13 Best Sites to Buy YouTube Dislikes (Instant and Safe)

Let us talk about YouTube: pretty much the gold standard of video-sharing social media platforms. With its monthly active users crossing the three billion mark, the website is ripe for use by influencers, content creators, and other creative professionals. The importance of YouTube extends farther than creative professionals alone. Social media marketing is a rapidly evolving industry and one of its essential components is YouTube. However, as indubitably the most profitable and popular video sharing platform out there, the competition is huge. Thousands of hours’ worth of content are uploaded every hour. This article comprises leading websites that will enable you to buy YouTube dislikes without digging a hole in your pocket. All these sites are 100% genuine and promise effective results.

While browsing YouTube, you might have come across videos that have garnered millions of views, likes, dislikes, and an equally enormous number of comments. It sounds unrealistic at first. However, it is not as impossible as you think. In fact, these factors are essential since they increase the engagement and traction of videos by a significant amount. Unfortunately, gaining said popularity is not only difficult but often impossible, especially if you do not have money to spend.

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Dislikes


views expert - buy youtube dislikes

Views Expert is another highly popular social media engagement platform that we recommend. It is almost completely congruent to Viralyft. There are no major differences here and thus, you can choose either one without worrying about loss of quality or value obtained.

Views Expert becomes quite cheaper than Viralyft at higher-grade plans. For example, you would have to shell out a full $74.99 on Viralyft for a thousand likes. However, Views Expert gets you the same amount of likes for just $46.00 Further, their plans go all the way over to 5000. Hence, Views Expert is more versatile.

In terms of delivery time, your orders are completed within two days and there are refill guarantees if the likes and followers drop below the expected amount within a certain time frame.


socialpackages - buy youtube dislikes

Social Packages is a modern and efficient social media engagement platform. A quick review of the website is available on this page. Judging by the popularity of the website, it’s ranking on Google, as well as its 5-star rating on Reviews XP, it is safe to say that Social Packages is a safe choice for most of your engagement needs.

Despite their easy-on-the-eyes look, I wish that Social Packages’ designers had spent some effort on the website. The reason you are hearing this complaint is that there are bugs and mistakes on their website that make the experience clunky. However, this is all face value, and I did not come across any true deal breakers.

Besides, the lower costs more than makeup for whatever grievances I might have. With global likes, one to two days of delivery time, and guaranteed refills, shelling out $47.00 for a thousand YouTube likes is a great bargain. You can also purchase five thousand likes from this website, for a relatively small sum of $177.00.


buy youtube dislikes

GetViral.io belongs right alongside Viralyft at the top. The only reason you’re seeing it so far down is that I have not placed these websites in any specific order. With a 4.9-star Reviews XP rating, GetViral.io is a robust and critically acclaimed engagement platform. The most distinguishing feature of the website is the delivery time offered. According to their FAQ section, orders start getting fulfilled within 30 minutes and can be completed in as little as a day.

Looking at the pricing, you will see that it is comparable with most other platforms. All plans come with the same rapid delivery, 24/7 customer support, worldwide likes, and guaranteed refills. They start at $6.99 for a hundred likes and go up to $179.99 for five thousand dislikes.

Here is a pro tip: If you get more than thousands of likes and views on your videos, that feels unrealistic unless you are a huge enterprise. If you’re not, nothing screams “I bought views” louder than such rapid changes. Every time you make a purchase, ensure that the delivery times are reasonable.


buy youtube dislikes

Viralyft is the most critically acclaimed social media engagement platform on the internet. Almost all reviews put it at the top of the list. There is no denying its versatility, popularity, and efficiency. You can find a detailed review of Viralyft on this website.

There is a good reason for Viralyft’s popularity. Its forte is not limited to YouTube dislikes. Instead, regardless of whether you are looking for engagement on Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, TikTok, or so many other websites, you can always find a solution here.

Viralyft is also an old and experienced platform. They claim that their team has more than 50 years of marketing experience. Thus, you cannot go wrong here. All that expertise, however, does not come for pennies. For instance, you can buy a minimum of 50 dislikes from Viralyft for $5.99. On the other hand, buying a thousand dislikes will set you back $74.99. Despite its relatively high cost, I recommend Viralyft above all due to its critical acclaim.


Let us talk about another secure and modern website: Famups. The company supports engagement services on six major platforms.

