15 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Dubai

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The internet marketing world does not need any introduction to anyone who has ever held a smartphone. You have to be living under a literal rock if that is not the case. Even if you are not that active on the internet, you must still come across one or multiple instances of it in your daily life. Factually, more than half of the entire world population actively uses the internet on a regular basis.

The numbers are only going to increase with time. This is why numerous businesses and brands jumped onto this train of opportunity. The availability of a huge audience and easy access to them attracted many to use the internet as their primary marketing solution. Thus, digital marketing came into existence. With that need for Digital Marketing Agencies also arises. Because digital marketing involves a lot of different concepts and strategies that many might not even be aware of.

To handle these well, you need experts and these agencies are those experts. With the rise of this form of marketing, the number of digital marketing agencies in Dubai has increased too. The increased number of choices also makes it harder to select one. To help you with it, we have created a list of the best digital marketing companies in Dubai. It includes their features, target clients, and major projects to make your decision easier.

Top Digital Marketing Companies & Services In Dubai


FullyDigital is a renowned name in the international marketing industry. After making a name for themselves, FullyDigital opened a special office for the middle-eastern market in 2015. Dubai has been witness to 6 years of their excellence in various marketing services.

Search engine optimization, often shortened to just SEO, is an irreplaceable part of digital marketing. That is if you are having a website of your own. Websites offer marketing benefits of their own which can only be explained in detail. In short, you need a website for digital marketing and to maximize its performance, you need SEO.

FullyDigital provides an excellent SEO service that makes your website appear higher in search results of terms that your business relates to. As your name is displayed to more people, your traffic increases, and chances of their conversion do too. Along with SEO, pay-per-click marketing is another integral component of digital marketing. FullyDigital places your ads across search results to guide a huge amount of traffic towards your website.

They have a specialty in social media marketing as well. FullyDigital has a videography department that creates high-quality visual content for you that attracts more attention. They also run advertising campaigns across multiple social media platforms. Influencer marketing and performance analysis are two more fields of expertise they have. This makes FullyDigital an all-rounder social media marketing company and one of the best in Dubai.

  • Best Suited For:

All sizes and types of businesses can benefit from their services.


GrowBranding was founded in 2016 and today it is a leading social media marketing company in Dubai. They have helped more than 500 brands all over the world. The main objective of GrowBranding is to generate a high return on investment (ROI) and revenue. Throughout these 5 years, they have generated more than 500 million for their clients.

GrowBranding will provide you the two most common but useful tools of digital marketing. We are talking about search engine optimization and pay-per-click ads. Talking about SEO first, GrowBranding boosts your website’s online presence through it. They include the right keywords in your content that attract large traffic on their own. The inclusion of these keywords will place you higher in the search results thus providing you with huge exposure. PPC ads are another way of boosting a website’s presence. GrowBranding creates and manages PPC campaigns that bring high traffic to your website by displaying your ads online.

Social media marketing is another department where they excel at. From content creation to ad management, they can do it all. If you want them to do so, you can have them create and advertise your own mobile app as well.

  • Best Suited For:

There are no specifications that BrandBurp looks for in their clients. They will gladly serve you without caring about the scale you operate at.


Founded in 2014, LabelFirm is one of the best social media agencies Dubai has to offer.  They have won many awards for the quality that their services in digital marketing possess.

SEO and PPC are two of the most necessary parts of digital marketing. LabelFirm provides both of these services with a great return on investment. The focus of SEO is to optimize your content in such a way that it shows up at a better position in Google search results. Doing so will expose you to more people than ever whenever they search for the services that you offer. SEO services of LabelFirm provide visible differences in traffic and conversions. PPC ads are covered under their paid advertisement services as well. These ads work alongside your SEO-friendly content to attract more attention than ever.

Next up is social media marketing. Social media is an integral part of online marketing as most of the internet users are active here. They can take care of everything related to social media like content creation and ad management. Influencer marketing gets social attention from them. They find you the perfect influencer for you and help you settle the best deals with them.

  • Best Suited For:

The LabelFirm project is open to business for every individual or group from any industry.


SkyBranding group was founded in 2016 and it is one of the oldest social media marketing companies in Dubai. They have served over 3500 clients in different digital marketing services.  SEO and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) are their two fortes. They optimize your website to make it more attractive and presentable. This is what we know as search engine optimization. The type of content you offer and the terms you use has a huge effect on your search engine performance.

