11 Really Useful Tips and Tricks for iPad Users

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The year 2018 has seen the Cupertino Giants paying massive attention to their iPad line up. The new iPad Pro is especially drool-worthy considering the amount of power it has and the amazing features that the users are getting. Keeping in mind the massive overhaul, the new iPads are expected to sell much better than the previous ones. The newer iPads are closer than ever to replacing your laptop.

So, if you are an iPad user, be it new or seasoned, we have curated an article that will give you some tips and tricks that will make your iPad even more enjoyable. Even if your iPad is disabled or you forgot your iPad password, we will tell you how to restore your device without losing out on your important data.

1Resurrecting a Disabled iPad Without Losing Data

Many times, you may fall into trouble because your iPad has been disabled, especially if it falls in the hands of a child. It won’t take your password anymore. So, how do you get out of this situation without losing your data?

Thankfully, if you have subscribed to iTunes, you can immediately connect to a PC and backup your important data. All you need to do is to connect your iOS device to a PC and open your iTunes account. You will see an option to “Back Up Now”, and clicking on it will ensure that your data has been successfully backed up. Now, here is a trick: for backing up, you may be asked to type your password on your iPad. Once the password unlocks the iPad, you can simply cancel the backup and use your iPad like nothing ever happened.

2Forgotten Password and iPad Is Locked

If you have forgotten your iPad Passcode or if the above trick is unsuccessful, you will lose the data in your device. You needn’t worry if you have an iCloud backup. In such a case, log in into your iTunes account using a PC and press the Sleep/Wake button of your iPad for a few seconds.

You will see that a red slider has appeared. You will then have to slide the slider and wait for your device to shut down. Then, press and hold the Home button of your iPad and also connect it to your PC using the USB cable. Keep holding the Home button until it is connected to your iTunes account. iTunes will inform you that a device will be restored. Click OK, and your device will be restored successfully.

3Shortcut to Enable Siri

Traditionally, long pressing the Home button triggers Siri. But, now, the Home Button has disappeared, so you can enable it by simply long pressing the lock button. If you want a hands-free approach, you can simply go to Settings > Siri and Search > Toggle on Listen for ‘Hey Siri’. This will enable Siri even if the device is locked.

4Accessing the Recent Files Quickly

If you want to simply access a document or an image that you had recently opened, you can simply hold on to an app icon to show your recent files and select the one you want to view. If you want to use any other application to view the desired file, you can drag the file on to that application and it will open the file if it supports the format the file is in.

5Adding Folders to the Dock

Unlike iPhones, iPads allow the users to add folders to the dock to prevent unnecessary clutter on the Home Screen. You can also add more than four applications to the dock. Folders are also helpful if you want to sort some applications as per their usage or as per your preferences.

6) Taking Screenshots

Since the Home Button has been done away with, the new iPad has a new method for taking a Screenshot. Like we use the volume and power button in an Android device to click a screenshot, it is the same for the new iPad Pro. You just need to press the Power Button and Volume Up button simultaneously to click a screenshot. The screenshot will appear in the lower left corner of the screen, and tapping on it will let you edit the same.

7Accessing the Notes Quickly

With the advent of Apple Pencil, taking notes has become dynamic. Thankfully, Pencil can also trigger your Notes instantly, too. Apple has ensured that your Pencil’s tap on the Lock Screen will take you directly to the Notes application instead of the Home Screen. This way, it is much more convenient to take your notes immediately. This gesture can also be completely turned off in the Settings.

8CopyPaste From One iOS Device to Another Seamlessly

The new iPads and the latest iOS version let you simultaneously copy and paste data from one device to another without breaking a sweat. This feature is so seamless that no extra settings are required for this feature to operate. You just need to ensure that your multiple devices are connected to the same iCloud account. Then, simply long press and tap on Copy in one device and long press and paste the same in another device.

9Charge Your Accessories Using the USBC Port in the iPad

With the addition of USB-C port in the iPad Pro (Finally!), it can now be used to charge your iPhone. And, it’s not only your iPhone; you can also charge your accessories like Airpods, Apple Watch, etc. Using the iPad. This doesn’t seem big, but if you are in a crunch and if you are away from a charging dock, your iPad can share some power with your accessories to make them usable.

10Using Split View to Enhance Your Multitasking Experience

New iPads also come with the ability to Split View multiple applications on your screen. Open an app and swipe up from the bottom of your screen to reveal the dock. Then, select and resize the second application to your desired size. This will let you use both applications simultaneously. If you need an application for a very short time, say, for replying to a text, you can use the Slide Over feature that lets you reply to the text and then swipe it to dismiss the same.

11) Customizing the Control Center

We all love to have certain shortcuts within the reach of a finger. Control Center lets us do exactly the same. With the new iPad, we can even customize it to choose from many different shortcuts that we are more likely to use or want to be easily accessible. You can simply hover to Settings > Control Center and then click on Customize Controls. It will open up the entire menu of shortcuts, and we can even change the order of appearance of these shortcuts.

We cannot get enough of the shortcuts and utilities that Apple has made available to the iPad users. But, we have tried to summarize the most important ones in this article, and we hope that it helps in improving your user experience.

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