20 Best Instagram Growth Services and Platforms of 2021

Instagram is among the most popular social media networks and hence, also the most competitive one for businesses or branding. But despite the competition, any successful social media marketing strategy simply cannot ignore playing its cards on the platform. As per statistics, Instagram beats Facebook and Twitter when it comes to brand engagement and receptivity to branded content. Therefore, it is but inimical to establish a presence or advertise on Instagram for branding purposes. For an influencer or startup, getting started on Instagram can be time-consuming and often, demotivating. That is because the process of increasing followers and establishing a brand presence is a rather slow one. Now, this is where come the best Instagram growth services to help you sail smoothly through the Instagram journey.

So, while you focus on delivering great content, these services will cater to everything from Instagram management and building engagement. 

Getting started on Instagram? Check out some of the best Instagram growth services to get your content noticed with real, organic promotions. 

Best Instagram Growth Services: 


kicksta - instagram growth

Kicksta is one of the most powerful Instagram growth services to accelerate your marketing efforts. It provides genuine organic marketing services with absolutely zero fuss of spamming bots accounts or fake profiles. With a team of digital marketing experts to back their services, Instagram growth from Kicksta is the one that creates a real difference. They bring real followers to your account through their unique AI technology to boost your presence on the platform. 

When you sign up with Kicksta, you can select the niche of profiles, and hashtags with which you want to engage. Kicksta will like, follow and share posts on these accounts to auto-engage on your behalf. In effect, these profiles will get intrigued to check out your content and may potentially follow you back as well. They offer two packages to select from, namely Standard priced at $49/month and Premium at $99/month. With the Premium plan, you get additional options for Blacklisting and Advanced targeting. Time tested and authentic, Instagram growth from Kicksta is the one that stays.


Looking for a complete Instagram management and growth service? Then, Combin is your ultimate solution for managing and increasing your Instagram audience. It is a complete Instagram marketing tool with tonnes of features including audience targeting, growth tracking, engagement building, and more. This is not all. You also get access to features like mass viewing of Instagram Stories, advanced filtering, multiple accounts management, and performance statistics. Signing up with this provider is like having your personal Instagram account manager. That’s because it caters to everything from scheduling content to promotions to audience management. 

With Combin, you can get in touch with Instagram influencers who are relevant to promote your account. Besides, you can monitor your growth and activity with its exclusive actionable insights. You can even filter out the profiles that appear low-quality or fake. Combin offers two Instagram growth packages – Personal which costs $15 per month and Business at $30 per month. It also offers a Starter pack at zero costs, which is like a Free Trial. So, you can test the services before actually purchasing them without paying a penny at all!


Just like its name suggests, Upleap is there to help your account take a leap in the Instagram competition. One of the best Instagram growth services, this provider gets you more Instagram followers via a dedicated account manager. This account manager will engage with relevant profiles, hashtags, and posts on your behalf. As a result, you will get more exposure and visibility on the platform without having to spend a large chunk of your time. Moreover, since your views and followers are potentially going to increase, the search rankings of your account will also improve. 

What makes Upleap’s services unique is that they offer fast organic growth to build your social influence. As soon as you sign up and set up your account, a dedicated manager will be assigned to you. This manager will instantly begin to engage with relevant profiles that are real and match your niche. Following this, you will get immediate results on your account in the form of followers, likes, and views. Upleap lists three packages for Instagram promotions. These are – Lite at $59/month, Standard at $79/month, and Premium at $199/month. 

Social Sensei

One of the most sought after Instagram growth services, Social Sensei is the ultimate digital solution for Instagram. It offers custom-tailored Instagram promotions to get you, real worldwide followers. With Social Sensei, you can choose your target audience based on a number of filters. This allows you to hyper-target the exact audience who would genuinely be interested in your content. Instagram growth services from Social Sensei maintain your Instagram community thereby, reducing your workload.

Here, you can avail yourself of valuable promotional services such as Instagram Influencer Marketing, Ad Campaigns, Social Media Strategy, and more. All these services are designed to boost your organic growth so that you need not buy Instagram followers, etc.. from third-party sources. So get ready to gain thousands of organic followers from worldwide each month to grow your business on Instagram. You can buy from three packages that Social Sensei offers. These are – Silver at $299/month, Gold at $499/month, and Platinum at $999/month.


