16 SocialCaptain Alternatives That Are Worth It

If you’re not interested in SocialCaptain’s platform, you’re in luck. There are dozens of alternatives to this popular tool online that can help you boost your Instagram account and attract thousands of likes and followers. 

If you’re looking to become a popular influencer, boost your business’s sales, or just want to increase the reach of your page, these sixteen SocialCaptain alternatives can do just that. Grow your account organically with these great tools, all of which promise real users and no fake accounts or bots. 

Since this is against Instagram’s terms of service, you could be potentially putting your account at risk if you buy fake followers. Use these legitimate tools to grow and protect your account organically. 

1. ViralRace

One of the best SocialCaptain alternatives is ViralRace. Help your account grow organically with only 100% real followers and likes; no fake accounts, bots, or spam accounts are used. This type of organic growth is the best way to increase your account’s reach and improve your credibility as a content creator. 

Your content is delivered to real and active users who are already interested in your type of content, so there’ll be a much better chance that the users will follow your page or like your pictures. It’s always better to take a more targeted approach such as this when you’re trying to grow your page, as these are the folks who will be interested in your brand to begin with. Marketing to the wrong people is just a waste of resources.

This tool is used by influencers and businesses across the Instagram platform looking to attract brand deals or reach the discover page quicker. You can opt to have your likes, followers, and views delivered immediately or gradually, depending on how you want your growth to occur. 

2. YoViral

YoViral is a close second to ViralRace, as it, too, provides 100% real engagement through likes and views. All of the bot services that utilize fake accounts or Instagram bots only serve to endanger and reduce the legitimacy of your account, so be sure to use services like YoViral instead. 

Besides, when you’ve got real people interacting with your content, they’ll be able to suggest your brand to their friends and family, helping spread the word organically. Can a bot do any of that for you? Don’t think so.

Your uploads are detected within one minute of uploading, and your likes and views are sent immediately afterward. You can opt to receive your new followers immediately, or more gradually instead if you want your page to look a bit more organically-grown instead of an overnight sensation.

The service is used by large brands and popular influencers for its reliability and legitimate claims of providing only real followers. The sign-up process is easy and only takes a few minutes, and you’ll be on your way to Instagram success in just a few hours’ time. 

3. Kicksta

Kicksta is a popular SocialCaptain alternative thanks to its powerful organic growth tool for Instagram. With over 10,000 agencies and influencers using the service, features in both Forbes and Huffpost, and real followers to call your own, this tool is an excellent choice for anyone looking to grow their page organically. Kicksta’s users have nothing but good things to say about the service, citing its customer service staff and excellent growth tools. 

Your page will grow organically, instead of using fake accounts or bots to get the job done. Nothing interacts quite like a real person, so skip the bot services and try Kicksta instead for a more realistic experience. 

4. Gramiety

Boasted as “safe and organic growth led by humans,” Gramiety understands the need for real followers instead of computer-generated ones. The value of human interaction can’t be overstated, especially when it comes to post interactions. Your followers can spot a bot account, and these types of follows only serve to reduce your page’s legitimacy. 

Use Gramiety to provide your page with real organic growth quickly. You’ll be paired with actual people who will be interested in your content, so instead of just generating followers, you’ll generate fans. 

5. SimplyGram

One of the most widely used (and reviewed) Instagram services of the year is SimplyGram. This Instagram boosting service promises real growth from actual Instagram users instead of fake accounts or bots. You’ll provide the details that SimplyGram works from, like who your target audience is. This helps provide a more targeted approach and better results. 

SimplyGram will set up Instagram accounts on your behalf, and begin marketing to that target audience and redirecting them to your content. This mother/child method helps attract thousands of new users to your page each week. The potential for growth is truly limitless, and SimplyGram has several packages available to meet every budget. 

6. UpLeap

If you’ve already searched for Instagram boosting tools, you’ve probably heard of UpLeap. This popular tool is trusted by thousands of influencers and businesses alike across the globe. Growing your audience starts with a focused approach; generating interest in the right places instead of across a broad spectrum of users. 

The more focused you are with your audience, the better luck you’ll have getting people to follow your content. You’ll want to appeal to those who are already interested in your type of content, product, or message. You can try UpLeap for free to get a feel for the service before you buy it. 

7. Certified Likes 

With a user base over 250,000 strong, Certified Likes is a great tool for expanding your page reach and organically growing your brand on Instagram. One of the top agencies worldwide, the site never uses fake accounts for its growth tools. You’ll get access to 100% real and reliable followers and likes to grow your account exponentially. 

The team at Certified Likes are social media experts, making them the perfect people to help you setup your account and get the ball rolling. If you’d like to give Certified Likes a try before you commit to any packages, you can try out their $3 test order to get a feel for how they do things. If you aren’t satisfied, you can go on your way; but we’re betting you’ll like the service. A quarter of a million people can’t be wrong! 

