10 Small Business Ideas That Can Work in 2019

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Have you ever thought of starting a business and then given up that idea due to lack of capital? What if I tell you there are millions of business opportunities around you that won’t need a bucket load of investment from your side? Yes, you read that right.

There are many small businesses that you can start without requiring a huge investment or workforce; but, before you start your business know yourself, your worth, your capabilities, and skills of doing business. I have compiled a small business idea list for you to explore and get inspired to start a business as soon as possible.

Before hopping on to a business idea, there are certain things that you need to figure out for yourself. It is often said that opportunity is a subjective term. You may see a huge opportunity in a sector, whereas the person standing right beside you may call it rubbish.

This doesn’t mean that there is no opportunity at all. It simply means that your perspective is different from that person’s, and you see that particular subject differently than he does.

Someone may suggest business as per his knowledge regarding the sector or regarding you, but you need to answer some questions before you zero in on the best idea. 

These questions include –

Do you want to do business?

Which sectors interest you?

Is there enough scope for you to earn profits there?

Do you have the prerequisite knowledge of that sector?

Does the business provide long-term opportunities?

There can be several other questions that you may need to answer, but the prime objective of these questions remains the same nevertheless. Do you just need to see if you understand the path which you are about to take? These answers are the pointers which will show you the path.  

Here is my list of 10 Small Business ideas that can work in 2019:

1) Consulting Services

If you have vast experience and you are willing to share it with the world, consulting services is the best option for you to go for. The best part about this venture is you will require minimum capital expenditure to get yourself going. You can choose between B2B or B2C services as per your area of expertise. This will also let you dictate the course of the venture without asking for permission from any other person. This guide can help you if you are planning to start consulting services.

2) Event Planning

If you have an eye for details and you know how to make it work together, you should try your hand at event planning. There is a huge market for this gig, and if you are good, you will get regular offers which will give you decent pay. 

Event Planning is all about making connections. If you know how to coordinate and manage, you can start this business in a few days with the help of a handful of people.

3) Freelancing

More and more people are looking for Freelancing work now. It’s not just about money; it also provides you with immense freedom to lead your life on your own terms. 

You can decide your area of specialty, the client you want to work with, and the hours you want to devote. Depending on the niche you choose, there is a huge fluctuation in demand and pay if you freelance. If you have expertise in something which is rare, be sure to hire a secretary to manage your work soon!

4) Graphic Design

If you are into art and love to design random stuff, you should try your hand at graphic design. This sector has a huge demand as well as pay. Plus, it is absolutely interesting, and you get to show off your skills in the best possible manner. 

If you want to start Graphic Designing, you will just need a good computer and some apps to boot up. With time, you can upgrade your skill and equipment.

5) Fulfillment by Amazon Sales

Fulfillment by Amazon is one of the safest bets that you can undertake. This facility will allow you to market your products via Amazon without the real headache of running a business. 

Amazon will take care of most of the peripherals on your behalf, like handling, storing, shipping, packing, etc. The prime job that you have to undertake is to deliver your products to the Amazon Fulfillment Center, and they will list your products on their platform.

6) Food Trucks

This idea has recently picked up pace and has become very popular worldwide. So if you believe that there is a cook hidden somewhere in you, you can invest in the idea of owning and running a food truck. 

You can choose how many products you want to sell and, accordingly, manage the labor and inventory that you will require to deliver the products to the consumer. You can get the truck on rent initially if you are short on money or if you are unsure if your business will take off or not.

7) Bakery/Brewery

If you want to sell desserts and snacks, you can get yourself a bakery. Or, if you want to brew beer, you can set up a brewery. This is a great way to earn from your passion. 

Not only can the world get to know how accomplished you are, but you can also give yourself a chance to prosper without having to spend a lump sum at the very onset. If the business is successful, you can open local branches in the city and, who knows, you may even set up branches worldwide, which will showcase your brilliance.

8) Pet Grooming

There are many busy people who love to own pets but aren’t able to devote ample time for their grooming. If you feel you have a love for animals and you can groom them properly, why not turn it into a business idea? 

You can open your own pet-grooming facilities or pet-grooming trucks that do the job on the go. You can also offer supplementary services that come along with the main service to give yourself more profits.

9) Nutritionist

The current generation is increasingly getting obese. They have forgotten the need to eat healthily and, if we speak the truth, the lifestyle has become such that they don’t get enough time to think about the nutrition that they intake. 

What if you come in and plan it for them? They just need to follow the diet suggested by you and should have no difficulty in doing the same. Do you see the business opportunity in this? Well, before you dive in, make sure you do your research well and understand the diversity that this profession has. You may well need a certification to carry this out professionally.

10) Moving Services

Moving Services are also becoming very popular with time. Professional movers make the job of moving and settling down in a new place a lot easier than it actually is. 

Plus, this business requires very low capital investment, and the market is huge. Every day, we hear someone or the other moving out around us. How about helping them in doing the same without any hassle and getting paid for that? 

All you need is a team of experts who understand their job well. You can also provide ancillary services like packing, unpacking and shuffling, etc. along with the main service.

Final Words:

So, have I got you interested? These are some of the readymade ideas for you to begin with, but there are millions of ideas if these don’t suit your needs. So, wear your working clothes and give your mind a run. Try and figure out what is the most suitable opportunity for you and work relentlessly to achieve success.

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