10 Trading Mentors who can Help you Master the Financial Markets

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New York City, July 31st — Trading the financial markets can oftentimes be challenging for a beginner. High levels of volatility and uncertainty in the market can make it hard to maintain discipline and control your emotions.

This is where Trading mentors can help you master the financial markets. From theory, techniques, and tactics, to building the right mindset to stay consistent and positive, trading mentors can help you in setting the right goal and become solid traders.

We at Building Your Authority have compiled a list of 10 such trading mentors who can help you master the market and become profitable traders. These mentors have proven their reputation with years of undying passion for helping their mentees achieve good and consistent results.

For them, providing high-level education and direction is an absolute priority when it comes to helping their clients achieve good results and become professional traders. 

We highly recommend beginner traders to learn and understand how the financial markets work from a professional trader and shorten their learning curve. These mentors can help you master the art of trading and reach your true potential. 

  1.   Andrew Aziz (@bearbulltraders)

The first trading mentor on our list who can help you master the market is a Canadian trader, author, and official Forbes Business Council member; Dr. Andrew Aziz. He has ranked as one of the top 100 authors in “Amazon’s Business and Finance” category every year consecutively since 2016. His international bestselling books on trading and the psychology of trading have to date been translated into 10 different languages. 

Dr. Andrew Aziz can help you succeed as a trader and achieve constant profitability. Bear Bull Traders recommends beginners build a solid foundation from which they can grow and evolve as professional traders. Developing knowledge of technicals and fundamentals can help one master the art of trading.

Outside of writing, Andrew is the founder and CEO of Peak Capital Trading, a proprietary trading firm focused on developing the best traders for the U.S. stock market. Andrew is also the founder and CEO of Bear Bull Traders, a worldwide community of independent traders. 

Andrew has mentored hundreds of traders during his career and has recently been recognized by Investopedia as a “world-class trader” offering 2021’s best overall day trading course. GoBankingRates has also recently recognized Andrew as one of a select “66 financial experts who have gained America’s trust”

Understanding the fundamentals of the stock market is what drives growth in your portfolio. So, go and check out Bear Bull Traders to learn more about trading and the world of finance.  

  1.   Ezekiel Chew (@ezekielchew)

The second spot on our list of the top 10 trading mentors is held by Ezekiel Chew. He is the founder of Asia Forex Mentor and the creator of the widely raved One Core Program, a unique trading program that is backed by math and probability. Ezekiel breaks it down to the bare bones on what is needed to become a profitable trader and how you can do it by winning big and losing small.

Apart from being the trainer behind the trading teams of banks and trading institutions, Ezekiel makes 6 figures trades on his own and is a respected figure in the trading industry. He not only trades Forex but also stocks, commodities, crypto, and anything that fits into his proprietary trading system. 

Learning how the forex market works can help you become a better trader with consistency and profitability. That is why Asia Forex Mentor’s trading program is the best way for people to learn to trade the forex market. We highly recommend Asia Forex Mentor’s Trading program to people who want to master the forex market. 

Asia Forex Mentor’s trading program is ranked by Investopedia and Benzinga as the best trading program. If you are looking to become a profitable trader and make good money, you can start by taking up his free 5 part training here. 

  1.   Steven Hart – The Trading Channel(@thetradingchannel)

The third spot on our list of the top 10 trading mentors is held by Steven Hart. With over 4,000 active students, Steven Hart is the Founder/Head Trader at The Trading Channel.

TTC is a trading university with the goal of helping new and struggling traders navigate the unforgiving financial markets. After a decade of trading and 5 years of teaching over 10,000 students, Steven has created a revolutionary approach to trading and teaching. 

Steven provides this approach to his students by teaching strategies that are rules-based and proven to make money over time, combined with a heavy focus on risk management and trading psychology. “Trading is gambling until you become the casino” is one of Steven’s favorite things to tell new traders. He says “casinos make loads of money not by winning every game. But, by having a small advantage over the gambler that plays out over time”. 

Follow The Trading Channel on YouTube (over 30,000,000 views) where Steven provides tons of FREE trading strategies and lessons. The Trading Channel offers tons of free information, trading strategies, and educational content that can help you build your trading skills and become consistently profitable. 

  1.   Humbled Trader (@humbledtrader)

The fourth spot on our list of the top 10 trading mentors is held by Shay – or better known as Humbled Trader by her loyal followers – is a successful day trader, YouTube personality, and founder of the Humbled Trader Community. After tiring of the Lamborghinis and lavish lifestyles being falsely sold in everyday trading tutorials on the internet, Shay decided to create her own content – as a real trader, for other real traders.

Known for her straightforward, no BS approach to day trading education, Shay recognizes that day trading is not about easy money or getting rich quickly. Shay and her team of full-time day trading coaches teach Humbled Trader Community members to prioritize risk management and put processes before profits for sustainable income generation.

Humbled Trader can help you learn and master the art of trading. Here, you can go deep into the life of a professional trader and understand what it takes to become a successful trader and earn a living from trading. Go ahead and check out Humbled Trader’s YouTube Channel to learn more about professional trading. 

  1.   Craig Percoco (@craig_percoco)

The fifth spot on our list of the top 10 trading mentors is held by Craig Percoco. Craig is the founder of INEVITRADE – an online trading course and worldwide community that teaches beginner & underperforming traders how to become successful in trading the cryptocurrency market.

Craig and his team emphasize trading psychology, advanced Fibonacci applications, technical analysis, and hands-on coaching via an online community discord to create a solid systematic path to trading success for over 400 students. 

If you are looking to begin or elevate your trading journey by learning from experienced hands-on mentors, click here to begin learning for free. Craig Percoco can help you learn how to trade the cryptocurrency market and develop a solid understanding of how this market works. We highly recommend INVERITRADE’s learning programs to people who’re looking to trade the cryptocurrencies.  

