16 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Views (Real and Instant)

buy tiktok views

Tiktok is perhaps one of the most popular platforms in the world of social media. This site has a lot of tools that can be used by people to create enticing video content that can help people improve the social standing they have on the internet. Ever since it was launched in China as Musical.ly this site has continued to garner fame and has become a fan favorite. Because of the tough competition which can be found on this site, there are a lot of people who like to buy TikTok views. Because of this reason we have decided to be of a little help and create a list of the best sites to buy TikTok views.  There are some people who might claim that it makes no sense to buy social media recognition.

However, as people who have dealt with social media closely, we understand how important it is to gain TikTok views with a little bit of help. There are a number of sites out there that claim to offer the kind of support that we have talked about. In case you are looking for the same then we strongly recommend that you go through our list. Let’s have a look one by one.

List of the Best Sites to Buy TikTok Views


SocialPackages - buy tiktok views

SocialPackages comes among the cheapest websites that we have on this list. Here we will give you a short insight into the kind of plans that they offer. You can get 5000 TikTok views for less than 4 dollars, then 50,000 TikTok views for less than 30 dollars. The highest plan costs you less than 400 dollars and supplies an almost unlimited number of views. It goes without saying that these are some of the best offers available online.

This is a place that has mastered social media marketing. They only keep the people who have had a good experience in online marketing. This means that the expert team working on your account will continuously strive to give you better and better results. Not only can you buy TikTok views on this website but you will also be able to get comments, likes, and a lot of followers.

Therefore, for people who are looking for something of a wholistic approach there could be a no better option. What more- here you can work on your other social media as well. You heard us- this site also lets you work on other platforms such as the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. Therefore, your content has a chance of getting promoted all through the world wide web.

They also have a very neat graphic user interface. This means that once you are using the website you will have no trouble navigating through the kind of services and packages that you might need. At any given time, you will be able to have a great visual experience. Not only this, you will also be able to get to people without having to go through a lot of unnecessary hassle.


ViewsExpert - Buy TikTok Views

Although ViewsExpert comes second on our list it doesn’t have any less experience than the site mentioned above. As a matter of fact, they are just as good, and if you want you can use either of these sites. You will be satisfied with the kind of services they provide, and we can take the guarantee of that. Now, their pricing is also very low- which means that they will easily be able to fit all your budget requirements.

This is one site that has long been involved in both online and offline marketing which means that they try to engage with customers as they would in real-time. This feature gives them an edge over the rest of their rivals. Moreover, they have a variety of bundles and you are not required to buy all the services together. Not only can you buy TikTok views here, but you will also be able to get TikTok comments, likes, and a lot more.

There are plans on the website which are as low as 6-10 dollars. And the next plans can go up to 80 dollars- which is also a very cheap price for the reward you will be getting. They also have a great team for their customer support and they make sure they are available to you 24/7.  Also, they ensure that the system of making transactions is very safe. Because of this, their payment gateways are encrypted.

The views provided to them are active and of the highest quality. Active views mean that they are able to give you the kind of engagement that is needed for regular growth. As you might suspect, this could be very bad for your account. Therefore, this place tries its best to avoid such a situation.


This is one of those websites on our list which has been showing the maximum amount of growth in the past few years. It hasn’t been long since it started. However, it still continues to help people grow their social media in various places including TikTok. If you are looking for a place that can give you users that want to interact with you positively and help your content rank better, then you can rely on this site.

They know how to create all forms of online interaction. They have a special talent for doing this on TikTok. Here you will be able to get tiktok views, comments, likes, and followers. Therefore your content will grow in all the spheres of virtual growth. Moreover, they have such a natural algorithm of working online that almost no one will be able to tell the kind of change on TikTok that you have bought online.

Even on other social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, they continue to offer a range of services. For instance, you will be able to get YouTube streams, subscribers, comments, and a lot more if you have a YouTube channel and you decide to use this site. The team which works behind their online marketing strategies consists of trained individuals who understand all aspects of virtual growth.

Also, this channel will start the marketing soon after you upload content. Thus, as soon as you create something new, more people will be guided to your account on TikTok. These people come with unmatched knowledge and experience, therefore it is hard for other rivals to beat them at their game.


