19-Year-Old Karim Pina’s Battle With a Rare Illness Inspires 100k Twitter Followers

When Karim Pina first got his start on Twitter back in 2010, he definitely was not thinking about follower counts. He just wanted to stay connected with his friends, as well as have some fun. Getting on Twitter in the first place was spurred by the fact that he was not living a normal life given the rare illnesses he suffered from. As a silver lining to this, he amassed over 100,000 Twitter followers.

Now that Karim has crossed the highly-coveted 100K threshold, he is looking towards breaking through the 1 million follower barrier. Although he was not paying attention to follower counts when he was first on Twitter, he has got his eye on the prize now.

Karim has been suffering from a couple of very rare illnesses since he was 10. This led him to be in and out of hospitals for his entire childhood. That was pretty rough on him. Now that he is 19, he looks back at all of the hardships he had and realizes that thanks to them, he was able to achieve the high level of success he now enjoys on social media.

Karim’s story of persevering against all odds demonstrates that you do not need some special growth hacking strategy to make it to the 100K club. What you need is time (which Karim has plenty of), dedication, and a comedic vein going through you. Karim has been having fun with Twitter for almost a decade, and can now truthfully say he is in an elite club of others who have blown past the 100K mark.

Having seniority on Twitter has definitely been beneficial for him to reach 100K followers. You may know that Twitter engagement rates are very low. This means that very few of the people following you will be able to see your posts and engage with them in some way. Thanks to being on Twitter since 2010, he has been able to get an early-mover advantage over others who came late to the Twitter party.

Since he has been so successful on Twitter, Karim is considering teaching others how to unlock such massive success on the platform as well. There are a few tips and tricks he has that can greatly help others increase their Twitter follower counts and unlock the same level of success that he now enjoys.

By leveraging the power of his prudent and masterful social media skills, Karim has been able to become a teen social media influencer on Twitter. The road to one million followers may prove to be challenging, but Karim is always up for one of those. After all, he has battled multiple ultra-rare illnesses and survived to tell the tale. Be sure to keep your eye out for Karim Pina and see if he ends up breaking through that coveted 1 million follower barrier.

You can follow Karim on his Twitter page @voecs.

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