SkyBranding team works upon it to significantly improve your presence in search results. This leads to an increase in traffic which ultimately improves your conversion rate. They handle paid advertisements too that we call SEM. The expenditures on these campaigns rely on clickthroughs, as the name suggests. SkyBranding places attractive ads of your brand to lure in internet users directly from search results.

SkyBranding understands the importance of social media today and provides quality marketing services for your profiles. They create attractive video ads for different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. If you want high-quality content to post, they will create that for you as well.

  • Best Suited For:

The size or the status of your business does not change anything for SkyBranding. They serve everyone equally well.


Shoutzer has been helping brands and businesses grow for over 4 years now, having been founded in 2018. Their expertise in digital marketing starts with SEO. They will optimize your website to boost its online presence. They do so through their search engine optimization service. Through years of experience, their team knows the type of content that scores the best in results. It can include tags, keywords, and meta which determine where you are placed in search results. They work on these aspects to improve your search performance thus making you visible to more and more people.

They also optimize your landing page to increase the chances of conversions. Paid ad campaigns are run by them alongside to boost traffic and conversions even further. You will get assistance in social media management as well. What’s included in the management part goes from content creation to marketing campaigns. The quality of the content they create draws more attention to it than what you regularly post.  For a detailed description of your performance, they provide insights and analytics regularly.

  • Best Suited For:

Digital Media Sapiens have helped numerous businesses in different industries. The scale of a business never made a difference for them.

E Direct

E Direct has an office in Dubai for more than a couple of years now. But their work has been making their presence known since 2001. This makes them the oldest inclusion on this list.

E Direct’s team is an expert in both SEO and PPC. They have optimized the presentation of countless clients and have enough knowledge to keep up with the algorithms of Google. They know what makes a website more visible and implement it to do the same for your website. Websites that undergo search engine optimization are proven to be having bigger traffics. That is because SEO improves a website’s presence on a search engine.

More people come to know of your existence as you are among the top results for what they searched. PPC ads behave in a similar way as well. E Direct places your ads around search results that draw the user’s attention towards you. Both of these strategies combined give you the desired performance you have always wanted. If you do not own a website already, you can have them develop and design a professional and high-quality website for you. They also deal in mobile application development if you feel the need of having an app of your own.

E Direct has also been taking care of the social media needs of many brands for a long time. If you want, they can help you create engaging content and cost-effective marketing campaigns.

  • Notable Clients:

The list of their clients includes high-profile names like Bomb Cosmetics, Blue Tree Clinics, and Brightwave Groups.

  • Best Suited For:

E Direct’s services are available for all kinds of clients, regardless of niche and size.

7G Media

7G Media was founded in 2007 and it is one of the most experienced and well-known social media agencies in Dubai. 14 years of working in this field make them a reliable option to invest in.

7G Media has been providing SEO services for many clients for years now. Their team who already was knowledgeable is more experienced than ever now. It has helped them improve their strategies. It benefits you in the form of a better return on investment. The main objective of marketing is, after all, profiting. There is no point in marketing if you have to spend more only to be at loss. 7G has generated a collective revenue of over millions of dollars for all of their clients. They can do the same for you and they certainly will. If you do not have a website, 7G will create an amazing site for you.

They can even create and manage a Wikipedia page for you. What more they’ll do for you is managing your social media. They are specialists in all kinds of advertising and social media platforms are no different. You will not only get better results from their ads but a better return on investment as well.

  • Notable Clients:

They have served UAE’s Ministry Of Finance on more than one occasion.

  • Best Suited For:

The list of their clients includes many renowned names but they also continue serving obscure and growing businesses.

Novicom Marketing Group

Novicom was founded by two friends who used to work for Google. Their story began in the Netherlands in 2013 but soon they spread out for more. They opened an office in Dubai that year and today there are 6 Novicom offices across different countries.

Search engine optimization is a signature service that you will get from the Novicom Marketing Group. They have a dedicated team that makes your product search engine friendly. By being friendly, we mean it boosts your presence and position on it. As your name appears among the top search results, a good amount of organic traffic is driven towards your website. As traffic increases, the number of conversions increases too. They also hold expertise in paid advertisements.

They will create and display your ads to attract users who are searching for a product similar to yours. You can expect high-quality ad creation and management to ensure maximum return on investment. You also receive a detailed analysis of your different campaigns that they are handling.

Content is the basis of social media marketing and Novicom’s writing team is committed to putting out the most attractive work. They also create and manage ad campaigns for multiple channels while proving regular insights.

  • Notable Clients:

The list of their clients includes high-profile names like Red Bull, Nike, Martin Garrix, Pepsi, and many more.

