17-Year-Old Becomes Millionaire by Helping Small Businesses

Elliot Padfield, President of Precision Solutions, a full-service marketing concierge service for high-end brands and real estate agents, offering small businesses access to the same consulting and strategy services as major international corporations. Having already built a series of successful businesses, he dropped out Junior year of high school to build Precision Solutions. He realized all marketing companies claimed their ‘technique’ was the best way to increase sales, yet none took a holistic approach to marketing that builds brands, not just numbers.

Padfield started his first business in his early teens and by high school had already made over one million dollars. Since, he has been hired by top companies like EY to give presentations and speeches all over the world about his success. Padfield states, “Overwhelmed by companies providing slightly different services, business owners need a marketing expert who can understand their business and craft a bespoke strategy without stress. We’ve implemented everything from the basics like online advertising, all the way up to TV commercials and event sponsorships.”

Precision Solutions offers its clients constant and unlimited access to their dedicated relationship manager, allowing them to discuss future ideas, make changes, and receive information at no additional cost.

On the secret behind his own career, Padfield says, “By finding ways to absorb vast quantities of information in many different fields, I can immerse myself in any meeting, conference, or room and not only gain value but provide value, too. Our current education system is better defined as schooling. It is designed to teach large cohorts standardized information. That is a great fit for those looking for a traditional path through life. It does not allow those looking to pursue alternative routes the creative or freedom to learn the skills they need. Modern schooling stunts innovation and thought leadership.








More about Precision Solutions

After 30 years as a direct mail marketing company, entrepreneur Elliot Padfield identified a unique approach to client-first marketing. Precision Solutions provides corporate level marketing strategy to small businesses, giving them a marketing partner that understands their business, thereby creating a more transparent and genuine industry.

More about Elliot Padfield, Teen Entrepreneur, Consultant, and Keynote Speaker

Elliot Padfield is a 17-year-old entrepreneur and keynote speaker. Founder of The Invictus Group, he is one of the world’s only teenage self-made millionaires. In his early teens, Padfield started his first business, eventually leading him to leave school and move from the UK to South Florida to continue with his career. Once of the world’s only teenage self-made millionaires, he has been hired by many top companies to consult and give talks. Elliot is passionate about educational reform and continually works to further the cause.

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