  1.   The Professor (@daytradeprofessor)

The sixth spot on our list of the top 10 trading mentors is held by Malik, or better known as The Professor. He teaches a wide audience—from beginners to industry professionals—everything about how to be effective at trading. The mindset, foundational techniques, useful strategies, advanced level analysis, anything trading-related — he teaches it all.

A humble trader and educator, the professor mainly focuses on trading blue-chip stocks and refrains his students from trading in penny stocks. His strategy can be used not just for stocks, but also crypto and forex trading. 

With a mission to have a positive and lasting impact on others, The Professor has been teaching economics for over 8 years now and has been teaching market investment for the same amount of time. He has a free course, free educational live shows centered around mindset & technical analysis, and monthly virtual trading seminars that break down everything that leads to his success in the market. 

Learning from the professor can help you clear your basics and build a solid foundation of how the financial markets work. With proper risk management, discipline, trading psychology, and efficient strategies, you can become a successful trader. If you are looking for an energetic and passionate mentor, we recommend you to check out his Instagram or Youtube channel and tune into his IG Live trading show at 8 pm on Tuesdays and Fridays.

  1.   TraderTv.Live (@TraderTv.Live)

The seventh spot on our list of the top 10 trading mentors is held by TraderTv.Live. Tradertv.Live is the first and only Trading Show on YouTube Live to successfully deliver a professional broadcast quality experience where hosts: Brendan, Neal, and Shawn talk viewers through the trades they make and discuss their decision-making process.

Combined, these three bring 45 years plus trading experience to the table and freely share it with their viewers daily. 

They can be described as “Outliers” in this industry since not only is their show extremely professional, it is also completely free with no intention of upselling, cross-selling, or requiring any money from viewers at all.

They solely focus on passing along their knowledge, experience, and love for the market in a very light and fun fashioned manner. Tune in to their live streams any day of the week for both the opening and the close of the market on their channel.

Go ahead and check out TraderTv.Live to understand how the financial markets actually work. Trading can be quite overwhelming for a beginner, that’s why guidance and mentorship are essential to succeed and build a career in this industry. 

  1.   Simon Lerner (@simon_lerner)

The eighth spot on our list of the top 10 trading mentors is held by Simon Lerner. Simon is a young entrepreneur and a successful day trader. He is the founder of Netcon – an online trading community that focuses on helping aspiring students become consistent and profitable traders.

Simon started trading at the age of 18. He went through ups and downs in his trading journey and blew several accounts. He tirelessly worked on learning the craft and invested thousands in his education through events, courses and masterminds. 

Soon enough, Simon found consistency in his trading and was able to become profitable. Although he got the hang of trading, Simon felt like there was a missing element that wasn’t taught by anyone in the industry. The missing link was the mental aspect of trading, yet no one was truly stressing on it.

That’s when he started to learn more about human behavior, emotions, and psychology, which helped him take his trading to a whole new league. 

Simon then decided to start NetCon Trading Academy, his own trading community with a thriving environment where others can fill their trading gaps and really understand what goes into becoming a profitable trader. You can learn more about Simon and Netcon by visiting his IG or their website

At the NetCon Trading Academy, traders can learn how to use technicals in their trading and develop efficient strategies while building their trading psychology.

In order to become a successful trader, one needs to master the basics and develop a solid understanding of the fundamentals. Go ahead and check out NetCon Trading Academy to build your skills as a trader.  

  1.   Richard Nasr (@RichTheSignalyst)

The ninth spot on our list of the top 10 trading mentors is held by Richard Nasr. Richard is a full-time forex trader, coach, and founder of RichTL and theSignalyst. In this fast-growing sector of the global financial markets, Richard has been contributing over the course of the past 9 years to the development of his unique “A to Z Coaching Program” which covers everything a person needs to become an independent trader. 

He is featured as a TOP author on the TradingView platform, in addition, he has been hosted in a live streaming trading challenge with “Trading Nut” where to date he ranks first. His simple and rule-based approach, dedicated spirit, and proven track record allowed him to coach hundreds of traders from 32 different countries. Since trading is like art, every trader sees the same chart in a different way. 

This subjectivity is one of the main reasons that 90% of traders fail. As a solution, Richard has developed “RichTL“, which is the first and only indicator of its kind to help traders make “Objective Technical Analysis”. Richard is committed to scaling up his community or what he calls: “Family” to the next level while not only providing direct support 24/7 via a Chatroom but also sharing his personal weekly setups with his students for them to learn in a practical way. 

In order to understand how the forex market works, one needs to understand the basics and learn the strategies from their core. Therefore, the A to Z Coaching program is the perfect way for beginners to build a solid understanding of the forex market and succeed as a professional forex trader.  

  1. Dan Taylor (@teepee_fx)

The tenth spot on our list of the top 10 trading mentors is held by TeePee FX. TeePee FX was founded in 2019 by the husband-and-wife team Dan & Tel. Since the inception of TeePee FX, they have received fantastic reviews. Their unique forex academy aims to equip traders around the world with the right tools to become completely self-sufficient and consistently profitable. 

Having already racked up a very impressive portfolio of students that have successfully made the transition into a full-time or funded trader status, they are far from finished. “We want to get as many people as possible away from signal providers, and back in charge of their own financial future,” Dan said. The TeePee Academy is truly raising the bar on what should be expected from forex education and they are constantly looking to the next level. 

Dan’s one-on-one coaching is world-class and is sure to push even the most struggling traders to a whole new level. With a proper understanding of how the financial markets work, one can build efficient strategies and develop their own trading system, which in turn can help them succeed as professional traders. We highly recommend beginner traders to check out TeePee FX and take their trading career to the next level. 

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