13 Year Old From Greece Built an Instagram Empire

When you hear about a 13-year-old boy you generally imagine someone in school. What does a 13-year-old generally do in his life? Maybe play sports, going to school, play video games, watch TV, etc.

Breaking all the conventional way of living of a 13-year-old kid, Nestor Orologas aka “Funs2” built an Instagram empire of 500K followers. Yes, it sounds unreal, but this teenager has established a business model for himself that is helping him to be financially independent in his life.

Nestor Orologas is from Athens, Greece, the kid being an absolute opportunist started very early in his life. His ability to network and collaborating with successful people has made him one of the upcoming teenage sensations in Greece.

How did it all begin?

Being one of the most curious kids in his school, he started exploring different things at a very young age. With access to good internet and electronic devices like smartphones, he started getting curious about the content that is posted on social media. He began with creating fun content on Instagram, he was fascinated by the early views he got from the platform.

Although initially, he had no knowledge of algorithms and what works on the social media platform, he kept exploring different aspects of social media. Experimenting and consistency is something that went hand in hand and helped him grow on Instagram.

Initially, nobody believed in him, but as soon as he started knowing the algorithm his content was getting a response. It was no stopping when he started creating content for multiple accounts and started gaining thousands of followers daily.

Apart from his initial success, he was collaborating with famous influencers and successful people in the field of social media. Everybody getting fascinated by this 13-year-old wunderkind, it became easier for him to collaborate with people on social media.

After working with some brands and influencers at such young age, he was already enjoying his entrepreneurial journey. The synergy and enthusiasm in his life made him one of the most successful kid’s in Athens. Acquiring skills without any guidance at such a young age is a sign of a true hustler. Getting an idea that what works on these crowded platforms he started helping clients to grow their business and accounts.

How did his Entrepreneurial journey start?

Last year pandemic arrived, and lockdown happened, 13-year-olds were attending online classes. Instead of that, Nestor thought of learning new skills and things that would help him in his business. He was not just creating content for himself, but in the lockdown, he helped many of the influences with their content and made a good amount of money for himself.

Nestor started exploring more and more about YouTube and the Tiktok algorithm which help him to offer a variety of services to his clients. Becoming financially independent this early in life is no joke, Nestor could have played video games and watched Netflix in the lockdown.

But instead of wasting time and chilling, he decided to get more clients and diversified his business portfolio. Working with a variety of influences now he was also helping them with his knowledge of the YouTube algorithm, which may skyrocket their reach.

He can learn quickly and apply at the same time, it takes multiple years for people to develop such traits. Making money without the help of his family or friends made him a self-made teenage entrepreneur that every kid dreams of.

Being a hard worker and fast learner, he has also learned how to invest money. With his multiple investments, he also wishes to invest in his own business to scale in the coming years.

What’s in the future for Nestor?

His entrepreneurial journey wasn’t a cakewalk for him, it was full of ups and downs. He has put in hundreds of hours of his teenage to build something meaningful at a very early age. Currently, he is planning to provide his Instagram services like influencer marketing, content creation, and social media management to global clients.

With his excellent knowledge of algorithms and marketing, he can do wonders for brands working with him. Nestor Orologas not only wants to build a business but wants to build a legacy of himself.

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