One of the best Instagram growth services, Ampfluence does exactly what it claims. That is, it amps up your brand’s influence on Instagram. They detest bots and automated promotions as much as you do. So, Instagram growth from Ampfluence is completely done through organic marketing and with no bots or gimmicks involved. It helps you grab attention, and get exposure through a targeted approach to grow your reach and influence on Instagram. Whether you are an influencer, a startup, or a large business, Ampfluence has services to get you more organic followers. 

With hashtag research and social media posts to boost your Instagram growth, this provider has a number of packages on offer. These are – Growth at $249/month, GrowthX2 at $349/month, and Growth and Content Management at $999/month. Ampfluence functions fully in compliance with Instagram’s terms and services. Further, it constantly upgrades its services as and when the Instagram algorithm changes. So, with Ampfluence, your account is sure to become and remain influential for as long as you avail of their services. 

Hashtags For Likes

Just as its name suggests, this Instagram growth service provides Instagram promotions through hashtag research and targeting. Hashtags For Likes is a hashtag generator tool for social media platforms, particularly Instagram and TikTok. It gives you instant hashtag suggestions when you enter a keyword suitable to your brand’s niche. Consequently, it targets profiles following similar hashtags to organically grow your followers. It also allows you to enter the URL to your account and generate an analytical report to track your profile’s performance and audience demographics. 

This Instagram growth tool comes with many other useful features. These include live Instagram statistics, hashtag difficulty scoring and the option to curate, create and save hashtags sets. You can group them into categories like ‘popular’, ‘trending’ and ‘related’. This will give you a more nuanced understanding of which hashtags to use and when for creating powerful and effective hashtag campaigns for your brand. One of their unique features is also that you can see the recently searched hashtags right below the search box on their website. Through this, you get access to the real-time picture of what people are searching for, giving you an edge over your competitors. 


Looking for fast and instant, automated Instagram growth? Then, Instazood is one such among automated Instagram growth services to accelerate your presence on Instagram. Get more Instagram followers, likes, story views, and more to boost your reach and visibility. However, Instazood is not another ordinary Instagram bot that sends empty profiles to your account. Instead, it creates customized, reliable profiles that are partially maintained to follow and engage with your posts. 

Instazood is fully automated. This means that when you sign up with this Instagram growth service, you can spend time in creating awesome content. In your place, let them tackle all promotional activities. Instagram growth services from Instazood will cost $11.99 per month for automated promotions and engagement using the Instagram bot. This includes automatic likes, comments, and follows along with filtering of bot actions. Within this package, you can also target profiles, hashtags, etc.. and get the audience relevant to your brand.


A simple and affordable Instagram growth service, TrendHero allows you to search, discover and check Instagram influencer and blogger accounts. But this is not all, it comes with a suite of Instagram solutions to boost your brand on the platform. Whether you are an agency, a digital creator, or own a business, this Instagram growth booster service is designed for all. It provides useful analytics that you can use to improvise your content and engagement strategy. 

They provide three packages tailored to suit your requirements. These are – Blogger at $9.99, Business at $29.99, and Agency at $99.99. Additionally, you can also avail a free trial and get basic analytics of your Instagram growth and engagement absolutely free! The features that you get access to with these plans including Influencer discovery, analytical reports, account tracking, audience analysis, ad efficiency, and more. So, if you want to make a real difference in organic Instagram growth, then TrendHero is where your search ends.  


Don’t have time to manage your Instagram account? Fret not, because Gramista is there to do precisely that for you. This is one of the most sought after Instagram growth services that offer automated Instagram marketing. At a price that you cannot resist, they offer automatic likes and followers bot to boost interaction on your account. But, the control remains completely in your hands. If you suspect fake profiles or bot accounts coming back to your profile, you can unfollow them. 

With Gramista, Instagram promotions are as simple as ABC. Simply sign up and select your package and already, your Instagram growth is doing rounds. You can reach your target audience with a variety of hyper-targeting filters that Gramista offers. You can filter Instagram audiences through hashtags, gender, location and even usernames. Plus, here you get a variety of packages to choose from. You can select per day or per month plans. The single-day plan from Gramista costs $1.79 and that for three months is $99.99. This will include unlimited use of automated liker and follower. 

