10 Fun Facts About Green Dragon Botanicals That You Should Know

If you’ve ever heard of green dragon botanicals, you’ll be well aware that it’s a magical place in its own right. Not only is green dragon botanicals the home of a vast array of top-of-the-line supplements, extracts, and herb capsules, it’s quite an exciting place to frequent.

There is always something new on the shelves of green dragon botanicals, and for that reason, we’ve decided to give you ten fun facts about this fantastic store. 

Its insanely affordable

Many supplement manufacturers are floating around the world wide web, but none of them can hold a candle to the fantastic affordability of green dragon botanicals. Not only is the selection massive, but it’s also all very affordable when you compare it to the other leading brands in the same niche. 

There are a lot of products.

Just one glance at the green dragon botanicals shop will give you a brand new perspective of what this company has to offer. To say that there are a lot of products on the virtual shelves of green dragon botanicals would be an understatement.

Green dragon botanical offers a wide range of herbs, top-tier botanical protocols, and even six outstanding books on all things concerning natural supplementation, health, and wellness. 

Humble beginnings

Green dragon botanicals were started by a passionate herbalist and acupuncturist Timothy Scott way back in 2004 when he was encapsulating Japanese Knotweed. From then to today, the small supplement, protocol, and herb company had grown massively and served a wide range of clients with the best quality products, coming out to the public in 2009 when Green Dragon botanicals were started. 

Health Orientated

Green dragon botanicals were started with just Japanese Knotweed to help patients suffering from Lyme Disease. Once Timothy Scott has seen the fantastic effect this capsule has on helping those who suffer from the disease – he started exploring how herbal medicine and supplementation can help with various diseases. 

Cultural roots

Herbs and cultural medicines have existed long before modern-day antibiotics, and green dragon botanicals strive to take us back to when medicine was all-natural. That’s why all of the supplements, protocols, and products on Green dragon botanicals share their roots with traditional medicinal applications. 

Full-spectrum and isolate

There has been a lot of debate when it comes to all-natural remedies and medicines. While studies conducted always substantiate a given alkaloid’s clinical application, it’s debated whether a supplement should be an isolate or full spectrum. 

Luckily, there are more than a few products on the shelves of green dragon botanicals, and most of them are full spectrum. Nevertheless, you’ll come across some isolates and extracts as well – so you can rest assured knowing there is something for everybody. 

Worldwide but USA based

Green Dragon Botanicals is based in Battleboro, Vermont. Just because this beautiful company is based in the United States doesn’t mean that its products, methods, or practices come from the region. 

All of the fine botanicals, protocols, and capsules in Green Dragon botanicals come from the world’s traditional medicines and have deep cultural meaning in those places. Things such as Japanese Knotweed, Ashwagandha, and Chinese Skullcap all come from the Asian region, where they have been used for millennia to treat a range of ailments. 

Little to no side effects

The side effects of antibiotics and commercial drugs can be cruel. From problems with the heart to even more prominent issues, people should not mess with synthetic pharmaceuticals. On the other side of the spectrum, all-natural supplements and remedies come with far milder side effects that are genuinely only apparent if you’ve taken a too high-a dose. 

Things such as indigestion, bloating, diarrhea, and abdominal distention may happen due to taking too much of the supplement. 

Whatever the case may be, always consult a medical professional before actually taking any supplement. 

Frequent discounts

What can make such a range of excellent and affordable products that much better? Well, how about the fact that Green Dragon botanicals have very frequent discounts on quite a lot of their products.

If something catches your eye, but you think it’s a bit too pricey, try waiting a couple of days or weeks, and it just might be on a very consumer-friendly discount!

Lyme-disease fighting

All of the products on Green dragon botanicals have started with a noble cause of treating Lyme disease, and today there are two protocols that do so in the green dragon assortment, both of which are based on the Buhner protocol.

In Conclusion

Green Dragon Botanicals is a beautiful place, chock full of natural capsules, herbs, tinctures, and remedies. What started as a noble idea of giving a valid all-natural treatment to Lyme disease patients has evolved into something far bigger, greater, and better.

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