There are two caveats I must mention if you are going to opt for Famups. Firstly, I do not like their times, especially after comparing to other lower-priced alternatives. This brings us to the second point which is the cost. The lowest-tier plan costs a whole nine bucks and only gives you 100 YouTube dislikes. The savings do add up a bit if you go for the higher-tier plans. For example, you can get one thousand YouTube likes for $80.00 on Famups. This is only a small difference from what other websites are offering. But somehow, the 5000 likes plan costs a whopping $380.

To summarize, Famups is most suitable for when your engagement needs are neither too high, nor too low. If you tend, either way, you will incur higher costs than other alternatives.


SocialWick is an industry leader in the field of social media engagement services. Their website is quick and modern. Instead of offering definite plans, they allow you to choose the number of dislikes you want to buy. That is, not only can you choose a hundred, five hundred, or a thousand dislikes, but you can also choose to buy a specific amount like 347. This is particularly helpful in making channel engagement feel more organic.

According to the website, you must choose between 10 to 50,000 dislikes, priced between $0.22 and $1099.95, respectively. Compared to Viralyft’s pricing, this is cheaper. Hence, if you are looking for a top-of-the-line affordable alternative, Social Wick is the way to go.

In fact, it is safe to say that while Viralyft is the number one engagement platform on the market, it is also perhaps the most expensive. If you do not have too much money to spend, it would be wise to stick to other websites.


If budget is not a big deal for you, then you might want to take a look at Trollishly. The platform is a bit expensive compared to SocialWick, but it comes with several options under its bag. Note that in terms of versatility, Social Wick is still better since it supports various other social platforms as well.

On Trollishly, you can get one hundred YouTube dislikes for $4, and the plans include a maximum of one hundred thousand dislikes for $1000. Apart from that, you can contact their customer service, which is available 24/7, for custom orders.

Other features include a 100% money-back guarantee as well as a free trial. Unfortunately, the free trial is not available for YouTube dislikes. Instead, you can test out their service with 50 free Instagram likes. I guess that is better than nothing.


I cannot think of a clever example, simile, or metaphor to connect Social Boss with. The website supports 21 different platforms including YouTube, DatPiff, Tidal, Quora, Reverbnation, Twitch, Shazam, and various others. Two of these names are so rare that I have only heard them once before.

In terms of security, the McAfee and Norton Secured shield is present on Social Boss’ website. Unfortunately, all these features cost a hefty price. Perhaps the most expensive option of all on this list is SocialBoss offering only 50 YouTube dislikes for $7.99. Above that, you can choose 100, 250, 500, 1000, or maximum of 2000 dislikes. And the last one of those will cost you $180.

Note that the cost is worth it. Social Boss has a service guarantee that lasts 30 days. Thus, 10 of your followers drop out within the first 30 days of payment, the discrepancy will be automatically handled.

Global Followers

Like its name, Global Followers is globally known in the field of social media engagement platforms. The reason they are so low on this list is that their website looks incredibly ugly. The lack of planning that went into its making has made it a real deal-breaker.

That said, the platform supports several major websites like Instagram, Facebook, VK, Twitch, etc. Further, the prices aren’t so high. If you are on a budget and wish to dip your toes into purchasing engagement, then Viralyft and SocialBoss might be too expensive for you. Instead, you should purchase dislikes from here since Global Followers offer 25 dislikes for $2.66, which goes all the way to one thousand dislikes at $26.91.

SMM Boosters

Another website that tops the list of versatility is SMM Boosters. You can buy views, likes, dislikes, followers, and even reviews from their website. Options include reviews for fifteen websites, as well as perfectly priced engagement services that span seven different social media websites. Also, all the likes and dislikes they send your way are created through accounts with a proper profile picture attached, increasing the value of their services.

In terms of YouTube dislikes, you can get from a hundred to a thousand dislikes for $10 and $85, respectively. A caveat you must know about is that accounts that send dislikes your way are from the US. Although this does not decrease the value in any way, it is something you should keep in mind if your content is region restricted.


BoostLikes is a simple, minimalistic, and efficient engagement platform for all your engagement needs across Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. What sets them apart is their “permanent fans guarantee”. This is just like the refill guarantee that most websites offer. If you lost followers, likes, or dislikes within the duration of your campaign, Boost Likes will automatically make up for that.

Another important feature is that unlike most platforms, you can select any number between 250 to 10,000 for buying YouTube dislikes. This gives you granular control over how many dislikes you get.

To top it all off, the prices are ridiculously low. You can get as many as 250 dislikes for $22. And the ten thousand dislikes plan costs only $500. Note that since the control does not go below 250, you should not choose this platform if you only need a small number of dislikes.


TryViews is a social media engagement platform with super low prices and super low quality. Their service works exactly as you would expect it to. However, their website is so strange and clunky that you can never understand what the hell is going on.