Firing Table

If there was such a thing as hiring a personal Instagram account manager without a large chunk of salary to pay, then chances are that you would surely go after it. Well, with Firing Table, you do get your personal Instagram manager and growth booster at a minimal cost. This provider helps you to grow your Instagram account organically and not through automated bot promotions. It allows you to target the relevant audience based on your brand. Then, they will engage with these users on your behalf so that you can send your energy in creating awesome content. 

Firing Table gets you real Instagram, fans, and followers through organic marketing and the fastest interaction rates ever. Moreover, they offer their services on a weekly basis with an option to cancel anytime. There are three plans that you can choose from – Personal at $29.95, Professional at $49.95 and Business at $79.95 charged weekly. In addition to the features mentioned before, they will comment on posts and direct message new followers on your behalf. But this feature is only limited to the Business package.

Tree Frog

This is one of the most sought after social media marketing agencies and among the best Instagram growth services in the industry today. Tree Frog comprises a team of social media experts to drive your Instagram engagement with nothing but real, organic promotions. No matter which niche your brand belongs to, they bring for you the audience who cares about you. Managed by real people, Instagram growth services from Tree Frog do not come even close to automated bot promotions.  

Instagram growth services package from her costs $29.99 per month. This includes guaranteed and 100% organic Instagram promotion and engagement building. They get you thousands of real followers, likes, and more to help your account rank higher in Instagram search. So, are you looking for getting real results from real people and at prices that won’t break your bank? Then, head to Tree Frog without further ado. 

Social Captain

Another Instagram growth service for getting real Instagram followers. Social Captain provides authentic services to boost your presence on Instagram and to save your time and effort. Like some other services in this list, this provider is an automated Instagram growth booster. This means that it gets more followers, likes, etc.. for your Instagram account, through an automated system. Using this, you can automate finding relevant profiles to engage with, posting schedules, liking, and commenting. 

Social Captain is a unique provider in that it does not allow you to maximize automation. This is important because ultimately a bot cannot engage with the audiences in the way that you can. So, while it helps make time for curating effective content, it does not make you completely dependable either. From here, you can also buy Instagram followers, likes, shares, and more at competitive prices. 


Want to grow your Instagram account effortlessly? Then, HypePlanner is the perfect Instagram growth service for you to avail yourself. It offers the massive potential of growing your Instagram account from scratch through strategic marketing and extreme targeting. With growth services from HypePlanner, you will get your Instagram account noticed by thousands of users each month. Once your visibility increases, you will begin to gain more followers and potential customers for your brand. 

HypePlanner allows you to target the profiles that you want. Consequently, they will assign a team of dedicated experts to manage your Instagram channel. All their promotions are done by real humans and as such, there is no fear of getting your account spammed by fake accounts. Further, their services are backed by powerful custom research of your brand, its audience along audience analytics. At only $99.99 per month, grow your account and achieve illimitable growth from some of the best-in-class services. 

Viral Race

Getting viral is truly a race! But with Instagram growth services from Viral Race, the process becomes a little easy on you. If you want to add credibility to your Instagram profile, then hurry and buy real Instagram likes, followers, and views. These services from Viral Race will get delivered to you instantly or gradually as per your requirement. With their proprietary growth engine, your account will get Instagram likes or followers at the most optimal rate to increase engagement and maintain retention. 

With packages starting at $1.49 for 50 Instagram likes $2.99 for 100 Instagram followers, Viral Race offers nothing less than the best. They bring real, instant likes, engaged users, and a high retention rate to your Instagram account. So you can say goodbye to the fake profiles or spammed bot accounts lurking on your brand account. This is truly among the best Instagram growth services that will surely level up your social media game. 


Bigbangram offers useful tools for quick and effective social media growth. With a whole range of Instagram growth tools on offer, this provider is suitable for instant Instagram promotions. It offers a unique tool called the Bot for Instagram. This bot likes, follows, and views relevant profiles on your behalf and even unfollows fake profiles. When this bot auto-engages with other profiles, it allows for easier and faster promotions without you spending time or effort. This Instagram growth service offers plenty of other tools. Some of these are – trending hashtags generator, hashtag analytics, content scheduler, and font generator. 

Bigbangram also provides Instagram growth manuals called Promo Hub, Sales Hub, and Content and Design Hub. These manuals consist of tools and tips to accelerate your organic marketing efforts to improve your network and engagement. Using Bigbangram, you can also boost sales by direct messaging and bulk messaging options. All services from this Instagram growth provider are available at the cheapest prices. So, you do not have to think twice before making a purchase from here. 


