21-Year-Old Kevin Sacchi Is a Multi-Versed Entrepreneur in the Italian Scene

Founder of KS Digital Force, the digital agency has revolutionized Italy by managing and creating digital strategies for large companies through collaborations with VIPs and major artists such as Sony Music and Universal Music.

A digital wizard, Kevin has launched pharmaceutical, food, sports, music, clothing and much more brands, always obtaining excellent results!

To think that at the young age of 19 he taught people older than him such as bankers, various managers, company managers and founders how to move around the web in self-managing profiles and correcting them in their mistakes, is truly a great feat.

A phenomenon of the web, all Italian and foreign VIPs know him for his great skills and for this reason they rely on him.

Rumors reveal that he is opening his own luxury brand in the clothing sector ready to explode, and enjoy soaring success, owing to the KS Original Brand.

Always ready to amaze the world, we are ready and waiting for another news with our eyes on him.


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