17 Minutes With 17-Year-Old Casey Adams

I had the privilege of interviewing 17-year-old Entrepreneurial superstar Casey Adams.

Before the call, I was very skeptical. I couldn’t even begin to imagine how this was going to unfold. After all, how many 17-year-olds can provide value right?

When Casey and I started digging deep into his backstory, the thought of him being a teenager had completely left my mind. We spoke about when life throws you a curve ball you don’t stare at the ground and wait for the next pitch… You go for it no matter what.

Casey was diagnosed with a terrible disease that almost left him paralyzed. He was bedridden and everything he had loved was taken from him. For almost any teenager, this would be tragic.

For Casey?

It was the beginning of his new journey.

Casey began customizing T-Shirts online and selling them to his friends on social media. He realized that he needed to grow his social media presence in order to make a profit, and he needed to do that through building his brand.

That’s when Rise of the Young was born.

Rise of the Young is a brand that truly believes anyone, no matter their age or background, can build the life that they want to live.

As the brand began to grow larger and larger, some big names started knocking on Casey’s door.

One of those names I know for a fact you’ll know… Tai Lopez.

I’m sure that you’ve seen the videos showing off his beautiful Beverly Hills mansion or one of his many exotic cars in his garage.

When Tai reached out and offered to bring Casey out to his mansion to mentor him, it was just another chapter in his life.

After a few months, Casey knew that his next project was going to be putting his life story into a book and include in it the stories of other majorly successful entrepreneurs and millionaires.

He began networking at a level that most of us couldn’t even begin to imagine.

When Casey asked me to write an article for his newly-published book, I accepted instantly. I knew that the amount of pure value inside his book is absolutely amazing. The even cooler thing is that he was able to release his book at Tai’s Mansion in Beverly Hills.

If you want to learn how to build a powerful brand and catch the interest of millionaires and entrepreneurs who want to work with you and help you grow your brand, then you need to snag a copy of Casey’s book.

Click here to get it.

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