15 best Sites to Buy Facebook Views (Instant and Safe)

buy facebook views

Facebook is one of the biggest and most used social media platforms. Millions of people use it. This is why it is such a hot place for brands and businesses to promote their services and products. Today, video posts are quite popular as platforms have become much more optimized to give users a better viewing experience. So, using more video posts is a smart thing to do if you are looking to grow on Facebook. If you are struggling to get more views on Facebook and want to artificially boost the stats to gain online credibility then this list is for you. These are some of the best sites to buy Facebook views.

If you think that buying Facebook views will help then you can use it. But we do suggest looking at the guides provided below if you want some tips on how to get more video views and how to get more engagement in general on Facebook.

Best Sites to Buy Facebook Views


buy facebook views

Getviral is a website that claims to have services that can make you go viral on social media platforms. If you want to check out the services it has you can head on to the website getviral.io. The company primarily presents itself as a service provider for Instagram audiences but also provides services for Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, SoundCloud and Spotify.

The company provides 24/7 support for customers helping them with doubts and queries related to the services or their orders. It promises fast delivery of the stats and guarantees the quality of it. You can use the chat option on the website to connect with the support team.


ViewsExpert is another website that has been selling social media services to clients for some time. It is very easy to use the website. First, head on to the website viewsexpert.com. Then chose the platform and the corresponding service that you want to purchase. Now, you will have to select from a bunch of packages.

You can start small or go for a bigger package. Once you have selected the package, it is time to select the payment method and pay for the order. You can contact the customer support team in case of any queries or doubts using the contact form on the website or mail them at info@viewsexpert.com.


SocialPackages has different packages for different services for multiple social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Twitter, SoundCloud, TikTok and Twitch. The company claims to provide a refund guarantee in case of any drops in the order quantity.

It also promises to provide 24/7 live support and premium quality services. You can buy Facebook likes, page likes and views. The company promises fast delivery of the services as well.


Viralyft is a website popular for selling various social media services. You can buy stats to boost your online credibility using these services. Some of the major social media platforms are supported by Viralyft. You can get likes, views, followers, comments etc. for Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify, Twitter, SoundCloud and YouTube.

So, if you are looking to boost your presence on these platforms then head on to viralyft.com. As mentioned before Viralyft has a few services for Facebook. If you want to purchase Facebook page views then the minimum order quantity is 500 for $4.99.


Famups helps boost the social connections of its customers and claims to implement various organic methods to help them gain more engagement on their posts and profiles. The company promises to provide the authentic support and takes pride in catering to each of its customers and providing them with the best quality services.

If you want more engagement on Facebook video posts then you can try artificially boosting the video views. You can buy video views from the packages provided by Famups. The smallest package costs $3 for 1000 views. The maximum order quantity is 50k for $130.


The motto that Buzzvoice runs with is “Buzz Your Social Media”. It is a company that has several services for popular social media platforms which include Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and SoundCloud. The company claims that by using its services you will be able to get more engagement in a matter of minutes.

Facebook is a big social media platform that is highly competitive when it comes to brands promoting their products and services. If you want more engagement on your Facebook video posts then you can buy Facebook views from Buzzvoice. The price starts at $2.97 for 1000 views. A max of 100k views can be bought for $159.97.


As the name suggests the next website on the list sells social media marketing services that you can buy. The company claims that the quality of its services is world-class. Using it you can elevate the visibility of your profile and content on social media platforms as thousands of its clients have already done.

The company provides a variety of services for Facebook. If you want to increase the views on your Facebook videos posts then you can buy 1000 views for $2.99. These are premium quality views and the delivery will start in a few hours.


Though the name of this next website may make it seem that it is a company that deals with the promotion and social media marketing services for Instagram Instafollowers provide services for a huge number of other popular and major players when it comes to social media.

From Twitter to Facebook to Twitch to LinkedIn to Pinterest to TikTok and many more, the company provides a bunch of different services. If your primary aim is to gain more views on Facebook video posts then the starting amount is quite small. You can purchase 50 views for just $0.54. If you are looking for more, for example, 1000 views then you can get it at $5.40.


