17 Best Hashtag Tracker Platforms

Best Hashtag Tracker Platforms Influencive

Sometimes, you just need to be able to track your hashtags.

You need to go a step further than what you’ve done before, and track how your hashtags have done in the past so that you can decide whether they are worth using on your social media content or not. The thing about hashtags is that they are always changing.

What we mean by this is that those hashtags that worked really well for your audience a couple of weeks ago might not be working so well now, and this is because their algorithms and data fluctuate, allowing for dips in their success rates.

When you’ve got hashtags on your content that aren’t doing really well, then there’s a really good chance that your content isn’t getting seen by the right people, and you need to switch things up when it comes to your hashtag strategy.

However, if you aren’t using a hashtag tracker to look into this, you have no way of knowing which hashtags are performing well, and which you need to switch out.

On this note, let’s take a look at the best hashtag tracker platforms out there right now so that you can adapt your hashtag strategy for success.

Best Hashtag Trackers

  1. Task Ant

Task Ant

Task Ant is arguably one of the most successful hashtag tracker platforms out there because they spend a lot of time on the hashtags that they recommend to their clients.

They have a huge amount of data and analytics backing their tags up, which makes them one of the best in the industry. There are plenty of hashtag tools out there that simply recommend hashtags that relate to your keyword and leave it at this.

However, with Task Ant, you get live updates on which hashtags are working within your niche and which aren’t so that you can make well-informed decisions about which tags are suited for your feed right now.

They say that you can cancel their subscription at any time, and they make it super easy to get set up with them. What’s more, they organize your tags into sets, which you and switch out whenever you need to.

This way, you can always change the hashtags that you use, and you don’t have to worry about using the same ones every time. If you want attention to detail, this is it.

  1. Kicksta


Kicksta is another hashtag tracker platform that goes above and beyond for its clients. You might not think so when you first look them up, because their website is nothing to write home about. However, as soon as you realize the effort that they really put into their tags, you will realize what an asset they can be for your social media growth.

They are another tracker on this list that take note of which tags are working well right now within your niche, and which aren’t so that you can decide the best way to grow your content based on your hashtag strategy.

We love that they promise that they constantly update the stats around their tags, and make sure that their clients are getting the latest information. If you want to keep up with what’s going on in your industry, then you need to try out a hashtag tracker like Kicksta.

  1. Ingramer


Ingramer is another hashtag tracker platform that has put a lot of time and effort not only into its hashtag features, but into the rest of its features as well. In fact, we don’t think that we’ve come across another company that has a feature list as long as this, which is pretty impressive.

So, of course, you can get help tracking your hashtags and making sure that the data they provide lines up with your social media growth goals, but you can also get help with other things through this platform.

They say that they have separated their features into three main categories – their audience category, their clients category, and their content category. This means that you can focus on hashtags first, and once you’ve sorted out this part of your social media growth, you can move onto clients and audience.

We think that this is a well-rounded company that you should check out.

  1. Keyhole


How badly do you want to know how well your rivals are doing with their hashtag strategy for social media? If you’ve always wanted to know this type of information, then the next hashtag tracker platform on our list is going to be your dream come true.

This company says that they can help their clients with all types of different social media account analytics, so if you want to start a trend in the social media industry, they can help you start trending. They say that you can use their account tracking data to measure how your profile is doing against others and tweak your hashtag strategy accordingly.

The best part is that they can provide their clients with social media analytics for Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and they have a free trial too so that you can get to know them before you commit to anything.

You don’t even have to give them your credit card details. Their analysis is competitive, so it’s going to be hard to beat.

  1. YouScan.io


YouScan.io is a hashtag performance tracker that claims their social media intelligence is powered by image recognition. This means that you can closely analyze what your clients are saying on social media, and what tags they are sharing that you use, so that you can understand how they work better, and adjust your brand accordingly.

They say that they help their clients every day manage their brand reputation, as well as conduct rapid market research and understand how your brand is perceived among existing clients.

This is one of the most effective ways to stay on top of what’s working and what’s not in terms of your hashtags, so that you can switch out the old ones with the new and keep up with the most effective tags in your industry.

