1st of the 21st Century’s ‘Bi-Decadal Impact Gazette©’ Has Named “Top of the Top 10” Personages of the Decade

A selfless act is always inspiring. We have witnessed the greatness and kindness of many people in our past but are we aware of the kind souls living around us. To celebrate the efforts of some great souls who have dedicated their lives for the betterment of others in the last two decades, the 1st Bi-Decadal Impact Gazette© of the 21st Century announced Most Impactful Persons of the Decade.

The Decade’s Decisive ‘Top of the Top Ten’ people are Bilquis Edhi, Yanghee Lee, and Stephen Soldz.

Top 10 ‘Personages of the Decade’ are announced officially by the 1st Bi-Decadal Impact Gazette© of the 21st Century.

Bilquis Edhi is a Pakistani philanthropist and a nurse. She is fondly known as ‘the mother of Pakistan’. Her charity runs many services for the welfare of people in Pakistan. She has been awarded Ramon Magsaysay Award for Public Service and Mother Teresa Memorial International Award for Social Justice.

Stephen Soldz, an ethicist, moralist, psychoanalyst, clinical psychologist, professor, and anti-war crimes activist is also the director of the Social Justice and Human Rights program at the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis.

Prof. Yanghee Lee is an unsurpassed human rights rapporteur of the UN. She is a South Korean developmental psychologist and popular for her role for Rohingyas in Myanmar and other contributions to international human rights organizations.

The other ‘Top 10’ the flag-bearers of righteousness whose achievements and efforts have brought a change in the world and the domino effect architects of the ‘Top-10’ of ‘Impact Hierarchy’ of the decade are:

● Dr. Fritjof Capra—Erudite, Theorist, Polymath, Scientist, Thinker (US)

● Dr. Muang Zarni— Human Rights Activist (Myanmar)
● Graca Machel—An Advocate of Women & Children Rights (Mozambique)
● Greta Thunberg— The Youngest Climate Activist (Sweden)
● Jacinda Ardern—40th Prime Minister of New Zealand (New Zealand)
● Kofi Annan— Former UN Sec. Gen (Ghana)
● Maggie Doyne—Founder of The BlinkNow Foundation (Nepal)
● Prof. Aurangzeb Hafi—Erudite, Phenomenologist, Polymath, Discoverer (Pakistan)
● Pushpa Basnet— Social Worker (Nepal)
● Tarana Burke—Hashtag(USA)

The 20 finalists for the slots of the Person of the Decade and runners-up were selected from 1.6 million contenders from all over the world. The other 10 finalists were:

● Ban Ki Moon—Former UN Sec. Gen (South Korea)

● Dr. Francois Englert— Scientist, Discoverer (Belgium)
● Dr. Neil Turok — Physicist, Theorist (South Africa)
● Dr. Peter Higgs— Scientist, Discoverer (United Kingdom)
● Engin Altan Duzyatan— Television Actor, World Celebrity (Turkey)
● Jon Kobat-Zinn—Mindfulness & Neuro-Sciences Theory (USA)
● Nitesh Jangir — Student, Inventor (India)
● Rayvon Stewart— Student, Inventor (Jamaica)
● Steve Brachman— Journalist (US)
● Takaaki Kajita & Arthur B. McDonald—Neutrino Oscillation (Japan & Canada)

In the category of literary works the top heirarchycomprises:

● A Hard Look into the Genesis of Myanmar’s Genocide
● Behr-e-Sarab Dar Chashm-e-Aab
● Impact of War on Children
● IRT Model for Child Disability Prevention against Embryonic Iatrogenesis
● Magneto-Hydro-Tropism [MHT]

The profiles of the legendary finalists would soon be chronicled at www.toptwenty2020.global  with the ethos-emblem “let’s worth the impact-worthy “. The details of the verdict are scheduled to be aired in the next 10-15 days.

A global audience perspective-based online opinion poll was carried out in assorted institutions and disciplines to vote for the “Person of the Decade”, based upon the impact value the person holds. The process was unbiased and fair and every candidate was considered equal irrespective of their religion, race, or nationality. The polling aimed to provide pure and ethnic results.

The finalists were presented to the global audience to pick out the person of their choice by voting on www.impacthallmarks.org  in different sections and categories, which were based upon 20 themes and their corresponding impact values that were categorized by the “Bi-Decadal Impacts Gazette©” and the ‘Impact Hallmarks© [IH]’ that are chronicling the categorical enlistees of 1st of the 21st Century Gazette in London, UK.

The web-based screening was carried out with the emblem-ethos of IH©. The shortlisting process emphasizes certain personalities, objects, contributions, happenings, resolutions, movements, and events.Afterward, the outcomes were thoroughly presented before a global audience and every selected finalist got the chance to describe their own story and achievements.

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