15 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Followers (Real and Active)

Social media’s rise made a lot of things easier. But there is another more professional use of social media and that is social media marketing. It is a component of digital marketing and the term given to advertising on different social media platforms. There are many such platforms out there and a couple of them are the favorites of many brands and businesses. One such platform is the social media giant Facebook.

The availability of such a huge audience is one of the reasons behind it being a top choice of marketers. However, reaching this audience isn’t that easy. Thankfully, there are many outsider tools that can help you grow without having to worry about Facebook’s algorithms. There is a list of sites from where you can buy Facebook followers or Buy Facebook likes for some amount of money.

Not only are they legal but very effective in boosting a page or profile as testified by thousands of people who have used them. You and your account will both remain safe if you pick one from these best sites to buy Facebook followers.

Best Sites to Buy Facebook Followers


GetViral - buy real usa facebook followers

GetViral is a professional website through and through. That becomes apparent from the first visit based on how everything is presented. They offer a lot of services for a lot of platforms and it is just the right place for those who want to buy Facebook followers or likes. For buying followers, there are 4 available packages.

The packages are; 500 for $18, 1k for $32, 2k for $55, and 5k for $70. All the followers you get are delivered at fast speeds and are all real people who use Facebook. They also provide drop-protection and refill any followers that you end up losing.

You can not buy likes for your posts but there are 8 options for buying them for your page. The plans start at 500 likes and end at 20k likes. The price range of the plans is $18-$350. The likes begin to show up within the first 8 hours and they too come with drop-protection. You also get 24/7 customer support for any queries and concerns.


SocialPackages - buy usa facebook followers

SocialPackages is the real deal and you would agree to that yourself with a single visit to their website. Without a doubt, they outscore nearly every other service in terms of design and presentation. But that does not mean they compromise on the actual product. If you want to buy real Facebook followers or likes, they can get them for you at good prices with good speeds and good customer support.

Starting off with page likes, they offer more than 5 attractive packages. They begin at 500 likes for $17 and end at 20k likes for $335. The likes you get belong to real accounts that are real people from different countries across the world.


Views Expert - buy facebook followers

Investing in Views Expert is literally like starting up an advertising campaign yourself. Aside from the fact that you have to “Build A Campaign” to place the order, it also works like a well-thought-out promotional strategy. Here, you can buy Facebook followers, page likes, post likes, and even post shares.

First-up for page likes, you can buy between 500 to 10000 likes with a price range of $16.99 to $199.99. You can have them arrive in installments over time and only have to provide a link to your page. For post likes, you can either opt to buy for a single post or an auto liker for all your posts. The cost of it depends on the number of likes you want as well the number of posts you want them for.

For single posts, you can buy 500 to 10000 Facebook likes.


Viralyft - buy usa facebook likes

Viralyft is one of the best sites to consider if you are looking for a place to buy Facebook followers. They do not offer followers but do guarantee premium quality likes for your pages. The team behind Viralyft is a group of professional marketers who have over 5 decades of marketing experience. They exactly know what a customer wants and how to deliver it.

All the likes you receive are from real Facebook users spread all across the world. They usually take a day to deliver but it can be delayed to 3 days at maximum, and never beyond that. You are never asked for any passwords or credentials that could put your account’s safety at risk either.

Plus, you get 24/7 customer support to help you in any kind of situation. They offer a total of 8 plans for Facebook likes. The plans are; 500 likes for $18, 1000 for $30, 2000 for $55, 5000 for $123, 10k for $187, and 20k for $347.


Famups - buy usa facebook followers

Famups is a complete package of all social media promotion needs one could want. They offer services for a wide range of platforms including Facebook. You can buy Facebook likes, followers, and even story views at a good price from here. If you want to buy Facebook followers from Famups, you will get to choose between four available plans.

The plans are; 200 for $12, 500 for $18, 1k for $32, and 2k for $55. Every single follower you are given is an existing Facebook user with a complete profile including photos and posts. They don’t ask for you to follow anyone in return and the followers begin to show up within a limit of 3 days. If you want to buy Facebook likes for your page, there are 10 total plans available.

