$10M in Hand, Here’s How Master Zhi Gang Sha Is Using NFTs to Preserve Traditional Arts

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Traditional arts have relied for millennia on passing from one generation to the next, with those which fail to do so being relegated to the history books and museums. As time has passed, allowing digitization and globalization to take place, these arts have been replaced by other forms of expressing creativity.

Such is the case of traditional Tao Calligraphy, a transformative art that has survived for thousands of years as a means to cultivate the principles of the Taoist religion in China.

Often described as “art beyond art”, Tao Calligraphy serves as an integrative healing practice for thousands of people around the world. Unfortunately, the pass of the time has resulted in many lineages of this art form disappearing, which has relegated it to a formidable niche.

Dr & Master Zhi Gang Sha, the last lineage holder of the royal court of China’s last emperor is on a mission to expose as many people as possible to the benefits of Tao Calligraphy, preserving the knowledge he inherited from Professor Li.

It is understood that Tao Calligraphy carries Source love, light, frequency, vibration, and most positive information, energy, and matter, which can help to transform various aspects of life.

Now, in partnership with ViciNFT, Master Sha has launched a collection of calligraphy works using its famous “one stroke” technique which is already available to collectors around the world in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT).

In recent days, the collection reached $10 million in sales as thousands took advantage of the opportunity to receive an authentic financial calligraphy blessing from Master Sha, all supported by the transparency of blockchain technology.

Over the past decades, Master Sha has published several New York Times bestsellers, been a spiritual teacher for millions, and practiced western and traditional Chinese medicine.

In his pursuit to put into practice all of the wisdom and teachings, the sale will also be donating $1 million to the Love Peace Harmony Foundation by taking advantage of ViciNFT’s initiatives, which also include the planting of tree saplings to offset energy consumption and reach carbon neutrality.

Bill Gladstone, Co-founder and president of VicNFT, has compared Master Sha’s calligraphies to artworks as famous as Picasso’s Guernica and Michaelangelo’s statue of David by saying he experiences “the same level of awe and enjoyment” when looking at the calligraphies or the iconic artworks.

Other personalities who have been vocal include speaker, author, and entrepreneur David Meltzer, who has gone as far as to claim that his success has been heavily influenced by Master Sha’s work.

While the spiritualism behind Tao Calligraphy might not be alluring to everyone, the historical relevance of the artworks has captivated thousands of people who can appreciate not only the significance behind them but also the skills and design they required from the artist.

The 5,000 NFTs sold in the auction are far from the only example of the spiritual and social impact NFTs can have at a time when all ayes are set in the ecosystem, with projects like ViciNFT looking to transform them from a fad into a driver of social change. A select count of Master Sha’s NFTs are available at resale, albeit at higher prices than in the presale that ended in 2021. 

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