23 Year Old Kyle Dendy Helps People Land Speaking Gigs with TEDx

Kyle Dendy is a renowned speaker based out of Dallas, Texas. He began his speaking career at the young age of 17, and his first goal was simple: to give a TEDx talk. As Kyle was dreaming of stepping on that stage, he figured that dream invitation was going to arrive out of thin air, but it turns out that was far from the case. Fast forward a couple of years; he found himself speaking in many different venues, speaking to people of all ages and backgrounds, and also giving a speech about purpose on the famous TEDx stage.

As surreal as this was for him, Kyle lives by the philosophy of “each one, teach one.” In his bestselling course Speaker Secrets, he has helped more than 7,000 people from all around the world land speaking engagements. Many of them have even gone on to get paid to speak at multiple events.

In developing his program, Kyle discovered that many aspiring speakers simply had no idea where to start, but the simplicity of the Speaker Secrets course put an end to that. The videos are short and the scripts can be copied. The program works in America and it works overseas. Even during a global shutdown, his strategies are being used to land virtual speaking engagements as well.

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