They start from 500 followers and the last plan is 20k followers. The price range here is $18-$320. You can also get US-specific likes if you want through exclusive packages. Famups doesn’t ask you for any passwords and provides you with 24/7 live support.


It is not often that a new name in the industry can rise up fast if not remarkable. Famoid is what offers one of that remarkable services. Famoid’s market presence is almost for five years now and it has earned quite a name for itself. Its approach to building its business is what sets it apart. Famoid offers exceptional service but more than anything it also wants to establish a fruitful relationship with its clients. They are transparent and that is pretty much why within such a short time they have gained a good reputation. Famoid essentially realizes how important it is to gain followers and likes on social media platforms to make a significant impact. Thus, they offer services for the top social media platforms like Facebook.

With Famoid by your side, you are guaranteeing yourself the pleasure of quality likes and genuine followers. It buys you Facebook likes and real Facebook followers. Unlike most companies in the market, Famoid dedicated works to offer you high-quality likes and followers from real accounts. Thus, these likes and followers are everlasting. Moreover, it is not just exclusive to Facebook. You can use Famoid to get likes on your website links, statutes as well as pictures. You can be the owner of a small-scale business or the owner of an MNC, Famoid promises you services that are going to boost your social media presence.

When you opt for Famoid, you are opting for premium support from experts and quality promotion. They are keen on the monthly drip-fed strategy. This means they’ll work monthly to slowly and naturally grow your Facebook page or profile. However, if you are looking for instant success Famoid is not for you. But the credibility the name holds is immense.


Having sold millions and millions of likes, followers, views, etc; FollowerPackages has established itself as a big player in this field. They are one of the most popular and actively used services for social media promotions. They have a team made up of all professional marketers who know what they are doing. Their cumulative experience of over 50 years has led to thousands of satisfied customers and you can be one too.

If you want to buy Facebook likes for both your page or your posts, you can get it here. However, if your need is to buy Facebook followers, you might want to skip to the next option.  For likes on posts, you can choose between these four plans; 100 for $10, 250 for $19, 500 for $39, and 1k for $79.

Next up is the page or profile likes where you get four plans as well. The plans are, 500 for $25, 1k for $40, 2k for $75, and 3k for $80. Their best features are their fast delivery, 24/7 chat support, and all the likes being from real accounts.

Social Viral

Like the name would suggest, this is the place where you can expect the real help you need for going viral. They offer promotions for many social media platforms including Facebook. The services they offer for FB are page likes, post likes, story views, and followers. For page likes there are 6 packages; 50 likes for $2.99,100 for $5.99, 250 for $11.99, 500 for $24.99, 1k for $34.99, and 2.5k for $74.99. For post likes too, the plans are nearly the same except for pricing.

The price range for post likes is $3.99-$49.99. The number of plans if you want to buy Facebook followers is 6 as well. The plans start from 500 followers at $25 and end at 10k followers for $227.39. Every like and follow is from a real Facebook user and they guarantee high retention rates. A 24/7 customer support is available for the buyers too.


FBSkip is one of the most popular Facebook promotion websites today with thousands of people who are using it at present actively. They have fulfilled more than 100k orders in their lifetime which makes them reliable and worth the investment.

FBSkip are consistently among the top 10 and one of the cheapest ones out of them. They offer a lot of services for Facebook pages and profiles. You can buy Facebook followers, comments, video views, friends, page likes, page followers, post likes, etc. For followers, there are packages that range from 100 to 5k followers.

The price range starts at $5 and ends at $100. For likes, you can choose between cheap or premium likes. They have different prices for different amounts which you can check at the official website. For followers, you have to buy combinations of likes and followers, details of which are best to be checked on the website.


Venium is one of the most professional websites in existence that deal with social media promotions. Their premium services are a rage between social media users and rightfully so. They can deliver premium likes, subscribers, views, etc through their network of thousands of web partners and millions of connected users.

