15 Instazood Alternatives for Better and Faster Results

Instazood isn’t the best platform out there for growing your Instagram account; in fact, there are dozens of other tools that are much more effective, reliable, and safe to use. Whether you’re a seasoned influencer looking to expand your reach or an established business with a desire to reach more potential customers, these fifteen Instazood alternatives will drive organic traffic to your Instagram account. 

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1. YoViral

With YoViral, you can have your Instagram likes and views delivered instantly or at a gradual rate, depending on your preferences. If you want your channel to look a bit more “natural” as far as growth goes, you’ll want to opt for the latter.

With a recurring package from YoViral, you’ll be set up each month with a service that keeps on giving. When you post something on Instagram, YoViral will detect it within 30 seconds and send your likes immediately. This automated likes system takes the worry out of Instagramming and makes the entire process more streamlined. You’ll receive real likes (and an equal amount of views) to help expand your reach and your page’s standing on the platform.

It’s always best to work with legitimate services such as YoViral, as sub-quality services that only offer bots and fake accounts can actually put your Instagram at risk of being deleted or flagged. Remember that Instagram has stepped up its security measures, so using a legitimate service is nothing less than a necessity.

2. ViralRace

When it comes to Instagram, nothing increases your legitimacy like real followers. Instagram boosting services often advertise “real followers”, only for their subscribers to find out that the “real” followers they paid for are only bots. This is not only bad for business but is also against Instagram’s updated terms of service. Instagram has made a serious effort to crack down on fake accounts and bots, so you want to be sure that what you’re paying for actual people. 

With ViralRace, you’ll only ever have access to 100% real followers, likes, and high-quality page views. Why settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your Instagram page? ViralRace pushes your content to users who are already predisposed to enjoy your content, so you can be certain those new followers are there to interact with your posts. 

ViralRace is the leading engagement marketplace for both businesses and influencers alike. Building social proof of your brand’s legitimacy helps further your cause in both on and offline interactions with potential customers and followers. Attracting brand deals and reaching the discover page has never been easier. Don’t leave your Instagram account to chance; use ViralRace to legitimize your standing and increase your following organically. 

3. SocialCaptain 

With a quick set-up process and real likes and followers, you can get started with SocialCaptain growing your Instagram account. Your personal Instagram assistant will handle all of the work for you, generating likes, pushing your content to people who will enjoy it, and boost your overall interactions. 

The AI tools offered by SocialCaptain can boost your interactions up to 150% as opposed to manual efforts. 

The way of the future is AI, not manual interactions. With an ever-evolving digital world forcing new techniques for optimal performance, it’s vital that influencers and businesses keep up with the trends. AI marketing and outreach tools can perform at levels never before imagined, and SocialCaptain is one such tool. 

4. Kicksta

One of the most powerful organic growth tools for Instagram is Kicksta. Featured in the likes of Forbes, HuffPost, and Social Media today, this Instagram boosting tool is entirely legitimate and effective; boosting your likes, follows, and page views effortlessly. The agency is trusted by over 10,000 influencers, businesses, and everyday Instagrammers, and for good reason. 

With Kicksta, you’ll never find your account flooded with bots and fake accounts. All of your followers and likes are generated from real people, so you’ll experience plenty of organic growth and legitimate interactions with your followers. There’s nothing better than hearing from a satisfied follower that loves your content!  

With Kicksta’s auto-engagement feature, you’ll always be in contact with followers, even when you’re not logged in. This is a great feature to have if you’re busy outside of Instagram, or simply don’t have the time or the means to respond to and interact with thousands of followers each day. Comments and DMs can pile up quickly, so why not leave them to the automatic system instead?

5. InstaFollow

While Instafollow isn’t a “pay for followers” service, it’s a useful app that can show you exactly what’s going on with your Instagram account. The app is downloadable on both Android and Apple devices, so no matter what platform you’re Instagramming from, you’ll have access to the powerful analytics information that InstaFollow has to offer. 

You’ll be able to see a variety of useful information within the dashboard, including who you’re following, how many followers you have, new followers, people who have unfollowed you recently, and more. This tool is incredibly useful for seeing how changes to your page affect your followers, and when used in conjunction with a boosting tool, you’ll be able to see if what you paid for is actually working. 

6. BigbanGram

For fast promotion and a quick boost to your followers, likes, and views, try Bigbangram. The auto-follow, auto-like, and auto-unfollow bots will help you grow your audience organically over time. Taking the hands-off approach allows you to take a step back from the constant effort required to manage a successful Instagram page. 

