22 Year Old Entrepreneur Leah Sims is Leading by Example in Digital Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur and business coach Leah Sims is thriving in the digital age. Understanding the value in enhanced education on earning an income in a world where online platforms are flourishing, Leah has created her own business to fulfill this need, capitalizing on her ability to lead a team to success and helping to shape the business owners of tomorrow. This is her story.

Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Leah’s first job was at Raising Canes which ultimately helped her come to the conclusion that traditional employment was not the life she envisioned for her future. Leah attended the University of St. Francis on an academic scholarship to play on the women’s basketball team, and is completing her studies and internship to graduate with her degree in sports management with a minor in youth development.

Leah was introduced to the opportunity of network marketing and trading in the financial markets by a close friend and appreciated the business model that would allow her to become a business owner with her own team of individuals with whom she can mentor to become successful entrepreneurs and traders.

Leah has now created her own organization containing over 100 individuals and counting, working towards a common goal of learning new income-generating skill sets to attain financial freedom, in an age where digital entrepreneurship is highly prevalent.

When discussing the concept behind her organization, Leah says:

The objective of the business is to teach individuals that a nine to five is not needed. You can actually be your own boss and even your wildest dreams are entirely possible. We’re helping people to learn a skill set that can set you free, that is recession proof, and nobody can take away from you. We have educators that help teach the foundation of investing and this information can be passed on to help your family or your friends, so they’ll be getting paid as well, just like you. With a job there’s a cap on how much you can earn but with trading and investing and the right skills you can get as far as you want if you put in the work.

Growing her business to include such a large number of like-minded individuals was no small feat and developing herself as a decisive leader was crucial to her success. A large focus of her organization is placed on mentoring her team to achieve their own personal and financial goals and conveying her own experience and expertise takes practice and skill. Leah has learned a great deal throughout the process that she is now able to pass along to her business partners on their own journeys.

When discussing how she overcame hurdles in growing her business, Leah says:

“Manifestation was key for me when starting my business. At first, I didn’t know if I could lead people. But you need one follower to be a leader. We see that all around us in the world we live in today, with our friends, with the brands we choose to support, the food we choose to eat, the movies that we choose to watch. So I had to think about what a leader really was and work hard to become that. Soon enough I felt confident that I can really lead people within this business because it’s something that I’m doing every day. In the beginning, it can be frustrating when people aren’t willing to work within your organization, especially friends and family who you expect to support you. But you have to understand that you’re going to make money with strangers first. And that’s the biggest thing that I really had to learn about this business.”

Leah draws inspiration from her mother. After her parent’s divorce, seeing her mom working hard to take care of five kids, making sure they never went without, is what motivated Leah to keep breaking through new levels of success to give her mom the freedom she deserves from the paycheck to paycheck lifestyle.

As Leah’s business continues to flourish with a capable and motivated leader at the helm, Leah is showing the masses that we can all achieve our greatest goals if we are willing to take a chance on ourselves and commit to making our dreams into reality. In closing, Leah shares her best pieces of advice for the aspiring entrepreneur:

Trust  the Process. “A lot of people from the beginning will doubt themselves or say it won’t work. But it’s just like riding a bike – you’re going to fall the first time. Maybe you’ll fall the second and third time too until you’re able to ride the bike with no training wheels. And that’s the same within this business. You’re going to have some times where you lose money in the market. You’re going to have times where you can’t bring people in the business. But it’s all part of the process and you have to trust it.”
Write down your goals. “If you’re starting a business, you need to know why you’re doing it and what you plan to achieve in the short term and the long term.”
Your environment is key. “If you’re around people who are not supportive of your business, or they’re not filling you with good information or bettering you in some way, you’re preventing yourself from developing.”
Surround yourself with your vision. “Have the vision around you. When you wake up and you see a visual representation of what you want, you remember why you have to go so hard. Whereas if you don’t have your goals and your visions around you, you’re waking up and trying to go somewhere without a GPS. You’re not going to get there. But if you have the address to the GPS, you have everything around you, then you’ll be able to get to your destination.”

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