Woorke is a website that hundreds of people use. It is not limited to providing services for social media platforms. It has a range of services for customers that can help them with complete digital marketing from SEO services to web development. Woorke supports almost all popular social media platforms which are prevalent worldwide.

If you are looking specifically for Facebook services then you will find a bunch of them on this website. The cost of Facebook video views on Woorke is $1 for every 200 views. Targeted views cost $1.4 and the views with slower delivery speed cost $2.


Trollishly is quite a new website that started providing its services in 2019. So, it has been only in this market for a couple of years. But still has been able to gain a lot of customers who have purchased its services. A good thing about this website is that it provides a variety of services for free like getting free Instagram likes, followers, views, TikTok likes etc.

Of course, these are one-time use only. The company also provides many different services for Facebook. It has some of the cheapest services on the market. But do connect with the company to know about their methods and processes. The starting price for Facebook views is $2 for 1000 views.


Smmpoint is a website that has been in the social media marketing industry for a few years and understands how things work. It provides services for a variety of social media platforms as one may often need to promote their products and services on multiple platforms. It provides 24/7 customer support and promises that it gives the privacy and security of its customers’ utmost importance.

If you want to buy more views for your Facebook video posts then the company has relevant services for it. The price ranges between £29 and £159 for which you gain 25k and 200k views respectively.


This is another service provider which provides the complete package. You can get all the service you will need for full digital marketing. This website claims to be a marketplace where you can purchase services for growing online. It has hand-vetted a lot of high-quality marketers that a lot of top hyper-growth companies use.

Appsally has a more complete approach to social media marketing and digital marketing in general. The minimum order quantity for Facebook video views on appsally.com is 2000 views for $16. You can buy a max of 8k views for $60. This is a popular website for people looking for such services so do check it out.


The next website on the list is Instant-Famous. It sells services for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Spotify, Facebook, YouTube etc. You can also purchase website traffic from this website. If you are looking for Facebook video views then this is one of the cheapest options available.

If you have any doubts regarding the methods of the services do reach out to the support team via their contact info available at the top right corner of the website. The price for video views tarts at €14.99 for 10k views. You can buy a max of 500k views for €299.99.


The next website on the list claims to provide real Facebook views. For just $0.65 you can purchase 1000 Facebook views on this website. The maximum views that are available on this website are 1 million views! You can purchase these many views for $650.

If you want to split the views among multiple posts we suggest you contact customer support regarding this.


The last website on the list is FastFaceLikes. We find the design of this website a little bit quirky and colourful. The company claims to have been providing services for over 9 years having started in 2012.

It has services for multiple social media platforms. If you are looking for Facebook video views then there are multiple packages for it. The plan starts at $2 for 500 views and goes all the way to $56 for 40k views.

Facebook Views Guides

How to get more views on Facebook videos?

Social media marketing has been evolving over the years because social media platforms have been upgrading. To keep up with the changing technology and the changing behaviour of the people marketers have to constantly tweak their strategy to get better results. Nowadays, video posts and ad campaigns are what seems to be the best ways to get more engagement and possibly gain some leads. People are more willing to watch an entertaining and relevant video and even engage with it by commenting and liking it. So, if anyone is looking to grow their presence on social media platforms like Facebook then switching to Facebook video posts can help increase the engagement and get more leads and conversions thus, meeting promotion goals efficiently.

You may have tried different methods to get more engagement on your Facebook video posts. People often try to artificially boost their views by using services to buy Facebook views. The entire list above points to some of the best sites to buy Facebook views. But it is often better to look at other strategies to increase engagement than artificially boosting the stats to improve the aesthetics of the post. In this section, we are going to take a look at some of the ways in which we can increase the views on Facebook video posts.

