire industry of low quality websites who promise to provide comments that are “high quality”. This has lead us to compile a listing of the best sites, saving you both time and hassle! Purchasing YouTube views, likes, comments and subscribers is one of the fastest ways to get you trending and position you to grow much faster. Although it may at first sound immoral, that is not the case. It’s not only legal but also safe for you and your account. That is of course if you choose a reputable supplier and not a low end provider making false promises.

Here is the list of Best Sites to Buy YouTube Comments:


viralyft - buy youtube comments


Viralyft is one of the most popular and trusted platforms that individuals use for numerous social media sites to gain more social signals, i.e. likes, subs, etc. A broad variety of sites are supported, such as Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc. Via Viralyft, many consumers have effectively led their social media pages to relevance. While it works well in all the names listed earlier, for YouTube it performs incredibly well. It has everything you need to give your views, likes, comments and subscribers a much needed boost. This is one of the best sites to buy Youtube comments.

Providing reliable services for years- this site allows you to get high quality metrics such as comments from legitimate, existing YouTube accounts that belong to real people. It makes your account look legit and removes the risk of being penalized by YouTube. They also give excellent delivery speeds and within 3 days of the order, you are guaranteed to have your results completed. They’re not looking for any passwords that could leave your account at risk. A simple URL to your account or your username is all that you need to make the magic happen.


getviral.io - buy youtube comments

For buying YT comments and more an incredible 97 percent of users rate this high. On several outlets, it helps create personal and business brands. It’s true that in GetViral, these interactions are quite pricey. Yet there’s an explanation for this. The communications are of high quality, with accounts being involved. They both have profile photographs and recent events. Furthermore, the profiles are from the USA, which is useful for enhancing the traffic that enters the channel. Bonus discounts are available via the consumer site at a smaller fee.

This platform is perfect for those who want daily boosts. It promotes legitimacy on the platform and brand loyalty. The policy on privacy is strong. That means they would not disclose the information given to them by the customers. The video that people watch is also important to the comments. With high expectations, it is a great benefit.

Delivery takes longer, particularly with higher packages. For value, the wait is worth it. Peace of mind is supported with customer service and a money-back guarantee. Particularly for new users who may or might not have reservations about recruiting them. This is one of the best places to buy Youtube comments.

Social Packages

Social Packages - buy youtube comments

If you are directly searching for YouTube views to buy, SocialPackages is easily one of the best choices available. If you’re searching for subscribers or views, however, you may not find it beneficial. But in terms of ratings, it will provide an immense boost to your channel that you may be searching for. There are a total of 6 plans that are available to be ordered. The proposals are; 2500 for 17 dollars, 5000 for 29 dollars, 10k for 45 dollars, 20k for 89 dollars, 30k for 125 dollars, and 50k for 210 dollars. This is one of the best places to buy Youtube comments.

They have excellent speeds and it typically only takes longer than 2 days for the orders to arrive. They automatically start emerging as soon as the order is placed. A valid view from a real account is any single view they give you. In comparison, they never submit any passwords or credentials. A connection to your video or your username is everything you need to have.

Also via SSL encryption, the payments are safe. There is also no space for any form of danger typically feared by newbies. Their customer service is in itself a function. Not only via mail but even via a live chat on the website, you can reach a delegate. You know where to go to expect support from just in case something goes wrong.

Views Expert

Views Expert - best site to buy youtube comment

ViewsExpert has you covered, whether you want a headstart for your latest YouTube channel or a boost for your already-running account. They are, just as the name suggests, a specialist in getting you some invaluable thoughts. Nevertheless, they are not confined to mere thoughts. On YouTube, they will get you whatever you want; views, favorites, followers, or even tweets.

If you want to buy Views, a total of 8 plans ranging from 1k to 100k views are available. The beginning package is valued at $6.99, and $373.99 for the last plan. You can also vote for USA-only viewpoints. There are proposals to do that independently. If it comes to Likes, you can shop from $10.99 to $81.99 from 100 to 1k likes. As for users, for $71.99, you can purchase as many as 700 subscribers. This is one of the best sites to buy Youtube comments.

There are three more plans, with the smallest being 100 subs, priced at $12.99. There are also 4 comments plans, reaching as high as 100 comments for $37.99 and 20 being the lowest for $5.99. It is assumed that all the feedback comes from actual accounts that make your account look credible and bring in the organic traffic you are searching for. The distribution rates depend on the scale of the plan and it can take as much as a week for the larger ones to take full effect. You should contact them directly via email for any inquiries or assistance.


Famups has developed itself effectively as one of the most trustworthy and credible providers of paying social media metrics over the last few years. They act as full-blown media strategists and help to hit the heights it needs with your YouTube account. The services they provide are likes, subscribers, views, and comments for YouTube. This is one of the best sites to buy Youtube comments.

