10 Secrets Ways to Go Viral On Social Media

Going viral is the goal for a lot of online businesses. People are on websites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and where these are people, there are business opportunities.

Going viral can boost any person’s brand into the mainstream. You want to be on people’s minds. People will get to see and interact with your post. And interactions can often lead to interest and subsequent purchases.

Here are 10 ways to create viral content that people will talk about.

1: Know Your Audience:

What are you selling? What demographic do you want to appeal to? Those are the first questions you should ask before posting online.

You want to know who you’re trying to cater to. Imagine making an ad for diapers and trying to market that to teenagers. Pretty jarring, isn’t it? Know your brand, know your product. For example I’m selling social media marketing services on Likesbee.com so i target digital marketing. 

Study the trends and what people like. Everything from your blogs, social media posts, and online video ads should make sense to whom you are marketing towards. So think twice about the style and tone your posts are conveying.

2: What is Your Appeal?

What makes you stand out from the thousands of brand that is on the platform? What sets you apart from different influencers, content creators, or product sellers?

Try to come up with what makes you appealing to consumers. Think of why people should want to support you or buy your product. Once you thought of that, integrate it into your posts. Show good reviews of your products. Surprise people while they scroll down through their social media feed. Do what you can to look and sound appealing to your demographic. Be the eye candy that will make people stop and look. The more they stare, the more they share.

3: Post Content On The Right Time:

Who can see an ad at three in the morning?

Sure, night owls would. But you’ll most likely get zero engagement when you post your ads at the wrong time of the day. You want to schedule your posts when people are online the most. Luckily, apps like Instagram have an option to see when your followers are most active. Make a posting schedule so people will more likely see your content. Otherwise, your stuff will be collecting tumbleweeds.

4: Interact, Interact, And Interact:

Everybody hates bots; No one enjoys interacting with a social media account that just replies with automated, copy-paste messages. It’s jarring for a lot of people.

That’s why you should interact with your audiences. Act like an actual human. Reply to as many comments as you can with a sincere tone. When people ask questions, answer them. People will feel more comfortable following a human being than a corporate robot. The last thing you want for your social media account is a wasteland for a comment section.

5: A Picture is World a Thousand Words, So Use Them:

Humans are visual creatures. When we see something we like, we give it attention. Sadly, a giant block of text on a plain background won’t cut it. 

If you want people to stay, use pictures, photos, graphs and drawings will make your post more interesting to viewers. It’s the same principle with videos. People are drawn to anything colorful, bold, and easy to understand. You want to get people hooked. So get them hooked visually.

6: Give Your Brand Personality:

Remember the fast-food restaurant. Wendy’s and their hilarious Twitter posts? Those Tweets had gotten Wand’s into the number 1 spot of the most innovative companies on social media last 2019. That’s because the people who are managing the marketing for Wand’s gave the brand life. They made into this mean, roasting brand that would playfully insult customers and other companies, and people loved that!

People will love a brand that has personality. Act casual when talking with potential customers. Make jokes and banter with people. Post relatable content and memes onto your account. Even interacting with companies can give you a boost of attention. You’re on a social media website for a reason. Use it the way it was intended to.

7: Focus on Quality, Not Quantity:

People are always scared of the so-called algorithm online. A lot of social media promote accounts that frequently post content. But spamming your social media onto other people’s feeds will only make people feel sick of seeing you. What’s worse is having low-quality posts on your wall.

Do us all a favor and please make your content palatable. People will pay more attention if you make good-quality posts rather than spamming everyone with subpar content. We get it: you want to be relevant. But relentlessly posting bad content will get you nowhere.

8: People Like It Swift:

Social media has really made a person’s attention span shrink. We sadly can’t do anything about it. But let’s face it: People want bite size content. No one has time to read a long paragraph of why your brand is better than everyone else. Get to the point with your post. Don’t give people walls of text that can rival the likes of Pride and Prejudice. Remember, people want to see fun photos, not read a novel.

9 Not All Publicity is Good Publicity:

Yes, some people can get away with making the most terrible ad ever: Outrage culture is so prevalent on social media. A brand posting something outrageous will definitely get clicks and views.

But here’s the deal: The only people who can last long in the bad publicity game are big companies. If you are a tiny brand and you did something problematic, people will get angry. You will get views. You will get followers. Maybe you will even get customers. But the loyalty is not there. People will move on from your shenanigans and look for another thing to be outraged outrages about.

Instead of trying to make people angry be as clean as you can with your content. Don’t mix politics, religion, or ideologies into your brand. It will only be messy.

10: Consistency is Key:

Finally, be consistent on your account. It’s better to have a decent size following of loyal fans than a hoard that will forget you the next day. If you are getting attention with what you are doing, just continue through. People will slowly find you and you will be able to build you an empire from the ground up. Gain a good reputation from other people, hire influencers, and just stay as consistent as possible. Pretty soon, you’ll be on top of the chain. Create ideal strategies before doing anything.

Being viral is often a game of luck. Some brands are lucky to get so much attention when they first started. Others might need years until their big break comes. But it’s not to say that it’s impossible. Following these tips can hopefully help you in your social media game. Who knows, we might see you next time on the trending page.

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