10 Reasons Why Akash Ahuja Will Be The Biggest Name In Entertainment By 2025!

From Times Square billboards and top music charts to controversial headlines and never-ending memes, it seems like Akash Ahuja has become the topic of all our conversations. Since his debut release in February 2020, Ahuja has accumulated millions of plays, gotten recognition from huge names, and won the hearts of girls all over the world. Watching Ahuja’s career skyrocket this year makes us very excited to see how he will develop over the next several years. Here are ten reasons why Akash Ahuja will be the biggest name in entertainment by 2025!

  1. Akash Ahuja was the first Indian artist to have a song on the U.S iTunes Top 100 Pop Charts and the Top 50 Hip-Hop Charts. Affection by Akash.

Daily Mail India announced that “Can’t Let You Go” was the first solo by any Indian artist to be on the iTunes top 100 Pop charts. Soon after, Viral Bhayani, India’s top popular media reporter uploaded a photo of “Affection” by Akash sitting at position #48 on the iTunes hip-hop charts, making Akash the first Indian to have a solo song on the iTunes top 50 charts.

2. Everything he does is meme-worthy!

“Nini” was the most memed Indian music video of 2020. When Akash released the video for “Nini” the infamous scenes of him getting his nails painted were trending amongst the meme community. While some of the memes were very insensitive and poking fun at his stylistic choices, they got his music tons of attention and catapulted his career to new heights.

3. He was the first Indian artist on a Times Square billboard.

While some debated that this title belonged to Armaan Malik for his Times Square billboard, it was later discovered that Akash Ahuja was there a month prior to Armaan.  Times Square settled the debate by putting up a billboard with a picture of Ahuja confirming “The First Indian Artist on a Times Square Billboard”.

4. The “Aaja Soniye” music video shattered a million views in its first week!

“Aaja Soniye,” the latest of his releases, has not only been a massive victory for Akash but also for India. This song became an anthem for India which symbolized its ability to produce global stars and break stereotypes.

5. Ahuja is around the biggest names and brands.

In April 2020, images of DJ Khaled and Akash Ahuja surfaced on the web. The two were photographed strolling through the Miami neighborhood of Brickell. Shortly after, Akash was seen at the gym getting a workout with India’s own Jay Sean. Just a few days later Ahuja visited Atlantic Records, a record label owned by the $13 billion Warner Music Group. This is surprising since the star is independent.

6. Akash Ahuja is a perfect branding material!

From his innovative music and music videos to his gender blending style and charming personality, Akash has the option for any of the major labels or to remain an independent artist.

7. His fans are diehard.

From videos of crazed fans swarming his car and stalking his residence to girls printing his face on personalized clothing and accessories, the “Aki Fan Club” has been growing exponentially with no end in sight.

8. Akash Ahuja is a powerful role model.

Representing India, standing up for the underprivileged, endorsing women’s equality, and supporting animal rights are some of the causes that Akash is very passionate about. After becoming huge in the meme community, Akash became a target for board members looking for their next victim. What started as light heart jokes and humor quickly escalated into severe cyberbullying and multiple death threats. As a response to the negativity, Akash released a song entitled “Blessed” where he explains his love for the haters and donated a large sum of his money to Computer Siksha, an NGO aimed at distributing computers to underprivileged communities in India as well as spreading computer education.

9. He’s devilishly hot!

What’s there to say? Just look at him.

10. His music is Fun and Catchy.

With a catchy chorus, deep lyrics, and a beat that makes you want to dance, it’s no shocker that every song of his has so many plays and so much replay value!


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