24 Year Old Entrepreneur and Business Mentor Wayne Walker Shares His Advice for Achieving Abundance in Entrepreneurship

Succeeding in the world of business takes hard work, determination and mental toughness, and is often measured by financial earnings. But for some entrepreneurs like Wayne Walker, success is defined not by income, but by the size of the impact you’ve made on the people around you.

At 24 years old, Wayne has created his own business and leads the masses to financial freedom through his ability to instill in others a vision that will motivate and inspire. Wayne is bringing positive change and a new way of thinking where growth and expansion is prioritized always and in all ways. This is how he went from the trenches to the markets. 

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Wayne’s first employment was at a tug boat company, where he transported barges and ultimately came to a new appreciation for his family-oriented lifestyle that was disrupted by his being away from months at a time for work. As a driven and determined individual, Wayne had his focus set on breaking free from the social construct of exchanging time for money in a traditional 9-5 employment, to pursue entrepreneurship to support himself and his family.

In March of 2021, Wayne was introduced to the concept of network marketing and trading in the financial markets and knew this was the perfect opportunity to learn new skills to help him generate another source of income, while becoming a full-time business-owner. Wayne did just that, mastering the skill sets of trading, mentorship and leadership in order to create his own business today called Get Money Crew, or GMC for short. 

When discussing the objectives behind GMC, Wayne says:

“I want to get everybody in the community and really all across the world the information and knowledge that can give them new financial means. Everything about cryptocurrency, foreign exchange, investing – it can all be learned through GMC. These are skills that are going to pay you indefinitely and help you start a business of your own, or do whatever it is that you want to do with your life.”

Wayne is working diligently towards growing his business from various states in America to a global scale, and strives to ensure every single individual who becomes part of Get Money Crew is successful, whether it be from gaining the ability and financial means to start their own business, pursue their hobbies and passions, or whatever it is they’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t due to financial constraints. 

After successfully helping two individuals from his team quit their job because of the results they had in trading and managing their own business, Wayne says this is only the beginning:

“If two people from my team can quit their jobs for this, anyone and everyone can get there. Though trading, they’re making money in minutes. If you’re not a nine to five person, the money that you make in hours can be replaced. I want to build leaders and get everybody that’s affiliated with my team to the level of success that they want to achieve.

Whatever it takes, whatever I have to do, I’ll do it – I’m a real team player and I don’t play when it comes down to business and my team, I want everybody to succeed,” says Wayne. 

Growing up in a rough neighbourhood and difficult environment has pushed Wayne to ensure that the culture surrounding GMC is conducive to creating success and building positive mindsets amongst his team. Wayne has learned throughout his entrepreneurial journey that in order to grow a team and business, you must be willing to look internally to make changes mentally and physically.

Wayne says that as soon as he started working towards consistent growth in his mindset, his business began on an upward trajectory.

“I grew up in a neighbourhood with a lot of street violence, a lot of negativity, just a tough place to grow up in. Because of that it took me time to really realize what I wanted to be. But seeing what was going on in the streets, I knew I wanted to be a business owner, I didn’t want to have to depend on anyone else or work for anyone else.

I would surround myself with people who wanted the same thing that I did to help me improve my mindset and the skills that I was born with.

That really made me look at a lot of things differently and start looking at new directions to take to get out of that environment. When I was in the ninth grade, I met someone who really helped motivate me and that pushed me to create a program for youths where I can help them develop their mindset to become more positive with a better outlook for their future outside of the environment that they grew up in,” says Wayne.

Just as Wayne was able to find direction and purpose in his life just with the help and influence of one person, he hopes to be that change for the individuals he works with, instilling in them the confidence and mental toughness to take on the ups and downs of a life of entrepreneurship. As Get Money Crew continues to grow and prosper, more and more individuals are experiencing massive growth both financially and mentally, preparing them for a future of freedom.

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Whatever you’re doing, make it 10x. “If what you’re doing right now is working for you, imagine if you went 10 times harder at it, the kind of results you would get.”

Don’t doubt yourself.You’re going to have rough days, you’re going to have days where you lose money, but keep going.”

Take this seriously. “When you start or join a business, be serious about it. You have to want to do better and want to see yourself get better.”

Listen to your team. “Everyone has emotions and it’s important to understand and listen to what your team has to say. Their feedback is important for not only your own growth but the growth of the business overall and each individual’s development.”

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