8. Auto Likes 

Featured on Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and HuffPost, Auto Likes is another popular boosting tool that promises real interactions. With over 5,000 businesses served in over 40 countries worldwide, the Instagram tool is certainly able to deliver on its promises. The best part is, the tool isn’t only limited to one platform. You can use Auto Likes on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or all three.

With plans to fit any budget, Auto Likes is not only effective, but also affordable. Give it a try today and learn why those 5,000 businesses chose this simple but powerful Instagram tool. 

9. Stormlikes 

If you’re looking to buy real followers and likes, look no further than Stormlikes. This Instagram tool doesn’t take part in ghost accounts, fake or spam accounts, or anything other than 100% genuine Instagram accounts used by real people on a daily or weekly basis. You’ll be able to see the difference when you get your first batch of followers that actually interact with your posts. 

Stormlikes offers genuine customer service as well, unlike so many other Instagram boosting tools. You’ll find the staff friendly, helpful, and focused on helping you organically grow your Instagram page. 

10. The Royal Key 

The Royal Key is a unique tool in that you can choose specific demographics to purchase from for TikTok or Instagram. If you only want female followers, The Royal Key can help. If you’re in the USA and only want followers from your home country, there are USA plans available as well as other countries. 

All you need to do is choose a package, provide your Instagram username, and wait for your delivery. Most deliveries are made within 24 hours, so you’ll be able to see your Instagram grow right before your eyes. You can pick likes, followers, views, or all three for maximum growth.  

11. Instamacro

This Instagram bot provides fast likes and follows for per-day pricing. One day is around $3, and a seven-day package will cost about $18. If you buy in bulk, you’ll get a discount of up to 65%! Instamacro understands that genuine growth doesn’t come overnight, so don’t expect your profile to explode within 24 hours. Building content that’s visually appealing and encourages follows requires care and effort. 

Instamacro will help you build an Instagram account that’s follow-worthy and attractive to your target audience. Your likes and followers will be real people, never bots or fake accounts. Growing your account this way ensures maximum retention and engagement from your new followers, and with real people, you’ll be able to interact in a more natural way than you would with bots or fake accounts. 

12. Boost Social 

While Boost Social doesn’t necessarily allow you to buy followers and likes, it certainly can help you transform the way you approach your social media accounts for better, more organic exponential growth. The company will help you optimize your pages, website, and create the perfect marketing strategy to help grow your brand. 

Growth takes time, but with the right tools and experts at your disposal, you can ensure that the time you spend is being used in the best way possible. 

13. Trusy

The fastest way to scale and monetize your Instagram is with Trusy. This Instagram boosting tool offers effective growth strategies for your page(s) for one of the greatest profit centers and most influential social media platforms on the web. Instagram is home to billions of users each month, making the potential for growth under the right circumstances almost limitless. 

If you’re struggling to grow your account, don’t worry. Growing a successful Instagram account from the ground up on your own is no easy task, and that’s why Trusy offers some of the best tools available to help foster that growth. 

14. FreeInsta

FreeInsta lets you purchase up to 10,000 real Instagram followers with the push of a button. You can also purchase Instagram likes in the same manner, making FreeInsta an all-in-one tool for growing and expanding your Instagram page’s reach. Anyone with an Instagram account, including businesses, everyday people, and influencers can benefit from this tool. 

From likes to followers to automated content and everything in between, FreeInsta offers a platform that’s loaded with digital tools that you can use to make your Instagram account grow quickly. Leave behind the expensive alternatives and opt for a more cost-effective and efficient method. 

15. iDigic

iDigic offers instant delivery on its orders, so you won’t have to sit around for weeks or months to see your money go to work. You can buy likes and followers starting at $2.95, and page views are only $1.95. With such affordable options, you’ll be able to foster incredible growth on your page with a tool that won’t break the bank. 

If you’re not sure still, you can try a free trial today. All you need to sign up is your Instagram username and your personal email address, and you’ll be on your way to generating those highly-coveted followers and likes. 

16. HyloSocial 

For a 100% organic approach to your Instagram growth, choose a tool like Hylo Social. Some of the site’s clients have over one million followers thanks to Hylo, which boasts over 10,000 new followers in just five days. You’ll get story view automation, targeting of your competition’s followers, a money-back guarantee, and geographical and industry targeting. 

With a thirty-day money-back guarantee and secure checkout process, there’s simply no reason to not give this awesome tool a try! You’ll find your followers grow exponentially, and the new followers are actual people who will interact with and share your content to further encourage your page’s growth. Give it a try today, absolutely risk-free.

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