  • Best Suited For:

You don’t have to worry about the size of your business when you are looking for a deal with Novicom.


Delante means being “in front” in Spanish and they are indeed running in the front of the marketing industry in Dubai. The company was founded in 2014 and has been enjoying a successful run ever since. Delante is all about SEO and SMO if you are in need of these two services specifically.

They provide one of the best SEO services at affordable prices. They want you to profit and they do so by generating a great rate of ROI (return on investment). SEO services aim at improving the position which a website holds in search results on Google or another such engine. Their team is an expert in SEO copywriting.

They completely renovate your existing content and make it more marketable. Doing so makes your website appear higher in search results, thus improving its traffic. Another strategy that they use for boosting it further is paid Google advertisements. Your ads are shown across the search engine whenever something related to you is searched. It is a tested and proven method of increasing organic traffic. They also remarket through Google ads and reach the customers who have interacted with your brand in past.

  • Notable Clients:

The list of their clients includes high-profile names like SoLovelyBox, Znack, and Netcube.

  • Best Suited For:

Delante’s policy doesn’t obstruct them from serving any type of business that wants to deal with them.

Digital Nexa

Founded in 2005, Digital Nexa has worked for over 15 years to develop exceptional SEO services of their own. The team behind the scenes has studied Google deeply and keeps on doing it to keep up with the changes in algorithms. With a complete understanding of them, the team works on optimizing a website for the best possible performance. Doing so improves your place in the results of searches that are related to your brand.

You get a spot in the limelight thank to this. Your brand is introduced to countless new people who might end up being converted. Thus, SEO helps in both lead generation and conversion. PPC ads are another strategy that they use to boost leads and their conversion. With well-crafted ads, they bring out your brand to new faces, increasing your traffic organically. You will get assistance in social media management as well. What’s included in the management part goes from content creation to marketing campaigns. The quality of the content they create draws more attention to it than what you regularly post.

  • Notable Clients:

The list of their clients includes high-profile names like Invisalign, Audi, Arbor, Engel & Volkers, etc.

  • Best Suited For:

Digital Nexa’s services are available upfront for anyone and everyone.

Brand Stallion

Brand Stallion was founded in 2012 and it is one of the best social media agencies that are trending in Dubai as of recent. They has an immense focus on lead generation and conversion. To do so, they take the help of one of the most effective digital marketing techniques. The technique is Search Engine Optimization. They lead a makeover of your website to make it more optimal for marketing. It enhances the site’s online presence and thus its position in the search results. As one can assume, if you are placed higher in the results, the chances of clickthroughs increase dramatically. Most people do not go beyond the first three pages on a Google search. They makes sure you appear as higher as possible for your stature. This leads to an influx of organic traffic. As you offer what they are looking for, the chances of conversion are higher.

You can also have them assist you in social media management as well. More than assistance, they van completely free you of stressing over your social media.  They can handle everything regarding social media management from content creation to marketing campaigns. The quality of the content they create makes it more engaging and their ads target the right audience for you. Further, they also provide community management services. They send out quick responses to your customers with the solutions they want.

  • Notable Clients:

The list of their clients includes high-profile names like Adidas, Colgate, and Tapal.

  • Best Suited For:

They doesn’t differentiate on the basis of the size of a business. Any big business or budding startup can take their help.

Amplify Dubai

Amplify is a globally popular digital marketing agency. While they were tasting success around the world, they decided to open a special branch in Dubai in 2008. 12 years later, they are one of the best marketing options you could find in the middle-east.

Amplify Dubai uses search engine optimization to increase your chances of drawing organic attention. This happens when they improve the search result placement of a website. When a website appears within the first three or four pages of search results, it gets more traffic and ultimately more conversions. The team of Amplify works hard in revamping your content to make it SEO-friendly. They are also fluent in paid advertisement campaigns. The ads for your website are placed alongside search results to draw attention to it. You only have to pay for the clicks that these ads force. It is a cost-effective strategy as you don’t have to pay for the ads that were of no use. Their ad campaigns are certified by Google itself hence no surprise they are so effective.

They provide social media marketing services as well and they are equally good at it. From publishing to advertising, they can handle it all. They also run remarketing campaigns for you, designated for customer retention. At the end of every month, they send detailed analytical reports.

  • Notable Clients:

The list of their clients includes high-profile names like Spotify, Victoria’s Secret App, Fiji Water, and Ladival.

  • Best Suited For:

Their services suit the needs and budgets of small to mid-sized businesses perfectly.


