16-Year-Old Umar Cassim Redefines the Term “Financial Success”

You can’t expect a teenager to be the family bread-winner, except in the case of this young guy who is smart enough to grab the right opportunities that allowed him to generate a 6-figure income at just 16 years of age. Umar Cassim started funding a better lifestyle for himself when he was 14, through a sneakerhead type of online business and an increasing social media presence.

 The next stop was to land prestigious clients for Cassim’s online marketing agency, which he nailed. He became even more driven and excited when he realized that he was earning an income while working from home, way more money than an average salary. Thanks to the right winning mindset, he got to the point where he was dreaming of possibilities, significantly earlier than his peers at school.

People need to take that leap of faith when they feel that it’s the right moment to do so, Cassim believes. He couldn’t do that without a carefully selected team of professionals that maintain a strong work ethic and a competitive spirit. Many of them have been hired online, proving that they fit the purpose via preliminary interviews and chats.

Cassim is equally selective with potential partners and collaborations because he carries his own brand, and he wants it to be 100% representative of his philosophy and attitude in life. This originality and straightforward approach has allowed him to land contracts with prestigious brands and famous clients. They all love his tenacity and the fact he always delivers the quality and efficiency he promises.

Cassim has already figured what he will do in the future with all the money earned. Upcoming ventures include the creation of a clothing brand and e-commerce business. Long-term aspirations involve real estate and other forms of investment that will provide him with a passive income and a way to retire a little earlier. He works hard now, and he experiences it to the fullest so that he is to work less later, dedicating more time to his family and the joy of living.

This creative young professional, Cassim, knows that people like different things at different stages in their lives which is a mature, grounded way of thinking. He is also thinking of his legacy, a way to leave a mark and set an example for the next generations. It’s not only about making money after all. The most important thing for him is contributing to massive changes across the world, modernizing processes, shifting mentalities, offering a new paradigm of how people should earn their living.

Success stories are not textbooks to study. They are just narratives inspiring people to stay motivated. Cassim has recreated some of the steps that the masters have followed, incorporating personal touches to this intricate puzzle of global achievements. Cassim is giving hope to people across the world, showing them that they can make it on their terms. Stay tuned with his accomplishments via his Instagram.

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