This is another one of those websites which we simply have to mention on our list. This is because they are the most speedy and efficient bunch of people that we have come across. They not only try to make sure that you get strong input from all your users, but they also keep it constant so that your growth doesn’t fall all of a sudden.

Also, they have the means to make your growth on TikTok look absolutely organic. Therefore, no one will be able to suspect any suspicious activity which will save your account from getting flagged. The number of views that they supply to your account is kept very even and distributed so that everything appears completely organic.

Other than this they also give you some amazing customer service. In fact, they are so efficient that it is possible for you to connect with one of their officials as soon as you log into their website. Moreover, if you can’t reach them there they also give you an official mail id where they will be sure to respond to you in no time. Further, their website is open 24/7 and there is little chance that you will come across any hurdle when navigating the portal.

There is a lot of online competition which is going on in the present world. They know that there are other people out there who might be buying TikTok views as well. However, this doesn’t deter them. Instead, they increase their marketing efforts with every passing day so that your engagement increases over a long period of time.


Viralyft is a social media marketing platform that has been working in this field for a long period. Therefore, they understand everything there is to know about things like complicated social media. Therefore, even if the social media platform you are working on is very intense they will be able to get you the exposure that you desire.

They have a special team of workers who cater to TikTok alone. This means that you can let go f all our TikTok worries once you have applied in this site for marketing. There are a range of bundles to choose from, and there are people who will always be ready to respond to you at different times of the day. This is because they have great customer service which only wants the best for you and your publicity.

This site will also try and ask people to subscribe to your channel. Therefore, not only will your content will be uploaded on various platforms, but it will also be persuasive and marketed well. Even you should try to make sure that you create such content which can be easily followed on TikTok. Make sure you can be searched easily and reached easily along with creating relatable content.

People will love watching your channel and subscribing to you for further content. If you want you can also guide them to your other social media profiles. This will increase your exposure further. In fact, Viralyft can help you with the same.


Social Viral is a social media advertising company that has been in use for quite some time. As a consequence, they know everything there is to know about diverse social media networks. As a result, even though the social media site you’re using is extremely active, they’ll be able to get you the attention you want.

They have a dedicated team of employees who just work on TikTok. This means that after you’ve applied for ads on this platform, you should forget about all of our TikTok worries. There are a lot of packs to pick from, and people will still be available to respond to you at various times during the day. This is due to their excellent client service, who just does what is best for you and your family.

This website would also attempt to persuade viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. As a result, the content will not only be shared across many networks, but it will also be compelling and well-marketed. You can also make an attempt to create content that can be followed easily on TikTok. As well as making relatable content, make sure you can be found and reached quickly.

This website would also attempt to persuade visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel. As a result, the content will not only be shared across many channels, but it will also be compelling and effectively promoted. You should also make an effort to develop TikTok-friendly content. Along with making relatable material, make sure you can be found and reached quickly.


Although this site comes a little lower on our list it is still one of the best places online where TikTok views can be bought for little to no cost. They have a great team of specialists who have worked with TikTok for a long time and thus understand the algorithm which comes with such a place.  There are a large number of people who use this platform every day. Therefore, this site makes sure that your content is visible to the right target audience until you can get the kind of online support you want.

Like other sites that we have mentioned on this list, this is another place that caters to other social media sites as well. This includes the likes of Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and even musical platforms like Soundcloud and Spotify. This is great news for people who are trying to be virtual influencers because with the help of this site you will be able to grow all your social media profiles at once.

Moreover, these people are very careful about the kind of work that they do. They want to ensure that your account remains safe and does not get banned by TikTok for unethical activity. Therefore, they take all the necessary precautions while marketing the content of your account.

Another thing that we love about them is that they supply real engagement. This means, that you will not come across fake spam bots which might degrade the quality of your engagement. They have acquired a large customer base till now and we have only heard all good things about them so far.


TokCaptain is perhaps one of the oldest sites that have been working in the field of social media marketing. It is a site that started long back and became an instant success among its users and clients. As a matter of fact, there are a large number of online icons who have made use of their services as well.