EDS was founded in 2006 and soon it will complete 15 years of a highly successful run. The two main objectives of EDS are lead generation and return on investment. For lead generation, they use the two most direct approaches; email and SMS marketing. They send customized emails and SMSs to a targeted audience that is more likely to convert.

Search engine optimization is a field of expertise that you will get help in from EDS. Their dedicated team makes your website more search engine friendly through various changes and inclusions. Doing so will boost your presence and position on a search engine’s results. Your name will appear among the top search results whenever someone searches for it or a term related to it. This generates a huge amount of traffic for your website which is all organic.

As the traffic increases, the number of possible conversions increases too. Social media is not out of their range either. They can take over the management of your social media in their hands effectively and efficiently. They will help you with creating the most engaging content while also creating targeted ad campaigns for you.

  • Notable Clients:

The list of their clients includes high-profile names like Apple inc., Audi, Abu Dhabi University, and Barclays to name a few.

  • Best Suited For:

EDS doesn’t hide its amazing services from anyone. Every business, small or large, is free to contact them.

Desert Dog Marketing

Desert Dog Marketing uses email marketing for direct lead generation. People usually ignore emails but Desert Dog creates attractive and creative emails that are way more likely to draw attention. They provide two more common but useful tools of digital marketing and lead generation. We are talking about search engine optimization and paid advertisements. When we talk about SEO, Desert Dog boosts your website’s online presence through properly optimized content.

They turn your content marketable and optimal in regards to the algorithms of Google. The inclusion of these keywords will place you higher in search results and provides you the exposure you might be missing. Paid ads are another way of promoting ing a website’s online presence. Desert Dog creates and runs paid ad campaigns that bring organic traffic to your website by displaying your ads everywhere. They do not exclude social media from their service either. You will find a variety of social media marketing services here from content creation to campaign management. They also run remarketing campaigns to target your previous customers and retain them.

  • Notable Clients:

The list of their clients includes high-profile names like PMC and ThinkTank Academy.

  • Best Suited For:

Both established businesses and small startups will benefit from their services.

Incycle Marketing

Incycle marketing has been one of the most popular digital marketing agencies in Dubai for the past 6 years. They use effective lead generation and conversion strategies altogether to provide the best results for a business. For lead generation, email marketing is the most direct approach. Incycle generates creative email templates to be shared with potential customers. They also work on the aspects that affect your website’s search engine performance. First up is search engine optimization. It makes your website adapt to a search engine’s algorithms. Doing so improves its performance and helps it rank higher in the search results. This creates awareness about your brand in a whole new audience for you to explore. Another service related to search engines you get here is Search Engine Marketing (SEM). They run advertisements on search engines to make you reach more people than ever.

The team behind Incycle possesses a deep knowledge of social media as well. Incycle Marketing takes care of everything a social media marketing strategy includes. They begin with creating high-quality content for you and it goes beyond just text posts. They create stylish photos and videos for you to publish and promote your brand.

  • Notable Clients:

The list of their clients includes high-profile names like BodyMaze, Jagara, Jones & Clark, and Khidmeh.

  • Best Suited For:

Incycle’s marketing services are available for every type and size of business.

Why Choose Digital Marketing?

digital marketing companies

Digital marketing uses the internet as its sole medium as compared to billboards and TV ads in traditional marketing. These are replaced by emails, social media, and websites in digital marketing. Digitalization of marketing in Dubai brought a lot of benefits over the standard marketing strategies. First of all, it is cheap. Without a doubt, having a global superstar promote you is tremendously beneficial. However, it is also a hundredfold more expensive than what you have to spend on digital marketing.

Traditional advertisement methods are slowly getting outdated in the country as well. More people than ever are choosing streaming services over cable TVs. These services are easily and cheaply available on handheld devices and TVs. They provide convenience and who wouldn’t prefer a convenient approach to their source of entertainment. Billboards aren’t that attractive anymore either and radios are slowly moving towards extinction. In such circumstances, digital marketing is not a substitute for the future anymore. Instead, it is the need of the present if you want to keep your brand ahead of the curve. Most of the international and local brands in Dubai are already practicing digital marketing for years. They hire specialized agencies to take care of this aspect of the business.


Digital marketing is steadily and increasingly becoming the top choice of businesses globally. That is due to all the good reasons, however. It is cheaper, provides better returns, and allows you to easily reach a large number of audience. It is not a piece of cake in any sense, however. Those lacking marketing prowess usually end up failing at it.

This is why digital marketing agencies are in high demand all the time. If you are not happy with the marketing results of your business, you can count on any of these 15 names mentioned here to give you the desired results.

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