That said, the platform is highly versatile, and you can call it the Swiss Army Knife of engagement websites. And as previously mentioned, the prices are exceptionally low. You can buy 20 dislikes for only $2.08. Even the highest-tier plan costs only $520 and scores you 5000 dislikes.

The perks of such low prices are that the working hours are not 24/7. They are only available Monday-Friday, which they claim is 24/7! These strange mistakes clearly show the quality of their services. Unfortunately, if you cannot afford to be picky, this is what you will have to go with.


If you are looking for a simple platform that focuses on the bare minimum, go with Sociic. It is minimal and only supports essentials like Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Spotify, and TikTok.

If you are buying small amounts of dislikes from them, Sociic can prove to be a bit expensive. However, the saving becomes significant when you go to the higher-grade plans. Thus, I don’t recommend their website unless you are looking for bulk orders. You can get ten thousand YouTube dislikes for only $480. Compare that to $4 for 50 dislikes, and you will understand what I am talking about.

YouTube Dislikes Guide

How to overcome competitors on YouTube

You will find an infinite number of posts and articles on tips to grow your account organically. That is all well and good. Unfortunately, well and good does not mean enough. That said, let us go through a quick review of sure-fire ways of staying ahead of the curve.

  • Create a well-organized and aesthetic profile. Ensure that your profile picture, about section, username, channel name, etc. are relevant to your industry, easy to find through a Google search, and above all, engaging. Further, organize your videos into playlists so that they are easier to find and browse through.
  • Be regular with your posts. We understand the fact that you cannot create a new video daily. However, once you have found a rhythm, stick to it, and intimidate your audience if you are going to be on a hiatus.
  • Use SEO research tools and keyword research tools to connect your video and provide it with maximum reach and traction. These keywords are what connect your videos across the internet and without it, you will be, in the words of A Good Place, forked.
  • Spend some time understanding and engaging your audience so that you know what works and what does not. Find the best time to post videos. Further hold polls and quizzes, asking them what they thought of the video, and what they would like to see next.

Even after following these steps, parting with your funds becomes inevitable with time. You will need to buy YouTube dislikes and likes. You will need to buy followers, perform market research, use third-party engagement tools, and these costs add up. This makes it imperative that

As much as buying engagement is essential, making sure that you purchase quality YouTube likes and dislikes is also important. Thus, once you have completed the basic steps mentioned above, we have listed the best sites to buy YouTube dislikes in this article. Go through them and choose one that suits you best.

Why should I buy YouTube dislikes?

Organic growth is only possible if your videos have a balanced number of likes and dislikes. That does not mean you should have exactly the same number of both. However, if all your videos have received only positive reviews, it will state that something fishy is up. Such strange and unrealistic reviews clearly state that your growth is not organic. Hence, you should keep it balanced.

Also, you will be surprised to know that YouTube dislikes constituting engagement. To get people talking about your content, you will need to create debate and discussion. Once that happens, you will automatically start gaining traction.

Sometimes, people also use this as a shortcut to get ahead of the curve. That is a bit naughty, but I am not judging here. I will leave that to you.

Is it legal to buy YouTube dislikes?

Buying social media engagement of any form is not illegal, at least not in any country that I am aware of. Most of these engagement platforms provide organic growth and do not use bots. Thus, you are not in the wrong.

However, there are two things you must keep in mind. Firstly, the moral aspects of spending money to overcome your competition fall under a grey area. While inevitable, it does provide the rich with an unfair advantage. Regardless of what the right answer is, I will leave the topic open for you. Choose whichever side you must.

Secondly, if your country has strong regulations about monopoly and fair business, then buying likes and followers might land you in a spot of trouble. However, this is only valid for businesses so enormous that they can buy off entire countries. I doubt that is the case for any of you and thus, you can skip this point.


Content creators need to balance a lot on their plate. Not only do they carry the responsibility of creating amazing content that people are going to love, but they also need to maintain an active presence on social media channels. Not only them, but even social media marketers also have a difficult time processing the complex world of their industry.

To make things a bit easier, third-party engagement platforms have sprung up all over the internet that allows you to buy engagement for you channels and posts. Buying YouTube dislikes is an amazing way of increasing your engagement and reach. Regardless of whether you do it to reduce competition, or to increase your own popularity, its importance is undoubted.

There are hundreds of websites out there that claim to sell YouTube which is why we have comprised a list of best sites to buy YouTube dislikes. If you have other websites you would like to suggest, let us know through the comments box below.

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