If you want constant performance tracking to stay relevant, then this is an ideal option.

  1. Hashtagify


Hashtagify is a simple, yet effective solution to your hashtag tracker platform needs. These guys can help you find and monitor the performance of top tags on Twitter and Instagram, so that you can be using the best tags for your growth, and you don’t have to worry about falling behind your rivals.

We love that they say they can help their clients boost their hashtag success, which means that they know full well how important this is to the rest of your social media growth.

Not only can they help you measure all of your favorite tags, but they can help you track what they’re doing, and search for new ones when you are ready to swap them out.

They can help you find the right hashtags and explore correlations, trends, and popularity. They can also use your hashtag strategy to drive up engagement so that your platforms do really well across the board.

  1. RiteTag


RiteTag is another hashtag tracker platform that can help you find all the best hashtags to use for your social media profiles, and they are a great option if you are in the beginning stages of your social media growth, and you have no idea which hashtags to use.

They can help you get instant hashtag suggestions for texts and images on your smartphone or desktop, and the best part is that they will base their suggestions on real-time hashtag engagement.

This means that they are constantly updating their data and analytics and providing you with live updates on which tags are doing really well, in which you need to pass on.

One of the things that we really appreciate about this tracker platform is that they have separated their features into different categories, which means that they can help you with hashtag suggestions for texts, and hashtag suggestions for images.

They will even integrate your tags, so that you can use them on other platforms, without having to switch them out too often.

  1. Socialert


Socialert is one of the most reliable hashtag tracker platforms in the market right now, and they say that their hashtag generator is a hassle-free way to track your hashtags and analyze your social accounts and keywords.

In fact, they have provided a few search options that you can go between, depending on what you are hoping to get out of using them. For example, if you want to enter a hashtag, you can click on the option that says ‘hashtag’.

However, if you want to look up a keyword, you choose this option, if you want to look at that account, you choose ‘account’, and so on.

This gives you a number of different ways to work out the best content and hashtag strategies for your social platforms, and the best part is that you can do it all under one roof. They can help you across the board, so they can help you with your Twitter analytics, Facebook analytics, Instagram analytics, and historical reports.

From keywords and mentions to accounts, their data-driven hashtag research is all that you will need to do really well with your networks, so check them out today, and request a free trial.

  1. Twubs


Twubs might be lacking a little bit in the name department, but what they lack in creativity here, they certainly make up for in their features. They say that can help you follow the right hashtags and discover conversations that you need to be a part of based on your audience and your niche.

One of the things that we like about this hashtag tracker platform is that they come in the form of an app as well, so that you can take them on-the-go and grow your social media platforms wherever you are.

You can download them from the Google Play store, or the App Store, and as far as we can tell, they’ve got additional information on their website, where they discuss why hashtags are important, and how you can grow your social media profiles.

  1. Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder, as you might have been able to guess already, is a hashtag tracker platform that can help you over on Twitter. They say that they are the most complete hashtag tracking tool for Twitter, and they can help you create a hashtag tracker for your events and campaigns.

All you need to do is enter your keywords, mentions, and hashtags into their search bar, and they will create a free Twitter report for you, so that you can work out the best hashtag strategy for your Twitter profile.

They say that they can help their clients with a free report of up to 500 tweets from the last week. In fact, they have a number of different reports that they can help you with, including a 30-day report, a historical report, a real-time report, and a Twitter profile report.

They have a lot of reviews on their website, and they claim to have worked with a lot of well-known companies in the industry.

  1. Hashtracking


Hashtracking claims to be one of those hashtag tracker platforms that can not only help you track the most popular hashtags in your industry but can help you stream and explore so that you can learn so much more about how to grow your social media platforms with hashtags.

One of the things that we like about this tracker platform is that they promise intelligent and simple analytics for your social media campaigns and events.

If you want to get exploring all you need to do is enter a hashtag in their search tool, and they say that their explore reports includes up to 1500 tweets or 200 posts that have popped up within the last month.