With a daily limits tool, you can easily decide how many followers you’d like to generate per day. 40-50 is the usual threshold, but you can expand these to reach more people. You can also use the posting tool to auto-post content when you’re out of town, so you never forget to make new posts. Hashtag searches help you find the best hashtags for your posts so you can maximize your exposure. BigbanGram does it all, starting at only $24/month.  

7. IG Instant

IG Instant is one of the best Instagram tools to boost followers, likes, and interaction on your posts. You’ll be able to take a closer look at who’s following you as well, arranged by age, location, and other factors. You can even narrow it down by the time of day to see when your page receives the most interactions. 

With long-term results, high-quality service, higher rankings than most other tools, privacy, and quick delivery, your Instagram account will grow right before your eyes. The customer service team will keep you updated on any changes and is available during the week to answer questions or inquiries. 

8. ShareSupplier

ShareSupplier offers much more than your typical Instagram service. In fact, they service all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitter, and more. No matter what platform you operate on, ShareSupplier can boost your followers and likes over the course of a month, a few months, or even years; depending on the package you choose. 

Orders are delivered instantly or very quickly, so there are no long wait times for results. The agency was born from a group of friends with a passion for social media marketing and expanding their personal reach, and now these benefits have been extended to influencers and businesses alike. 

The Instagram packages vary in price, but if you’d like to increase your followers, the service starts at just $2. You can increase your followers by up to 10,000 people, or you can opt for the “Add Likes” package, which will add up to 5,000 likes to any page organically. This package starts at just $1.25, and goes up to $42 if you want 5,000 likes. 

9. Firing Table

For $29.95, you can hire Firing Table, which will provide you with your own personal account manager. This Instagram expert will help engage with your current followers to figure out how to best grow your fan base, likes, and page views. You simply focus on creating engaging content and let Firing Table do the rest. 

There are no limits to the amount of growth your account can experience, and Firing Table works around the clock to ensure you’re getting the best possible service for your money. 

10. SARA Agency

Instagram automation is one of the best ways to create a self-growing Instagram account. Trivial tasks are completed by the AI software so you can focus on creating great content instead. SARA provides such software for an affordable price, combined with excellent customer service and a great reputation for quality. 

You’ll have full control over who your posts target, from gender to location to age and more. There are no limits to the number of Instagram accounts you can connect with SARA Agency, and its services start at just $13.99 per week. Automated processes work around the clock, providing you with likes and followers even while you sleep. Give it a try today with a free trial and see how much your Instagram can grow from automation. 

11. Likes Plays

Likes Plays is a straightforward service, providing purchasable followers, likes, views, and plays for just about any social media platform. Whether you’re an Instagrammer looking to boost your followers, a SoundCloud user looking to increase your plays, or a Facebooker looking to increase your video views and brand awareness, Likes Plays has packages to meet your every need. 

Prices are modest and each package comes with 24/7 customer support and is delivered within 1-3 business days. 

12. Instavast

Instavast offers a complete suite of Instagram marketing tools to maximize your page’s potential and followers. Automate your likes and follows, as well as unfollows, DMs, and posting activities within the Instavast interface for easy Instagramming. This tried and true method will take the hassle out of Instagram marketing and give you back the time you should be spending creating engaging content for your followers. 

You can get started in minutes, and your growth will be managed on autopilot for the duration of your services. With powerful analytics tools, you’ll be able to see just how much your account grows during your service period, and which demographics aided the most in your growth. 

13. Combin

Combin is a trusted Instagram growth tool that has been featured on Forbes.com and used by thousands of influencers and businesses across the globe. The service’s simple but effective tools allow you to grow your following organically, increase the number of likes you receive, and more. You can plan posts for automated publishing in the future, and target specific demographics of your choice for targeted growth. 

Combin is both versatile and affordable and can help you maximize your Instagram account quickly and easily. A starter account is free, so you can use Combin’s services without any risk. 

14. Fanbump

For safe and fast growth, you’ll want to use Fanbump. This easy to use Instagram service makes growing your presence simple and affordable. Clients of Fanbump have been featured in such publications as Forbes and Fortune, and the service is one of the most legitimate and reliable on the market today. 

15. Ingramer

Ingramer boasts a more effective Instagram service, offering 2x more effective organic growth than the leading competitors. You’ll have access to account automation, direct messages, scheduled posting, comments, and other Instagram tools to ensure maximum organic growth. 

Ingramer offers three levels of service, from a two-week package to one month and up to three months’ service. The cheapest package is the two-week service, starting at just $37. Organically grow your account with an affordable and legitimate service like Ingramer, and you’ll notice a difference. Don’t waste your time with bots and fake accounts, choose Ingramer for top-notch service and reliability.

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