You can even purchase opinions that specifically belong to users from the USA. If you want to get YouTube views, there are a total of 8 plans to pick from. The packages start at 3,000 views and move on to 200,000 views on YouTube. The price range starts at $21 for views and finishes at $799. You can select from bundles for subscriptions that start with 100 subscribers and finish with 10,000 subscribers.

YouTube Loves packets still have a limit of 8. 100 Likes is the lowest you can buy, and the highest is 5,000. The smallest plans cost you $9 and the largest $380, respectively. Finally, there are 8 further plans if you want to buy comments for your videos. They start with 10 comments from YouTube and finish with 1,000 comments from YouTube and have a price range of $6-$260.


Venium is a group of professionals with over a decade of solid experience in marketing. They have an immense network of millions of users and thousands of web partners that help you to get legal YouTube views, likes, and subscriptions. Unsurprisingly, for themselves, they have created a huge following. Today, they have become one of the most credible names in their field as well.

Their professionalism shows in how their plans have been curated as well. For particular numbers, the programs have fixed price tags. You have to pay $5.99 for 1k views for views, and you can purchase as much as 50k views. The price for Likes is $3.49 and you can purchase as many as 5k likes. Last but not least, per 100 users, you have to pay $8.99 and the overall limit is 25k subscribers.


The most popular bundles are views and comments. Exposure is enhanced by entrants across multiple videos. It also safeguards identification. 10-200 opinions can be bought from customers. Box 200 costs $280. This bundle is larger than the other sites’ average of 50 available. There is a free choice for businesses on a deficit. Free needs activation every day and provides 10 subscribers and 20 likes for content. Regular services result from automatic payments. Privacy practices minimize YT enforcement or prohibition concerns. Spreading units through several videos improve anonymity. Support from Monday to Friday is available. It is not instantaneous. The answer, depending on demand, takes 24-72 hours. This is one of the best sites to buy Youtube comments.

Higher exposure is allowed by free and paid services. There are options for everyone, ranging from 10-200 units. Anonymous help allows businesses to maintain their image. Anonymity is increased by the diffusion of units across videos. Payment options include Paypal and a secure credit card. Refills need extra requests from the customer service team.


Using a wide variety of platforms compliments promotional campaigns. Free plans request that users subscribe to channels. Those that purchase a membership have access to a user network. Paid plans are also available. Pay is preferred by businesses performing small work. Spotify, SoundCloud, and other networks are serviced by other channels. Responses are increased by leading subscribers.

They will guarantee the material is being viewed. It means higher opinions and higher ranking in search results. Features that are used are extras for YT or other channels. Benefits provide client communication and automated triggering of regular schedules. For regular schedules, billing is instant. This is one of the best places to buy Youtube comments.

For people who want to write their video replies, this is a nice choice. They are engaging and pertinent. Others will have replies written for them. It works for Youtube, Twitter, and many other channels. It also has many safe options for payment. The automated billing option offers monthly results before they are canceled.


Try Views

Pay and then follow-up with a name for the profile. Passwords are not essential. Next comes uploading authentic replies and watching. If chosen, clients will write their statements. When needed, the entity issues entries. Shipping continues over multiple days, starting 24-72 hours after payment. It protects consumer identity. It prevents answers from getting spammed. Most guarantees contribute to safety. This involves satisfaction, replenishment, and client performance. An answer takes 24-72 hours. Monday to Friday, they are available. Reviews from YT prove the value of what is delivered. It helps to expand the channel well and speeds up the process.

If you choose, you have the opportunity to write your comment. No password will safeguard anonymity. Provide the channel’s name. Other characteristics include competitive pricing and timely delivery. With YT and IG, it works. Contact with the client is available, but not for immediate reaction. 24-72 hours are required.


Boost Likes

Boost likes is a social media promotion organization based in the USA that is run by a group of marketing experts. In this digital world, these professionals know exactly what customers need, and that works wonderfully for anyone who chooses to buy from them. For years, they have been working successfully in this field and their customers include names like NBC, The Huffington Post, Yahoo, Technorati, etc.

It provides a lot of services when we talk about YouTube, including even dislikes that you generally do not find on such websites. You need to launch a campaign first to start on Boostlikes, where you can configure your orders entirely. Here’s a quick peek at the plans and prices for them.

With a price range of $33-$5,856, the YouTube Views packages launch with 5,000 views to 1,000,000 likes. The packages for YouTube subscribers launch from 250 subscribers to 10,000 subscribers with a $50-$920 price point. With a price range of $26-$300, the YouTube Likes packages begin from 500 likes to 10,000 likes.


YouTube is awesome and you don’t need us to remind you that. As a creator, however, things are not that simple. It’s not as easy as it sounds to earn money through YouTube and that’s why there are companies such as these to assist you in growing your channel at a much faster pace.

They provide you with the necessary headstart and give you an upper hand on the competition. Your videos reach more individuals thanks to these likes, subscribers, and views, and that brings organic traffic. They’re not only absolutely legitimate, but also ethical.

So what are you waiting for? The only thing holding you back is the click of a mouse!

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