18 Upleap Alternatives for Amazing Instagram Growth

If you’re looking to grow your Instagram account, there are dozens of tools available out there. Some help by automating mundane tasks like posting and following accounts and others provide a more in-depth approach to your growth so you can be certain you’re getting the best organic audience possible. 

From likes to followers to story views, these eighteen Upleap alternatives will help grow your account, expand your reach, and maximize your page’s potential. 

1. YoViral

YoViral also provides your page with 100% real likes and story views. YoViral offers recurring packages that provide real likes within thirty seconds of uploading a post. Tired of your posts feeling like they fall on deaf ears? Choose YoViral, and it will rapidly increase your presence and improve your page’s standing on the popular social media platform. 

The tool is used by some of the hottest influencers in the business to maximize page exposure and attract engagement from the most real users possible. Why settle for fake, bot-driven methods that can put yours at risk when you can grow your presence organically with YoViral? 

YoViral has a two-click process that takes only seconds to order. You plug in your Instagram username, select your plan (how many likes per post you want), and your order will be delivered either instantly or over time. Take your page to the next level with this excellent and reliable tool.

2. ViralRace

When it comes to Instagram growth, nothing looks or feels better than 100% real organic growth from real people. Getting real people to like your page and interact with your page is always the better choice, as fake accounts can get your personal account flagged or even removed permanently. Avoiding this is crucial, so you’ll want to choose a service that offers premium growth without all of the artificial bits. 

ViralRace is your go-to tool for 100% organic growth and reach, where you’ll be able to purchase real followers, likes, and high-quality page views. The tool pushes your content to users who are already engaged with brands and products similar to yours, making interactions natural and much more satisfying. 

ViralRace is the leading engagement marketplace for businesses and influencers alike. If you’re looking to boost your reach, attract brand deals, and reach the discover page quicker, ViralRace is the tool you need. 

3. IG Hoot

IG Hoot offers free likes, followers, and downloads for Instagram from their website. Creating an account is 100% free and will provide you with automated services to help boost your page’s presence on Instagram. Whether you’re looking for automatic likes, more followers, or automatic comments, IG Hoot has everything you need to improve your page. 

IG Hoot is safe and secure, and you don’t have to login in with your Instagram to use the tool, unlike many other Instagram services. The site also offers premium plans for those looking to take their Instagram account even further. Unlike other platforms, this an Instagram-only tool. 

4. Combin

Finding followers who are genuinely interested in your content is easy with Combin. Don’t leave your Instagram account to the mercy of fake accounts and bots that can jeopardize your presence on the site. Combin will help you analyze your account and your content to reach the right people. You can also plan and schedule content with Combin, so you can take a more hands-off approach to posts. 

Track activity and growth to ensure that your efforts are creating results, and stay in touch with your community with an automated interaction tool. Over 60,000 Instagram users trust Combin for their social media needs. 

5. Linktree

Optimizing your presence on social media is the best way to organically grow your audience and expand the reach of your page. You get a single link to all of your content that you want to drive your followers to, and you can post that link anywhere. Optimize all of your social media platforms to drive traffic to your Instagram account. Whether you’re selling great products or simply want to become a more influential user, Linktree can help. 

You can sign up for Linktree for free, and the basic package doesn’t cost anything. If you want a more premium experience, it’s only $6 per month. 

6. Kicksta

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool for creating a memorable online presence, and Kicksta provides users with powerful AI to grow their Instagram account organically. No spam, no fake followers, not bots, just 100% real followers and organic growth. Kicksta is a favorite among thousands of Instagram users and starts at just $49 per month for a standard plan. 

Whether you’re an eCommerce brand or an influencer, Kicksta is the tool for you. Take your Instagram account to new heights with organic growth and real followers. Don’t waste money on bots and fake accounts when you can gain access to real people.

7. Mr. Insta

If you join Mr. Insta today, you can get 10% off of your next order. Mr. Insta is a popular tool for Instagram users, offering likes and followers for free when you sign up. With over one million users already served, over forty-seven million followers delivered, and over ninety-two million likes provided, Mr. Insta is the tool for growing your Instagram organically. 

The sign-up process is easy; you login, activate your chosen plan, follow the provided instructions, and enjoy your likes and followers. It’s that simple! No more hassles, uncertainty, or scams with Instagram boosters. Mr. Insta is legitimate and safe to use with any Instagram account. 

8. Gramista

Gramista is an Instagram account management tool. The tool will help automate your interactions to increase your activity and boost your page’s presence on the platform. Your personal data is safe and secure with Gramista, and will never be shared with any third parties. You won’t need to worry about setting up your account a certain way or learning complicated techniques; Gramista will manage your account for you! 