Although you might think it is wrong to buy TikTok views, we think that everybody can do with a  little help when it comes to online marketing.  Again, the costs that you have to pay for their various plans are very low. This is a site that wants to remain available to all kinds of people. Therefore they have packages that fit different budget requirements.

This is another one of our very user-friendly websites which allows you to buy TikTok likes, views, comments, and other forms of engagement. They have been built especially for people who have a strong desire to grow their TikTok although they provide other services as well. The packages they give have a one-time fee, and once you are done choosing a plan, there is nothing you will have to do further.

This is one of the safest websites that we came across. They have encrypted payment gateways, and they do not ask for any personal information which might risk your privacy. The packages that they give are highly affordable and will not tax your pocket. Make sure you check them out for yourself.


This site is our favorite one on the list. This is because they have some of the widest range of packages when it comes to online marketing on TikTok. They will make sure that your content reaches a very wide range of people so that you are able to gain virtual fame in no time. Sometimes when you buy one package they also come up with great discount offers.

This platform knows that TikTok followers are very important for you to gain the traction you need for online success. Their aim is to build an online audience for you that will continue to interact with you in numerous ways through comments, likes, and shares.

This place is all about developing your social media in a well-rounded fashion. Therefore, they try to focus on every single aspect of your online growth. This is important because TikTok generally doesn’t favor the people who resort to buying TikTok views. Clearly, this is one of the best sites on our list and we recommend that you try them out today!

Buy Social Media Marketing

Although this site is ranked tenth on our list, it has just as much experience as the previous platform. They are, in truth, equally fine, and you can use one of these places if you choose. We will promise you that you will be happy with the services they offer. Now, their price is still very low, which means they will be able to comfortably accommodate any of your needs.

This is a platform that has long been active in both online and offline marketing, which ensures they aim to interact with customers in real-time. This aspect gives them an advantage over their competitors. Furthermore, they sell a range of packages, and you are not obligated to order any of the facilities at the same time.

On the website, there are proposals for as little as $6-10. The following plans will cost up to $80, which is a very reasonable price considering the reward you can get. They still have a phenomenal customer service team that is open to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They also ensure that the transaction mechanism is extremely safe. As a result, their payment gateways are secured.

They are presented with active and high-quality viewpoints. Active views indicate that they will provide you with the level of commitment required for consistent progress. If your engagement isn’t active, your followers and credibility will start to dwindle. This, as you would expect, might be disastrous for your account. As a result, this location makes every effort to prevent such an occurrence.


This is one of the most accessible websites on our list. We’ll send you a quick overview of the plans they have available. For less than 20 dollars a week, you can get 5000 TikTok views, and for less than $30, you can get ten times more TikTok views. The most expensive package costs less than $400 and allows you access to an almost infinite amount of views.

This is a location that has perfected the art of social media marketing. They just hire people who have prior online marketing experience. This ensures that the specialist team working on your account will aim to provide you with more and better outcomes on a daily basis. You can not only buy TikTok views on this page, but you can also get feedback, shares, and a huge number of TikTok followers.

As a result, there might not be a better choice for those looking for a more systematic solution. What’s more, you should use this room to work on your other social media pages. You understood us correctly: this site also allows you to work on other sites including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. As a result, the content has a chance to be promoted all over the internet.

They have a really nice visual user interface as well. This ensures that after you’ve set up an account on the website, you’ll have no trouble browsing through the various programs and packages available. You would be able to have a wonderful visual experience at any moment. Not just that, but you’ll be able to contact people without going through a lot of needless trouble.


This is one of the websites on our list that has seen the most success over the last three years. It has only been a short time since it began. However, it continues to assist people in expanding their social media presence in a number of places, like TikTok. If you’re looking for a spot where people would continue to connect with you positively and make your content rank higher, then you’ve come to the right place.

They understand how to build a variety of online interactions. On TikTok, they have a special talent for doing this. You will get TikTok thoughts, tweets, shares, and followers right here. As a result, the content will expand in all spheres of virtual expansion. Furthermore, they have such a natural algorithm for operating online that absolutely no one will be able to say what kind of update you’ve made on TikTok.

They continue to provide a variety of offerings on other social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. If you have a YouTube channel and plan to use this platform, you will be able to get YouTube feeds, viewers, feedback, and many more. Their online marketing campaigns are driven by a team of qualified individuals who are familiar with all facets of virtual development.

