15 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Plano, TX

app development companies in plano

Mobile devices are gadgets that have become an integral part of our lives, meaning mobile app development companies are very much in demand. However, people are now looking forward to new and innovative applications. They want to update their existing applications into something useful. Out of the various developers in Plano, we have combined a list of the iconic mobile app development companies to help you provide your users with the ultimate experience.

These companies are proving to be an enormous competition to the major stakeholders in the market. Their USP is that they deliver the exact thing the customers want – a highly interactive, serviceable, easy-to-use, and engaging application. Your mobile application represents your brand and should be perfectly able to highlight what your customers want to see, i.e. it should fulfill their demands while maintaining your brand’s identity.

Just one single search on Google provides you with thousands of search results. But how do you pick one? We know that the swarm of data on the web might be overwhelming and there might be a feeling of distrust from your side (we completely get it!).

Some might not have enough experience, some might not cater to your requirements, some might not fit your perspective, and others might not seem legit! Your wariness is quite understandable because you just want the best for your brand and placing that trust on a third party is difficult. Thus, we are here to rescue you and help you find the best fit for your brand’s identity and clientele.

We have compiled a list of some of the best mobile app development companies in and around Plano. We hope that it helps you choose the right portfolio for executing and building the application around your imagination. 

List of Best App Developers in Plano


FullyDigital is one of the best app developers in Plano. The company, founded in 2015, specializes in designing and developing application software tailored to fit your brand’s image. They can develop apps compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android mobile devices.

With an experience of producing nearly 300 Android operating applications and approximately 400 apps for iPhone, it can be easily said that FullyDigital is one of the ultimate choices for mobile app development in Plano. They cater to both small and large companies and have made apps for varied industries, such as health, food service, commerce, and entertainment.

The company aims towards making management of the client’s mobility platforms a breeze. Their apps serve as productivity tools, medical resources, interactive brochures, brand extensions, and product promotions, with many of them ranking in the top apps available on the App Store. The strength of the company lies in the fact that it upholds the brand’s image while creating an end-to-end mobile solution. They have a well-defined and planned creative and development process.

The most lucrative part of choosing them is that they can build an Alexa-compatible platform. It increases the chance of your brand reaching potential clients. Their developers are some of the absolute best developers in Plano, with excellent communication skills. Some of their apps have been featured in the top 50 by the App Store. FullyDigital also executes app marketing programs to support the launch of the final product. The company also designs campaigns that might include publicity, email marketing, search marketing, customer forums, media planning, and product demonstrations.


GrowBranding, established in 2016, is a leading company in the field of mobile app development. The company also provides IT software solutions and has its offices in the USA, New York, and India. They have managed to build a strong reputation and trust in the customer base, notwithstanding the fact that it has relatively lesser experience (based on the number of years since its establishment). However, they are quite determined to help their customers grow and achieve quality in innovation, as well as, technology. 

The company also works on AI development, AR App development, Web design and development, UI-UX design, and much more. They cater to numerous genres of applications – Retail and E-commerce, education and E-learning, healthcare and fitness, social networking, real estate, gaming, to name some.

The firm has an adequate and proper coordinating partnership between the company’s intramural and internal environments and the emerging external IT surrounding. They offer customized solutions based on the clients’ requirements. Another reason to choose them is that they deliver all of these at cost-effective rates and within a given timeline. The company gives special importance to being highly reliable, scalable, innovative, and growing at a fast pace, as the base. Therefore, they provide varied advancements in products and services.

GrowBranding has nearly 5+ years of experience in the mobile app development profession. Their team has successfully developed and deployed 4000+ apps and has designed 2000+ websites, and more than 400 projects on the latest technologies including Salesforce, AI, IoT, AR/VR, and Data Science. GrowBranding workforce consists of 350+ experienced app developers. Their apps have received over 80 million app downloads on both iOS and Android.