  • Follow Similar Structure and Format for All Posts

In an era, where hundreds of thousands of companies are fighting for people’s attention it can be quite difficult to stand out. This is because people are bombarded with a plethora of content every time they log into their Facebook account. If you want your audience to remember you then you can’t expect them to always look at the name of the page or profile that posted the video. This is because they will keep scrolling unless something catches their eye.

Even if you make good content people may just scroll past if they don’t recognize it is by your brand. So, try to keep a similar design, structure and format of all the videos that you post on Facebook. This will help people identify you. You can always start your videos with a particular title screen or something which grabs the attention of your audience. They should be easily able to recognize your brand from that.

Today, if you want social media users to remember you then you have to get it done visually. So, the more the structure, format and design of your posts are the same the better is the chance that people will associate your brand with that design. This means that if they like your content then while scrolling if they notice your video based on how it looks then they might want to watch it as they know you post good content.

  • Quality of The Video

In this day and age, nobody likes to watch a low-resolution video even if the content is good. If you want people to respect your brand or business or page then you have to ensure that each of the videos that you post has to be of good resolution. It needs to be very crisp and clear so that people are comfortable viewing it. In general, a safe bet for Facebook is to go with a 720p video in either MOV or MP4 (the two formats supported by Facebook) format. The maximum allowable frame rate is 30 frames per second. So, try to make videos that have that much frame rate.

Otherwise, if videos posts from other companies look better then chances are people are just going to scroll past your video posts and watch the ones posted by the others. So, that was about the resolution of the video. Besides that, the quality of the content should be quite good as well. It should be well lit and the audio (if present) should be very clear. The better the viewing experience that you can provide your audience, the more views your video posts will get.

  • Catchy, Relevant and Entertaining Content

Now, by entertaining, we do not mean that you need to put songs and dance numbers in your posts. What it means here is that it should provide something of value to the viewers. They should either learn something new from your video or enjoy it because it is funny or gets information about something that they might need. So, basically, you have to give them something worth their time. The catchy aspect is to grab the attention of Facebook users so that they want to click on your video. As we mentioned before, people just scroll and scroll until their eye catches something interesting in their feed. So, if your video is catchy from the get-go then you can grab their attention and focus it on your video.

By relevant we mean that all that should be only done while being completely relevant to your brand. You do not want to post a bunch of random content because they are entertaining and catchy. You should post content that works with your brand the best and promotes your products and services. So, if you are able to follow the first two tips and then make the video entertaining and catchy then you will not only get more views but people will start associating such videos with your brand.

  • Research and Target

Alright, the last tip that we will be discussing is researching and targeting. It basically means that you need to research, analyze and understand your niche and target audience. Find out the age group, gender and geography of your follower base. Also, check out what other brands, both in and out of your niche, are successfully using online promotion. See how they are crafting their posts and how people are reacting to them.

This research will give you different stats and data which you can then analyze to get an insight into the demographics of the users who are more likely to follow you and buy your products and services. This can help you tailor your video posts in such a way that your target audience will like to see them. Thus, it can help in getting more views.

  • Use Hashtags Optimally

To get more video views on Facebook you have to gain a wider reach and get more exposure. Hashtags are one of the tools that can help you with this. Hashtags are meant to help other interested people find your post. So, if you are looking to increase your follower base then this is a good way. To be able to use hashtags optimally you have to put some time into researching different hashtags and how well they are performing on Facebook.

Find out which hashtags are working for your competitors or brands similar to yours. If you are just starting with Facebook promotion, then try to narrow down the hashtags to a specific niche. This way even though you won’t be reaching out to a huge crowd people who check these niche hashtags will be more likely to watch your video and even follow or like your page. So, always use hashtags as they can gain you more engagement on your posts and increase your reach and follower base.

This is not an exhaustive list of tips but it can help you get started on working to get more video views on Facebook. We suggest you use a combination of these tips to get a better result.

How to increase engagement on Facebook?