Of course, this means they can mainly help with Instagram and Twitter, and they promise that their features are powerful enough to help you sustain your social media growth for a long time to come.

  1. All Hashtag

All Hashtag

All Hashtag is a hashtag tracker platform that can help you find all of the top hashtags for the most popular social media sites out there. Like some of the other tracker platforms on this list, they have divided their search engine into different categories, based on what you might need.

These categories include top, live, and random. You will select the one that is most relevant to your searches before you enter a keyword to look up.

They say they can help their clients generate fast and easy results, and they are constantly updating their hashtag analytics so that you can feel confident that they are providing you with the best data in the industry.

They say that as well as being able to help their clients with their hashtag generator and hashtag analytics, they can help you create hashtags that are ideal for your content and show you the top hashtags that are performing really well in your industry right now.

  1. Tagboard


Tagboard is a dedicated and committed hashtag tracker platform that can make your social media story social, real-time, and interactive. They say that they are a simple production platform for complex live programming, which of course means that they can help you with so much more than just your hashtags.

They can help you design the right graphics for your social media content, and even help you curate real-time content so that you can impress your audience, and convince them to keep following you.

They say that with their features, you can increase engagement and interaction, and find all the right hashtags for your social media profiles so that they can perform on a high level, and sustain this performance for a long time.

  1. Follow the Hashtag

Follow the Hashtag

Follow the Hashtag is one of the more simplistic options when it comes to being a hashtag tracker platform, but we believe that this works in its favor. They say they provide their clients with all the data they need without any limits and offer them a variety of different products and platforms to suit their needs.

One of the things that we really like is that they help you find hashtags according to your location, and they also help you track keywords, so that you can make sure you are using the right tags for your social media performance.

This is one of those tracker platforms that might seem a little bit complicated, because of all the features that they’ve got, but once you’ve learned how to use them to your advantage, it couldn’t be simpler.

  1. Klear


Klear is so much more than just your average hashtag tracker platform. They say that they are the new standard in influencer marketing, and they can help you find the best influencers to network with based on the hashtags that you associate with your content.

They say that they have influencer marketing software that can help you manage, connect, measure, analyze, and find the best hashtags for your content. This is going to bridge the gap between your content and the right influencers for that content, so that you can easily identify influencers by location and category.

They also say that they provide their clients with advanced filters, which allow you to dive into niche topics, audience demographics, and influencer tier. This all works towards building up a solid social media marketing strategy that you can use for years to come.

  1. Flick.tech


Flick.tech is one of those super simple hashtag tracker platforms that can help you manage, analyze, and find the best hashtags for your Instagram content with just a couple of clicks.

They say that they ultimately want to help their clients grow their Instagram profiles, build up their business pages, and develop influence on Instagram by reaching new audiences. We love that they offer new clients a free trial for seven days, and they say that the setup process is super easy, and the best part is that you can cancel it at any time.

They believe that their tool is an all-in-one resource for hashtag research, so that you can get the latest updates on the tags that you are currently using and learn about ones that you might want to use instead. They also claim to be trusted by more than 10,000 brands, creators, and marketers.

  1. Tailwind


Tailwind say that they are the number one trusted source for hashtags on both Pinterest and Instagram, and we think that based on what their existing clients have to say, they’re not wrong.

Of course, because they work with such visual platforms, they can also help you schedule upcoming posts for a later date too, so that you can spend more time on your content and less time on the technical side of things.

They don’t want you to have to guess which hashtags are doing well on Instagram, they want you to have access to this information straight away.

This is why they offer one-click hashtag suggestions, which is not only going to be extremely convenient, but is going to set your Instagram content apart from the rest, automatically giving you an advantage.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – what we think are the best hashtag tracker platforms out there right now to help you with your hashtag strategy overall.

We know that it’s pretty hard to come up with a reliable list of hashtags for your niche and industry by yourself, which is why we’ve got companies that are prepared to do the hard work for you.

These guys know that you want real results, and you want tags that are actually going to work, and we believe that based on their reputations, they are capable of providing this for you.

Make sure to check out any free trials that are available above, and good luck with your social media growth in the future.

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