LabelFirm is a company founded in 2014 and is a web and mobile development firm. They provide their services to enterprise clients across industries such as consumer products and services, IT, and retail. LabelFirm also provides services related to UX design. They have nearly 12 offices with over 700 employees. LabelFirm identifies itself as an independent customer experience agency that places technology and innovation at its core. The teams always seek experience and knowledge in the complete process of design and development.

The company claims to provide its clients with something very unique – integrated multidisciplinary teams across the five areas, which are – insights, strategy, design, content, and engineering. LabelFirm is determined to provide its client with a fulfilling experience wherein the team helps them decide on their vision, achieve it, and ensures ongoing market relevance. From the planning on the whiteboard to the actual rolling out of the apps, the company helps their clients embed experience across their platforms front-end and back-end.


SkyBranding is a mobile app and app testing company, founded in 2016. They work with the clients throughout the process of development and provide services such as consultation, growth, and creation. Their team of mobile specialists offers a full-service, easy-to-use, but the sophisticated approach in transforming any app to an outstanding one. The company is a part of WPP and the Ogilvy Worldwide Network, responsible for producing iconic and culture-changing marketing campaigns. It creates brand matter for Fortune 500 companies as well as local businesses across 83 countries.

SkyBranding is, in turn, a part of WPP, the world’s largest communications services group. Their other services include AR App development, Custom software development, Game Development, VR App development, and Internet of Things. The company has produced more than 250 iOS, Android, streaming devices, wearable, VR, and TV experiences. This has let the company break a number of boundaries, and has new standards in connecting people to what they want and desire.

The best part of the company is that it focuses on experience. The extraordinary team considers experiences as a key component of a holistic solution impacting both the customers and the employees. According to them, experience-driven businesses grow revenue faster and increase customer lifetime value more, making a business sustainable.


Shoutzer is a complete IT service firm, offering training and coaching, consulting services, app development, and recruiting services. It has one of the most remarkable app developers in Plano. Their innovative way of thinking, and providing solutions has touched hundreds of clients across the globe. 

The firm believes that its innovative solutions provide sustained, and meaningful value to its customers. They are committed to staying inquisitive about technology, all while providing their clients with the highest degree of expertise. Improving strongly believes that companies can only flourish in an environment where they have built trust between the firm and the client.

Cloud Application Development, Mobile App Development, Nearshore, System Development and Integration, Rural Sourcing, and Web Development are some of the fields they work on. 

The company provides a wide range of services, making them a one-stop solution for all things related to mobile development. They can build Android, iOS, and even cross-platform mobile applications, making them a good choice for developing mobile applications.


Burada, Inc., is a leading mobile app development company, providing complete service, end to end, web, and software development specialists. Thus, they can help you throughout your project, until its completion. Their goal is to build custom applications, custom databases, and custom business solutions to provide solutions to business problems, thus improving the business reach and customer relations.

The most notable part of the organization is that they are committed to achieving perfection, and have a passion for profit. Burada has spent over 15 years working, developing, and perfecting their unique development process, which has made them a world leader in the industry of the creation of custom web applications. 

They can develop a mobile competent application which is developed as a less complex “mobile friendly” web application and is accessed on the mobile device through the built-in web browser. They can also build applications as a “native” mobile application, which is developed to be listed in the Apple and Google app stores.

There are pros and cons to both of these, and the initial stage is to walk through the specifics of the business to determine the best approach. Selecting one of the two paths and realizing the other one would have been a better choice, would be costly. Burada, Inc., helps you with these decisions. Thus, your project cost is relatively minimized.

The company works throughout the lifecycle of the project – building the system, hosting and helping to run it, and day-to-day support of the systems. The team also specializes in Database management, meaning they can handle numerous amounts of client data to design and develop new applications and improve existing applications.


Krasamo believes in working to solemnly provide its client with an application which completely caters to their demands, thought process, and creative needs. 

