10 Facts About Medication Safety

Everyone knows that medications are easy to find and consume, even without a doctor’s prescription. However, nobody can assure you about the potential threats a repetitive consumption of some medication could impose on your health. 

That is why you need to know more about medication safety and the right behavior against medications for headaches being easily accessible to the general population. Let’s now mention the ten facts about medication safety you always wanted to know about:

1. Check the World Drug Authorizations Approval

If you want to be sure about a specific drug’s medication safety, take a look at the authorities who have approved it. Usually, the FDA and EMEA are the highest-ranking authorities globally and can approve only those medications that meet certain safety and efficacy standards.

2. The Pharmaceutical Company Producing the Medication

Multinational pharmaceutical companies have great expertise in producing drugs. For that reason, it would be safer to prefer medications from reputable companies rather than unknown ones.

3. The Number of Clinical Studies the Medication Has

You must know the number of studies this medication has to get approved by local and world drug authorities. The clinical studies are also essential to include every population group from babies to older people.

4. What Happens in Case of Overdose?

Since it is not clear, which is the best dose for every age group, it would be better to know the issues a person may face in overdose. Most modern medications have a high safety profile that places the excess dose in extreme concentrations not easily taken by accident.

5. Knowledge of the Adverse Reactions of a Medication

If you want to increase medication safety, you need to know its adverse effects. These are mentioned in the patient safety leaflet sheet in the medication box. The more informed you are, the better it would be for your safety.

6. Existence of Reactions When Consumed with Other Medications

Every medication also has some parallel effects when received with other drugs. That is why a key medication safety fact would be to know which medicines you should avoid taking alongside the one you are experimenting with.

7. Make Sure They Have Containers Not Accessible to Children

Even though you may take all precautions, your drug safety passes through the right container. In other words, medications are safer when placed in boxes that young children cannot open. The better the box, the higher the safety you enjoy.

8. Seek Safety Information from Family and Friends

Usually, your family and close friends should have used some of the same medications you intend to use and wonder for their safety. If you refer to them for some safety tips or the adverse events they had upon consumption, then you will know what to avoid.

9. Know Your National Poison Help Number

To increase drug safety, you have to know the Poison Center Hot Line and call it to seek information about overdose and adverse effects of the medication you need to consume.

10. If It’s Not Urgent; Please Don’t Take It

It is a general safety fact for all medications. You need to take medications only when there is no other way to get rid of symptoms that harm your well-being and limit your ability to work and act naturally.


Modern medicines are studied to the fullest extent and come to your hands with an excellent safety record. However, you can have your safety algorithm and follow the facts we have mentioned in this article. That is the only way you will feel secure and take the right drug dose at the right time. Remember that medications are not to be consumed for fun!

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