24-Hour-Solution to Boost Immunity During Pandemic and Flu Season with The Revive Hive

Dr. Aja Murphy, D.O., founder and Medical Director of The Revive Hive has launched a luxurious sanctuary for body, mind, and soul, using revolutionary, medically safe, IV therapy to hydrate and replenish the body’s vitamins and minerals, while cleansing and detoxing unwanted elements in the system. As a board-certified family medicine physician, Dr. Murphy encountered many patients with nutritional deficiencies. Using a holistic training approach to medicine, her patients work in alignment with their own bodies to look beyond symptoms to understand how lifestyle and environmental factors impact overall well-being.

Vitamins and minerals are necessary for everyone, regardless of condition and The Revive Hive infuses nutrients immediately and directly into the bloodstream with 100% absorption, unlike oral supplements which take a longer time for the body to absorb and to a lesser degree (only 50% absorption).

Nutrient infusions combat dehydration, boost immunity, reduce systemic inflammation, elevate energy, focus, and mood, improve hair, nails, and skin, slow down effects of aging, burn fats to promote weight loss, increase blood flow to muscles to enhance performance, and amplify stamina. Formulas are customized to refill what the body naturally creates.

Dr. Murphy says, “In a study published in JAMA, 41.7% of the 5,700 patients hospitalized for COVID had a BMI>30. This means helping patients with long term weight management is not just a cosmetic preference, it’s critical! Unfortunately, it has become increasingly difficult to sustain a healthy and well-balanced diet. Our lives are busier, and our food quality has diminished. IV therapy offers an alternative. I was impressed with the complete absorption and immediate utilization of infused nutrients. This means you and your body are working together with a personalized combination of ingredients specifically formulated for your positive outcome. Many of our clients attest they actually feel a prolonged general overall sense of well-being, mental clarity, and renewed energy after just one treatment. At The Revive Hive, our love for wellness drips into everything we do.”


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