The firm is a mobile-first digital service and consulting company and focuses on the Internet of Things and Digital Transformation. They collaborate with big and small brands to realize their vision and breathe life into their products and services. The firm also builds tablet-compatible applications to provide the customer base of their clients with an all-device fluent experience.

Krasamo claims that its Agile design and the approach they adopt towards development improves collaboration, helps in continuous improvement which is data-driven, delivers customer satisfaction, and helps the brand in making good on its promises to its clients. 

The design team then develops UI mockups, and interactive prototypes to illustrate the functionality and design to help them visualize the product. These mockups help translate the tasks, refine the usability, and explore user interactions to enhance the overall experience of the product.

Other services they offer include UI/UX design, Internet of Things, Mobile Apps, Cloud Solutions, Digital Transformation, and Custom Workflows, and Digital Strategy. Their professional and productive team of developers focuses on quality and hence, continually works on improving their skills.

Essonova Corporation

The Essonova Corporation, founded in 2004, has proven expertise in the development of end-to-end software applications. They have a strong reputation for developing applications from conceptualization to the full-fledged working of the applications and products. The company’s mission is to bring a better system of development to the world through an experienced management team, professional customer service, and of course, a powerful development team.

The company analyzes the business requirements and develops and customizes software applications to provide long-term solutions to the clients. They bring a startup mentality onboard and use nimble techniques to set up the organization and to provide an incentive to their customers in such a way that they enjoy it and it helps build customer relationships. Their approach enables sustainable maintenance of IT solutions.

The developer team at Essonova Corporation can create applications for Android as well as iOS. They are also capable of creating Enterprise Level Applications. The company believes in providing scalable solutions to help your business grow to its fullest extent. The team focuses on building cutting-edge applications and software solutions. The IT team at Essonova Corporation is competent enough and knows the details of the latest technologies. Thus, delivering services complying with up-to-date technologies.

Software Assurance, LLC

Founded in 2008, Software Assurance utilizes various technologies, and processes, to provide unmatched expertise in creating a perfect blend to provide your business with optimal solutions. These include web and mobile app development, testing services, as well as, quality assurance. The company believes in maintaining the highest quality of products possible and the international standards of workmanship.

The developers of the Software Assurance team have extensive expertise in developing applications using technologies such as Android, iOS, HTML5, Java, PHP, .NET, CakePHP, WordPress, Zend, PhoneGap, and others. The company has also extended its expertise in Mobile Payment, Cloud Solutions, Saas, and App Development for Wearable Devices. They provide customized solutions for diverse industries, ranging from Finance, Gaming & Entertainment, e-Commerce, Human resources, Hospitality, Real Estate, Education, etc.

Before proceeding to develop the actual project, the establishment makes sure to produce a detailed plan, develops insights using analytics, and reports it to the client and the project managers. It ensures that the actual power and vision stay in the hands of the client. An additional benefit is that it reduces the time required to complete and deliver the project, and manages the project cost making it more economical.

The brand strength is reflected in the high level of confidence that their existing, previous, and repeated clients, worldwide, have placed in them. The company takes pride in maintaining an excellent track record by intelligently designing, executing, and completing critical campaigns for their existing and new customers. 

Nexrage Studios

Nexrage Studios team consists of the best app developers in Plano. The diverse team includes industry leaders, software developers and architects, graphic designers, project managers, and analysts.

The complete team is responsible for the clients and attends to their needs collectively. The developers believe in creating custom solutions for every brand as uniqueness and creativity are responsible for showcasing the brand’s image and vision.

The diverse team is full of creative and fun personalities, with their professions ranging from game developers, painters, digital artists, avid outdoorsmen, gardeners, and photographers to gamers. The values of the team members align with the core principles of Nexrage Studios –  Business-minded, Trustworthy, and Intuitive.

According to Nexrage Studios, if you can easily integrate generic software that already exists for the masses, it might be possible that your services lack diversity, which is very necessary to compete against your competitors. The company works by centering your vision and needs when crafting your custom software, app, and mobile development. In the age where information is so important, efficient, reliable software and a robust online presence are essential, and Nexrage claims to help its clients do just that.