So, if you want to buy Facebook likes for your page or profile, you have reached the perfect destination. Venium has set fees for specific amounts of whatever you buy. If you want to buy page likes, the rate is $23.99 per 1k likes you buy. You can buy as many as 10k page likes. For post likes, the rate is $0.99 per 100 likes you buy 10k post likes are the maximum order you can place.

The likes start arriving Instantly and you also get an option to track them live. All the likes are from real people and come with a lifetime retention guarantee. If anything goes wrong, you can always contact their 24/7 live support.

Social King

Social King is a complete social media package and even bigger so for Facebook. It offers a lot of services, many of which are not even available on any other sites. You can buy things like contest votes, story views, shares, and even a legitimate verification badge.

Aside from these, you can obviously buy real Facebook followers and likes of all kinds. For page likes, they offer a total of 8 plans. The plans start from 1k likes and go to 100k likes at maximum. The price range of the packages is from $42.99 to $3235.99.

You get options to customize your target audience as well. You can decide which country the likes should be from. The same is the case if you want to buy Facebook followers. There is a total of 4 packages of followers to buy. The packages are; 250 for $9.99, 500 for $18.99, 1k for $34.99, and 2.5k for $79.99. All the followers and the likers are real Facebook users which eliminates any chances of your account being at risk.


The name itself is tempting enough to promise you the boost that your Facebook profile needs. And, it is going to be real! Long gone are the days of bot accounts for the growth of your Facebook. With GetRealBoost, you can actually get real about the likes and followers you acquire on the social media platform. It means that the client base is appreciable. Thus, only proving how it supports genuine likes, followers as well as views.

It makes social media marketing convenient and convertible for its clients as it gives a global reach. If you are ready to take your content beyond borders, GetRealBoost can help you achieve that. It proves your online presence globally. Furthermore, it is not just Facebook the company focuses on. You can opt for their services if you have an Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or a SoundCloud account.

The highlight of using GetRealBoost is the decent pricing of its deals and packages. They offer experts to work on your profile at the cheapest rates possible. For instance, for 200 likes on Facebook, the lowest deal starts at $15. The pricing increases with demand and can go up to $250. The followers’ package for Facebook drops to $9 for 200 followers. If you are someone who is looking for budget service, then this is the ideal pick for you. The service is honest and reliable and the pricing is affordable for anyone.


The next on the list is a service company that is talked about quite often for its impeccable service and performance when it comes to social media marketing. However, its wings happen to cover other platforms like Facebook, Spotify, TikTok, and Twitter too. It claims to be the best Facebook Fan Base solution. Two words that define Boostlikes are affordability and premium quality. The company’s name is not unknown in the social media world as many celebrity influencers have also been associated with the company.

Boostlikes offers followers and likes of high-quality. Additionally, it also runs ads on the designated social media platform to attract more likes and create a buzz. Due to this, you are assured to get likes and requests from active Facebook users. These users can further become your potential followers too! Boostlikes is quick with its services too. After purchasing a package, it only takes a few hours before you start seeing results. Sometimes, it becomes hard to comprehend for few clients if the results are going to be rapid and instantaneous. Therefore, they offer a 100% refund if you don’t see results in four to five business days.

Social Viral is much recommended for its inexpensiveness and rapidity. For Facebook the 100 followers’ package is priced at $6 and $3.99 is charged for 50 post likes. Of course, it is always advisable to talk to the company directly before settling on a deal.


When talking about quality as well as quantity service, Audiencegain is the name on everyone’s lips. It offers premium quality services for over 8+ platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and various others. They use real social media engagement to get effective results. As they work in favour of so many platforms, they have divided their features into categories depending on the social media network. Thus, if you tell them what you require from your Facebook page or profile, they can market it more easily based on the category.