Facebook is one of the OGs of social media platforms. There were many social media platforms that came before Facebook but none was able to become as successful. But once Facebook started showing the world the importance of social media platforms a lot of other options started to come up, a couple of which, for example, Instagram, was bought by Facebook. So, yeah Facebook still is one of the biggest social media platforms. If you are a business owner who wants to promote the products and services of your business on Facebook then it is a good choice.

If you have a good marketing strategy to work with, good content to deliver and good-quality products then you can get a lot of leads from Facebook. Since a lot of businesses and brands are competing on Facebook it can sometimes become difficult to gain consistent engagement. So, a lot of people look at various services to buy Facebook views, likes, comments etc.

But if you want a more organic approach and want to understand how to ensure that your strategy works in the long run then this section can help. In this section, we decided to look at a few tips that can help you to start gaining more engagement on Facebook.

  • Know When To Post

One of the ways that people should use if they are looking to improve engagement on Facebook or any other social media platforms, is to understand at what time to post. Social media platforms are a place where millions of people are active daily. Even though human behaviour at times can be complex studies have found a sort of pattern in how people use social media. There have been many studies done by various websites which show at what times the engagement is high on Facebook and other social media platforms. So, this can give one an idea about when Facebook users are most active and are liking, viewing or commenting on posts.

You can check out these studies by just googling what is the best time to post on Facebook. Now, this is just general info that you should take the help of. The best time to post varies from brand to brand, niche to niche and location to location. You may have to do a lot of posting to find out when you are getting the most engagement. There are various third-party companies that provide tools to help you analyze that if you are having trouble doing it yourself.

  • Hashtag Usage

Hashtags have become quite important when it comes to posting on social media. If you want to gain more followers or get more exposure on social media then using the right hashtags can help. This is because a lot of people regularly check out certain hashtags. So, if your post has them then there’s a chance that people who are interested in those hashtags will find your post. If they enjoy the post then they may like and comment and who knows, may even end up liking your page or following you. So, learn to use hashtags optimally to be able to gain more exposure and increase engagement and audience base.

Use hashtag research tools to find out how certain hashtags are performing on Facebook. You may need to figure out specific keywords which can help you find specific hashtags for your post. There are many tools both free and paid which can help you with this. If you are just starting out or have a relatively less following then using niche-specific hashtags can help. It may not get a lot of eyes on your post but people who follow these specific hashtags will most likely see your post as fewer brands are competing for it. This way you can get more engagement.

  • Focus on Your Fans and Audience

To be able to keep your fans loyal and actively engaging with your posts you have to often focus on creating content that is centred around them. This is because you can’t have fresh ideas about your brand, products or services daily. People will eventually get tired of it. Of course, if you are launching something new or have a new offer then you have to post about it but other than that if you keep talking about yourself people will just start ignoring your posts. This is where you have to start being creative with your content.

Try to be entertaining and relevant. Of course, you can start posting random content that you think will be entertaining but rather post stuff that is related to your brand while at the same time not being about you.

For example, if you own a bakery then instead of posting pics and videos of your products you can post a simple recipe for a specific type or design of cupcakes. You can post tips on how to get a better result when baking. You can post fun facts about cupcakes, cookies, baguettes etc. Just make sure that the content provides something of value to your audience, be it providing them entertainment, information or teaching them something while at the same time being relevant to your brand. This is not to say that once in a while you can’t post random funny videos or memes.

  • Good Quality Videos

People love watching entertaining and high-quality videos on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. So, you have to try and use more video posts if you are not already doing so. Try to make the videos entertaining, catchy (so that it grabs their attention while scrolling) and relevant to your niche or brand. In the previous section, we provided several tips on how to get the most out of your video posts and gain more engagement. Go through it. It will help you get more views and likes.

This guide showed you a few tips on how to start working towards getting more engagement on Facebook. Many people use services to buy Facebook views, likes, shares etc. as they believe it can help with gaining online credibility which they can use to gain more engagement. We suggest you look at other types of services as well and try to grow as organically as possible as it will help in the long run. But if you want to buy Facebook views then you can use our list of best sites to buy Facebook views as a sort of guide.

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