Entrepreneur awarded Nexrage Studios the “Best Company” award three years in a row, from 2017 through 2019. They also provide SEO Analysts, Social Media Managers, and React developers. Their projects have ranged from medical teaching tools to innovative booking systems and digital wallets. Thus, they can develop a wide variety of applications.

The BHW Group

Founded in 2005, the BHW Group is a famous app and web development firm, which relies on its decade-plus experience and analytical skills to develop the perfect product suited to your needs. The company has over 75 clients and has designed and developed more than 375 web and mobile applications. Over 80% of their clients have worked with them on multiple projects or for multiple years. They believe that the quality and value delivered by them in each of the products they create represent their capabilities and brand image.

With over 100 years of collective repeat client business and a record low employee turnover rate, BHW focuses on building long-term relationships based on the value of the services they provide to their clients. The size and agility of BHW allow them to be responsive and enable them to continuously meet their clients’ needs.

BHW is an Agile company. It accepts and supports open-source technologies, and employs the best engineers and designers. The team has diverse knowledge and looks forward to taking on new challenges.

The firm has a range of experts in fields such as Mobile App Development and Design, Responsive Web App Development and Design, Web Design and UI/UX, Android and iOS App Development, Enterprise App Development, Business Process Automation, Business Intelligence Reporting,  and React Native Development.

The BHW Group has developed several award-winning applications. Their clients work directly with the architects of their mobile or web app, making it a cooperative and smooth process. In case the client has a rough vision of the look, the assigned experts help the clients come up with the perfect solution. The team is an expert in both front-end and back-end development. The best part is that they offer extensive support helping the business even in the future years.

Copper Mobile

Copper Mobile was founded in 2010 and focuses on app development, UX/UI design, and web development services. They help the clients solve complex business solutions using creative and cutting-edge mobile solutions. The firm helps its clients navigate the ever-changing world of technology and mobile applications. They have adopted quite a unique and empathetic approach. Their motive is to understand the clients’ challenges and goals, to become more than their app developer – a valuable partner for all things revolving around mobile. Thus, they focus on building ‘customer first’ design, which exhibits tremendous flexibility, and implements the latest technologies.

Their team of developers has been in the profession, building enterprise apps, since the first iOS SDK release. The company’s designer team likes challenging the boundaries of user experience and aims to craft innovative, engaging, and intuitive user interfaces. The account directors take pride in building long-term relationships with the clients. This systemic dedication to the clients’​ goals ensures that Copper Mobile produces the highest caliber mobile apps on time, on budget, and on specification.

The organization provides comprehensive solutions and works on six distinct services – Strategy, UI/UX Design, Architecture Design, Development, QA and Testing, and Support.

They have a fixed methodology that they use and swear by. The methodology goes as follows – Product Vision, Project Definition, Initial Release Plan, and Contractual Agreements. The firm also takes user feedback and the features list into consideration when upgrading the application.

Five Pack Creative

Founded in 2008, Five Pack Creative is a mobile app development company that has a nationwide team of developers focused on helping their clients showcase the best products for brand recognition and revenue generation. They design and develop applications for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Android devices. 

The corporation works on Augmented Engineering, to embed success and quality into your brand, and Mobile app Development. They also offer staff augmentation, wherein they provide companies with a hard-to-find qualified team of developers to help build corporate mobile teams.

Their diverse team has experts in eCommerce, technology, finance, transportation, gaming, healthcare, media, travel, and hospitality, with platform expertise and industry recognition. The team has a combined experience of over 300 years, allowing them to be flexible and ready to take up new projects in the existing niches where they serve. It also lets them take up projects in the other niches where they have not serviced yet. In case a company has an existing developer team, Five Pack Creative has the facility of augmenting several large corporate teams to polish a project, and drive it to its completion.