This is inarguably one of the most genuine Instagram growth services because they simply do not trade in numbers. Instead, they fuel real social media growth for Instagram. They do so by providing real Instagram followers, likes, and views that are genuine, real, and of the highest quality. Most of these are the accounts that are former real Instagram profiles with history and stories. They deliver it at the speed that you choose. So, if you want your Instagram growth to appear natural or want to go viral instantly, Krootez has you covered.  

They simply do not deal with bulk bot accounts to view or follow your Instagram profile. Instead, they send only an exclusive fan base who will genuinely be interested in your content. For this reason, their prices of individual Instagram services are comparatively higher than other third-party Instagram growth services. The packages start from $3.99 for 20 Instagram followers and $2.99 for 50 Instagram likes. So, if you want to grow your brand on Instagram through real engagement, then Krootez is where your answer lies. 


Crowdfire is a complete social media management tool to help you look after all your social accounts from one platform. From generating content for publication to providing analytical insights, this provider does it all. With Crowdfire, you can spend your time devising a content strategy and they would provide the relevant content. Further, it also gives recommendations for the curation of shareable images for Instagram to boost your engagement. It literally brings every Instagram growth tool that you might need, under one roof. 

On a single Crowdfire dashboard, you can schedule and publish your Instagram posts whenever you want. With Queue Meter, you can ensure that you have enough content to publish for the week. Instagram growth packages from this provider come in three different plans. These are – Plus which costs $9.99/month, Premium at $49.99/month, suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, and VIP at $99.99/month ideal for independent digital creators. While the VIP plan is a must-buy for agencies. You can also avail of a Free Trial with up to 10 scheduled posts and 1-day of analytics data. 


Skweezer is the number one Instagram growth service to accelerate your promotion exponentially. It directs real, organic Instagram profiles to follow your Instagram account and like and share the posts on the account. They ensure that you get only the best quality followers from real accounts by paying them a share for following you. You can also avail of other Instagram growth services such as auto-likes, comments, views, shares, and even Instagram verification from Skweezer. 

When you buy a growth service from here, you will get it delivered to your account within minutes. With prices starting at only $4.99 for 250 high-quality followers, Skweezer is the ultimate Instagram growth provider. This means that you simply do not need to look elsewhere for quick and efficient Instagram promotions. All services from this provider come totally risk-free and with a complete refill guarantee. 


Instamber is the ultimate solution for amplifying your Instagram growth through powerful community engagement and actionable analytics. It offers a comprehensive range of tools to expand your Instagram community and engage with the existing one. These include Instagram comment and posts manager, direct messaging service, and more. With this provider, you can also get more Instagram followers in two ways – manually or through their Instagram bot. 

Quick and effortless, the Instagram bot allows you to target your preferred audience. Then, you can automate your engagement and get real looking Instagram followers and automatic likes for your account. Further, its powerful targeting algorithm ensures that all your followers are active and interactive to boost your engagement metrics. The price starts from just $15 per month for automatic Instagram growth. If you want to give your organic Instagram marketing efforts, an energizing boost, then head to Instamber without further ado. 


One of the best Instagram growth services to get more followers, Nitreo offers only the best quality, professional Instagram promotions. Whether you are an agency, a business, or a digital creator, this Instagram provider has got you covered. It provides fast and organic Instagram promotions and builds engagement by bringing loyal and engaging followers to your Instagram account. They do so by liking, following, and commenting on relevant Instagram posts, stories, and accounts on your behalf. Hence, growing on Instagram with Nitreo is total via organic promotions and engagement. 

Once you set up your account with this provider, they will engage with profiles, hashtags, and locations that you choose. As a result, your account will get more Instagram followers and those that are genuinely interested in your content. Their engagement services will not only get you more followers but also organic likes and profile views. This can be helpful in improving the search engine rankings of your account on Instagram. You can select from two basic plans on offer, which are – Essential at $29/month and Speed at $47/month. 

Instagram Growth Guide:

How to Grow on Instagram?

Getting more followers and visibility on Instagram is no easy task. There are millions of artists, influencers, brands, and startups already hustling through the Instagram competition. However, this should not stop you from getting started on the most used and populated social networks worldwide. You can sure, avail third-party Instagram growth services to boost your presence and engagement on the platform. Yet, the most credible and long term pathway to Instagram success is through organic marketing. 