The more automated your interactions are, the easier it is to stay on top of your Instagram account. If you interact with thousands of people per day, it can be incredibly difficult to keep up with it all. Choose Gramista to leave your Instagram account in good hands. 

9. SocialCaptain

This Instagram bot promises more Instagram followers automatically, so you can watch your account grow instantly instead of over months or years. The followers, likes, and story views are all 100% real from actual Instagram users, so you won’t have to worry about any fake accounts jeopardizing your Instagram account. SocialCaptain does require you to sign in with your Instagram account, so if you don’t want to share your login details, you may want to choose a different, less intrusive tool. 

With real-time results and analytics to ensure effectiveness, this Instagram tool is both effective and affordable; around $15/week for a weekly account. You can also subscribe monthly or annually for a discount. 

10. InstaBooster

With Instagram follow, like, and view bot tools, Instabooster will help you grow your account and catapult your profile into the spotlight. An Auto-Dm bot will help keep your account engaged with followers and follow up on possible leads to further grow your account.

You can set locations and hashtags on your posts to target your preferred audience to ensure maximum efficiency per post. With so many imposters around, you’ll want a tool that offers real results and real people to follow your account. You’ll find both with Instabooster, and for just $6 for your first month, you can start the growth process today.

11. Trusy

Trusy Social is your go-to for Instagram and social media growth. The fastest way to scale and monetize your social media presence is through Trusy, with three separate plans available depending on how much you want to scale your efforts and how many people you wish to reach. 

Trusy’s customers seem to be happy with the results they’ve gotten from the site, and with follow, like, and view tools, you can grow your page in the best way for you. You’ll receive a dedicated account manager with each package and unlimited customer support, so any issues you might run into are addressed quickly. 

12. Ampfluence

This 100% human-powered Instagram and social media service doesn’t use any bots or gimmicks to get results. You’ll receive a consultation from a social media expert who will narrow down exactly what needs to be done to scale your Instagram account, as well as figure out the best ways to interact with your target audience. 

When you work together with your manager, you’ll experience real growth on your Instagram account. You’ll be among the few major influencers who can say they never used any kind of bot or automated service in order to grow their account.

13. Gramiety

This hands-off solution for 100% organic growth is a risk-free easy alternative to UpLeap, and can deliver results in just one week. You won’t need to worry about fake followers, as any accounts that Gramiety sends your way are 100% real Instagram users who will actually engage with your content. 

Sign-up is easy and convenient, taking only a few seconds. Once you sign up, Gramiety will take the time to analyze your account for you, after which a growth expert will create a customized growth plan for you. There’s simply nothing better than a real person to work with! Try Gramiety today and get the human interaction you’re looking for for your Instagram page. 

14. SimplyGram

SimplyGram offers a free trial so you can try out the tool before you decide to purchase a service package. SimplyGram has been featured in many online articles and is a popular choice among those Instagram users looking for organic growth and real followers. 

You’ll provide SimplyGram with details about your audience, and from there, they’ll set up Instagram accounts on your behalf that will message users and suggest your main page to them. Your Instagram password is never required, so your personal login information remains safe and secure in your possession. 

15. FreeInsta

FreeInsta offers free followers, likes, and views for your Instagram account. You can use credits on the site to send likes and followers to your page with the click of a button. You can even add comments on posts and live streams. 

Keep your Instagram account active without the hassle of manually performing every task. FreeInsta will help you manage your account and make the most of your efforts. 

16. Famoid

Famoid is the only tool you’ll ever need for all of your social media management and marketing needs. It works with Instagram, Facebook, and more; bringing you some of the best tools available. Your services will be delivered instantly, so there’s no waiting for weeks or months to see your results. 

With millions upon millions of likes, users, and views delivered to date, the site is a completely legitimate way to boost your social media presence and increase the growth and visibility of all of your pages. 

17. iDigic

If you’re looking to buy Instagram likes, followers, or views, choose iDigic for its simple and effective Instagram boosting services. Since 2011, the company has been providing Instagram users from all over the world with real followers, high-quality views, and plenty of likes on their posts. 

With likes and follows starting at just $2.95, it’s also one of the most affordable platforms available on the web. You can purchase views for the low price of $1.95 as well.

18. Instaboom

Instaboom promises to increase your followers by 2-4,000 per month. What could you achieve with that many new followers each month? If you’ve got a busy life and can’t manage your Instagram account each day, automation tools from Instaboom will help your account stay active and in-touch without requiring you to spend 4-5 hours per day on the app. 

You’ll get a dedicated account manager that will help you manage your account and encourage growth. This tool is simple, affordable, and effective – great for any Instagram user looking for organic growth.

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