Audiencegain is also a secure place to make a deal. It does not ask for your account passwords or any intimate details that you are no comfortable sharing. It is SSL protected and offers a safe checkout process. Moreover, it accepts payments from over 300 local and international payment methods. Thus, you do not need to hassle over a particular service account to make the payment. It offers you 24/7 customer support and gives a refund or replacement guarantee. The packages turn out to be customable too. Audiencegain promises result within 2 to 20 days. The speed is dependent on the order specification. So if it is a large order, it will take time but with smaller orders that are quicker.


Your all-in-one digital marketing expert is here- Socioblend. A name that is globally popular and guarantees you the best social media and marketing strategies. It offers a range of services like social media services, SEO, social media optimization, E-marketing, website design and development, content writing, link building, and pay per click management. Thus, getting Facebook likes and followers through Socioblend is not only easy but methodical as well. We call it methodical for the enchanting beehive structure built on the homepage, which is the attraction of many.

You can opt for promotional services for over 40+ social media platforms, including the famous Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With an easy-to-navigate homepage, they make choosing their packages simple and secure. For payment, they accept over 10+ local and international payment methods. Getting in touch with Socioblend is also easy as they have listed their contact number and email on their homepage. Most of their packages are listed to offer result from 12 to 24 hours. Thus, if you are looking for instantaneous results, socioblend will be able to offer you one. They also promise to be “risk-free” and that is something we all are looking for- a place that let’s us take the risk without actually being risky.

Buy More Fans

Buy More Fans, much like its name suggests, is an engagement platform specially targeted towards Facebook. You can buy likes and followers for your Facebook page (which must be a fan page. Business pages are not supported), likes for your Facebook posts, buy Facebook followers, and even pay for reviews, shares, and comments.  

Buy More Fans can be your platform of choice if your social media marketing plan is limited to Facebook only. Your likes start pouring in a few hours after payment. Depending upon the plan you choose, you can get as many as fifty to five hundred likes in a day. 

There are three types of likes you can buy. The first one of these is specially designed for Indian users and starts at $5 per 100 likes. The second one starts at $10 per hundred likes and is called the VIP plan. This is most suitable for users in Europe, Australia, Canada, and the United States. The last one also starts at $10 per hundred likes but is targeted only for US-based customers since you only get likes and followers from the US.

Facebook Followers Guide:

How to get more Facebook followers?

Facebook is a social media networking site that has been around for some time now. A social media site that started with an equation on the window to rate girls on campus, is what we use today to connect on a global scale. All thanks to Zuckerberg for the brilliant idea. However, as time keeps moving forward, the social media space keeps getting more crowded. The algorithm of the platform is never constant. Thus, the tricks and tactics that you think are working today, might necessarily not work tomorrow. But being slow on the Facebook game is indeed trouble. If you want to create brand awareness or promote yourself on social media, Facebook is the best and the most versatile way to start. Looking for a solution often makes us wonder how we can get more Facebook followers and more Facebook likes?

There are various features on Facebook that helps you gain more likes and followers. The most popular ones are Facebook Ads, virality, Facebook likes pop-up and tagging, and hashtags. Putting in the manual labour of hosting a giveaway and creating catchy content is the evergreen way to live up to fame on Facebook. Yet the easiest answer is to look at the best site to buy Facebook followers and likes. For the USA, there are quality sites that offer services to provide one with real Facebook followers. You can easily buy these Facebook followers and likes.

Here are some platforms that offer the best followers and likes you can get on Facebook. The likes and followers these platforms offer is genuine and of high quality. So, navigate your way through this post to discover the best for your Facebook.


Facebook gives you a chance to advertise your brand or your content to over 2 billion people. It doesn’t always work that simply but there are many ways you can make it easier. One way is by buying Facebook likes and followers.

They increase your statistics which boosts your visibility and makes your content reach more and more people. Buying these metrics have been proven to be resulting in increased organic engagement. On top of that, doing so is not only legal but ethical as well. And you can put your complete trust into these sites if you want to buy Facebook followers or likes.

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