Check out some of the tested tips and tricks for organic Instagram promotions that will help you get noticed on the platform and get you more fans and followers, albeit gradually:

  • Collaborate with Brands and Influencers

Most of the people on Instagram come to socialize, connect and interact. And this is what you should do too. The best way to drive more engagement on Instagram is to connect and collaborate with similar brands and influencers.

In this way, both can achieve significant Instagram growth by promoting simultaneously to two fan bases. If you think collaboration will add value to your audience’s feed, then you should probably do it. Plus, if you are collaborating with a bigger brand, you might even earn a commission out of it. 

  • Invest in High-Quality Photography

Instagram is a largely visual platform. So, any Instagram marketing strategy should cater to the quality of photographs, and videos that you post on your brand’s profile. Better photographic quality attracts more viewers to see other content on your timeline. Further, Instagram accounts with good quality visual content are statistically proven to drive more engagement. This is reason enough as to why you should invest decently in the visual content that you post on the platform. 

  • Exploit Instagram’s Free Features

With its increasing popularity with brands, Instagram constantly rolls out new features for brands to benefit from. Its unique features such as Reels, Stories, IGTV and more allow full creative freedom. Instagram Stories are the first thing that your followers have access to when they log in. Similarly, Instagram Reels are short video clips of 15 seconds, set to background music that the users can record or share as Instagram Stories, and on the Reels Tab on their Instagram profiles. Using these features, you can post customer testimonials, DIY videos, host Q/A sessions with Instagram Live, give insider sneak peeks, create product teasers, announce sales or discounts, post a funny meme and so much more. 

  • Use the best Hashtags for Instagram

If you give people what they are looking for, they will definitely show interest and interact with your posts. To do so, you first need to find the right audience. This is where comes the importance of using the best and relevant hashtags on Instagram.

When you use niche specific hashtags, your chances of targeting the right audience is better. And when the most relevant audience comes to your profile, they will display the best engagement rates. If you are a fashion enthusiast, what would you do on a profile that posts about tech? Chances are that you would not cast another glance. The answer is quite self-explanatory. 

  • Post Consistently and When People Can See It –

What you are posting on Instagram is perhaps as important as ‘when’ you post it. Because millions of people post on Instagram each day and this can be daunting for brands to draw attention to themselves. In order to get the best engagement for your posts, it is crucial to post at the peak hours of the day.

The schedules identified as the best times to post on Instagram are between 2 pm to 3 pm on weekdays. On weekends, the highest engagement turns in at around 11 am. 

  • Get More Engagement with Shareable Memes

Memes, jokes, GIFS, and funny one-liners are the ultimate shareable content. If people find it funny, they will react to the posts, comment on it, tag their friends, or even share them. And all of that with their own instinct! This is truly the recipe for getting stellar engagement and becoming a favorite with the Instagram algorithm. Memes have a reputation for featuring on the Explore page as well.

So, who knows if it only takes a ‘meme’ to get you there too? With memes, audiences are able to relate to your brand, even if they are not directly interested in your product. You can leverage the potential of this to boost your engagement, organic reach and get more interaction than ever. 

  • Host Contests or Giveaways

One of the best ways to get your followers to comment on your posts is by hosting regular contests or giveaways. You could start a quiz, ask a guess this movie/song/book questions, etc.. and ask your audience to post the answers in the comments.  Alternatively, you can host giveaways by asking your followers to tag their friends in the comments. This can be helpful in two ways.

Firstly, of course, it will get you more comments. The second, it will shoot up your organic reach when people tag their connections in the comments. You could also host week-long or series contests, where your followers have to comment on your posts every day. Also, you can post user-generated content in relevant comments on different posts to boost engagement. 

  • Change What Doesn’t Work

With Instagram, as with all social networks, it is important to evolve your Instagram strategy constantly. This is because Instagram updates its algorithm constantly to make the experience better for the audience. The best way to identify what is working for you and what is not is through Instagram analytics and insights.

Using these, you can see where the major chunk of your audience is coming from and who they are. Once you have this data to back your content and social media strategy, your brand will witness accelerated growth.


Get started and bring your brand on Instagram to reach new audiences and potential customers. With our complete Instagram growth guide, you can boost your engagement, get more visibility and gain more followers.

So, regardless of the niche that your brand belongs to, and no matter if you are an influencer or digital agency. Our full guide for Instagram growth has got you covered. 

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