The company adopts a holistic approach towards mobile app development. Thus, creating a great product and experience for clients has become easier.


Projekt202 is a software development and marketing company, founded in 2003. They help companies establish a good customer base and transform their experiences.

The firm believes in its unique and established methodology for understanding customers and their demands for the success of a business. They work towards revealing and understanding the target audience of the client, and then design and develop new software experiences for them.

Their overall services include – Strategy and Insight, User Experience and Designing, Software Development, and Marketing Analytics. They focus on the proper comprehension of the user to strategically propel the business. The company builds visually appealing, innovative, and intuitive applications that are necessary to keep the user engaged with the brand. Using tech to build large and complex systems to automate the processes helps in increasing the speed and user experience, and Projekt202 works towards achieving this. Interpreting and analyzing massive amounts of customer data provides insights to the team to help them handle customers, and it helps them create strategies to help the business grow.

Squareball Studios

Squareball Studios, founded in 2011, is a custom software development company. The firm focuses on mobile app development, but also provides other services such as UI/UX design, web design, and e-commerce development. Their customer base ranges from small startups to Fortune 500 companies.

The company helps its clients with – strategy in technical planning, market validation, and feature prioritization, design, development of mobile applications, web applications, augmented reality, and support.

How to Choose the Best Mobile App Development Company?

mobile app development companies

Just as we said before, we know the Internet has a swarm of data, making it difficult to choose one particular company for your needs. We also acknowledge the fact that identifying a good IT company for your needs is not a cakewalk.

Thus, we are here to tell you about some key factors that could help you choose an IT company capable enough of developing a custom app for you and holding the attention of your users to generate revenue for your business. Here are some of the factors you should keep in mind prior to availing of services from any mobile app development company:-

  • Have a look at the Customer Reviews and Feedbacks of the Company

One of the fool-proof ways of identifying an expert and professional IT company for custom mobile app development is by skimming through the reviews and feedbacks of the past and the present clients of the company. By talking to the clients, you can get details about the company, and know about the pros and cons of hiring them. Experienced companies would surely provide services at a high quality, which is worth considering.

  • Security of the App Idea and Prototype

As we know, the leaking of an app idea and the concept revolving around it, is one of the biggest threats to companies and entrepreneurs. Duplicates of an inferior quality hit the app stores before the original app because of the poor security measures taken by the app development company.

Thus, looking for an IT company that has strong security measures and policies in place is a must. The development company should be ready to sign a nondisclosure agreement to ensure the security of the app concept and idea before moving forward.

  • Managing Delivery Effectively

Effective communication between the development company and the client is necessary to ensure that the app is on the right track and to avoid unnecessary overheads. Many companies complain that their development company did not keep them in the loop, which resulted in the final result of the app being irrelevant to their requirements.

To avoid this, the development company must keep its clients posted on every detail related to the app’s progress. This also ensures the timely delivery of the app. So, make sure to choose a company that has and follows an effective set of guidelines for delivery management services.

  • Standards of the App Designs

The design of the custom app is a crucial factor and plays a major role in its success. Thus, the skills of the developer(s) should be the main focus. If the company has some capable UI/UX designers, it is capable of delivering world-class custom app designs to clients.

Thus, make sure that you check the company’s design portfolio to make sure that their designs are in accordance with the set global standards.

  • Trusted QA and Testing Measures

Most custom mobile apps have technical errors or bugs. Regular interruption while using the app results in the user losing interest in it. Aside from a great app design, the development companies should follow the latest manual and automation Quality Assurance and Testing Measure to make sure that the product does not have any error or bug before being released on the app stores.


This article was aimed at informing the readers about the top mobile app developers in Plano. Choosing the services from the right app development company is crucial, and is an investment.

We hope this article helps you find the best company suited to your needs. All the best in your endeavors to create the best mobile application for your brand, and to work towards building a good presence in the customer base.

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