This channel will also begin promoting as soon as you upload content. As a result, as soon as you make something different, more users will be drawn to your TikTok account. Since these individuals have unrivaled expertise and experience, it is difficult for them to be beaten in their own game.


This is also another one of those places that we absolutely must have on our list. This is due to the fact that they are the most simple and productive group of people we have ever met. They not only try to ensure that you get a lot of feedback from all of your customers, but they also try to keep things consistent so that your development doesn’t stop.

They also have the ability to make your TikTok development seem completely natural. As a result, no one would suspect any suspicious behavior, stopping your account from being flagged. The amount of views they provide to your account is kept very constant and equally spread, making it seem perfectly normal.

Aside from that, they have excellent customer service. In reality, they are so powerful that you can speak with one of their representatives as soon as you enter their website. Furthermore, if you are unable to contact them there, they will provide you with an official email address to which they will promptly reply.

In the modern world, there is a great deal of online rivalry. They are mindful that there are those who might be purchasing TikTok views as well. This, though, does not discourage them. Instead, they increase their outreach activities with each passing day, resulting in a long-term increase in engagement.

Social Fried

While this location is a little lower on our list, it is still one of the best places online to get TikTok views for a low price. They have a fantastic team of specialists who have worked with TikTok for a long time and hence are familiar with the algorithm that goes along with such a venue. This forum is used by a vast number of users on a daily basis.

This, like the other places on this page, is a location that caters to other social networking sites as well. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and even musical sites like Soundcloud and Spotify fall under this category. This is fantastic news for those aspiring to be virtual influencers, as you will be able to grow all of your social media profiles with the aid of this platform.

Furthermore, these individuals are highly selective in their function. They want to make sure your account is secure and that TikTok does not blacklist you for immoral behavior. As a result, they take the appropriate care when selling the account’s content.

Another thing we admire about them is that they have sincere interaction. This ensures you won’t run into any bogus spam bots, which might lower the consistency of your commitment. They’ve amassed a sizable client base to date, and we’ve just learned positive things from them.

TikTok Guru

TikTok Guru is one of the most established websites in the area of social media marketing. It is a platform that has been around for a long time and has quickly gained popularity with its users and customers. In reality, a slew of online celebrities has taken advantage of their services.

While you can believe that buying TikTok views is unethical, we believe that anyone may benefit from a little assistance when it comes to online marketing. Again, the costs involved with their different plans are very low. This is a blog that wishes to remain open to a wide range of users. As a result, they deliver products to fit a range of budgets.

This is another of our user-friendly websites where you can purchase TikTok likes, opinions, feedback, and other ways of interaction. They were designed specifically for people who are passionate about growing their TikTok, but they also provide other services. The deals they do include a one-time charge, and once you’ve decided on a contract, you won’t have to do anything else.

TikTok Love

This is our favorite of the sites on the list. This is due to the fact that they provide one of the most comprehensive products for TikTok online marketing. They will ensure that the content reaches a large number of users, allowing you to achieve virtual popularity quickly. When you buy a single kit, they can give you a substantial discount.

This site recognizes the value of TikTok followers in achieving the momentum you need for online success. Their goal is to grow an online following for you that will continue to engage with you through tweets, views and shares in a variety of ways.

This site is dedicated to helping you create a well-rounded social media strategy. As a result, they strive to concentrate on every part of your online growth. This is significant because TikTok does not necessarily favor those who buy TikTok views. This is obviously one of the best places on our list, and we suggest that you check them out right away!


Tiktok is perhaps one of the most widely used social media sites. This website provides a number of resources that can be used to generate enticing video content that can help people boost their online social status. Since its debut in China as Musical.ly, the platform has grown in popularity and has become a fan favorite.

Because of the fierce competition on this platform, many people are interested in purchasing TikTok views. As a result, we’ve agreed to provide some assistance by compiling a list of the best places to buy TikTok views. Some may contend that buying social media recognition is futile.

There are a host of websites that appear to have the kind of assistance we’ve discussed. If you’re looking for something similar, we highly advise you to browse our list. Make sure you look at each one individually.

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