Ruth Delhomme

21 Year Old Businesswoman Ruth Delhomme Shares her Secrets for Finding Fulfillment and Freedom through Entrepreneurship

If you had the opportunity to pursue your passion, would you take it? Entrepreneur Ruth Delhomme is creating this chance for the masses, giving people the option to pursue happiness, without the fear of financial instability. Ruth saw a problem in today’s society where our valuable time is being exchanged for money, and has become part of the solution – providing education on the skill sets required to create the financial means and mindset needed to take back control over our time, becoming our own boss and doing what makes us feel fulfilled. Here’s how!

Born and raised in Boston Massachusetts, Ruth initially enrolled herself at the University of Massachusetts to obtain her degree in biochemistry to become closer to her dream of becoming a doctor. However, midway through her education, Ruth realized the dream she was chasing didn’t belong to her, it was what her parents wanted for her. In 2020 bringing in the pandemic, Ruth’s parents falling ill gave her the push she needed to start doing things differently.

With a shift in her perspective on finances and her future, Ruth decided to take ownership of her life in pursuit of a career that would give her the satisfaction and purpose she desired. Ultimately it was network marketing and trading in the financial markets that gave Ruth the introduction to entrepreneurship she needed to learn that her passion lay in her ability to finance her own dreams by owning her own business and helping others do the same.

To date, Ruth has built her own organization called Kash Flow Kartel Investments (KFK Investments), where she has been able to not only support herself and her family, but bring a new level of financial literacy and purpose to the lives of hundreds of people.

When discussing the objectives behind KFK Investments, Ruth says:

“We’re solving a common problem, and that is that most people lack happiness and money because most people are working jobs that they don’t enjoy just to put food on the table or putting their last just to get an education where after you graduate it’s not guaranteed that you will work in the field that you studied for. Working so many hours takes their time away from doing the things that are more important to them like spending time with family, travelling, pursuing a passion or hobby. People don’t realize that 58% of their life is taken away when working an average of 40 hours a week on top of sleeping 8 hrs a day. So to solve this problem, we’re teaching people how to make money from home, to save time from that nine to five job and not having to be that typical broke college student. We’re educating people on skills that are going to pay them forever. This is a skillset where all you have to do is really learn how to invest and multiply your money from your laptop, from your phone, to fund that business that you want to start, or to pay for school without getting into debt, or just live the life that you truly desire”.

Ruth focuses on mentoring her team to become business owner’s themselves and continuously enhance and grow their mindsets to that of a fearless entrepreneur with a vision for success. Having experienced her own share of adversities growing up and in growing her business, Ruth has since learned from and is able to pass on her valuable knowledge to her business partners.
As a victim of bullying in school, Ruth says she was truly able to overcome her insecurities through creating her business, where she’s been able to surround herself with people who truly care for her and a community of positivity where kindness is instilled in all of its members.

When discussing the breakthrough she’s experienced in her own life when she took the leap of faith in creating KFK Investments, Ruth says:

Growing up and being bullied for my weight and skin colour, I had a lot of difficulties with how I perceived myself. Being a very non-confrontational and kind person, people would mistake that for weakness. But when I started my business, I was able to find mentors who really helped instill positivity in me. As a business owner and mentor, I’ve been able to show people that being a true leader is how you communicate and how you show that you really care for others’ success by pushing your team to become better versions of themselves. Don’t for a second take my kindness for weakness. I can really do damage with the type of mindset that I have. I’m very serious about my business and I’m also serious about being the best leader that I can be to serve my organization.”

With KFK Investments flourishing, Ruth ensures she takes the time out to enjoy the fruits of her labour – in entrepreneurship it’s not the money that she finds her fulfillment in, but the freedom to live a life as you choose. Making a choice to spontaneously take a trip to Orlando with her team was something that she was never able to do before KFK Investments, and reaffirmed in Ruth that the business she has created is truly giving her the freedom and opportunities that she is trying to share with others. In addition to the financial means and abundance to live their dreams, Ruth shares her best advice for aspiring entrepreneurs:

Have faith. “I went through so much adversity than the average person can actually understand, but I already knew I had a purpose in this business. Having that faith in the beginning, even when you’re unsure of yourself is going to take you far in entrepreneurship.”
Be coachable. “Listen to the people who have the results that you desire because they have exactly that you want.”
Follow your vision. “As an entrepreneur, not everybody’s going to see what you see, you have to follow your vision, even if you look crazy, other people’s opinions on what you should do with your life doesn’t matter.”
Don’t Give up. “ If you quit every time things get hard, you will never be successful, hardship is part of the process, entrepreneurship is not for the weak.”

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