Brando Sanchez

24 Year old Entrepreneur Brando Sanchez Shares his Secrets for Turning Setbacks into Successes

The journey of entrepreneurship is fraught with challenges, and the true measure of an entrepreneur’s spirit is not always in abundance but in how many obstacles they have turned into opportunities; how their adversities have become advantages by the lessons they have learned in overcoming hardship.

24-year-old businessman Brando Sanchez is the perfect example of turning barriers into bridges to reach his next level of success by keeping a positive mindset and bringing investment and entrepreneurial opportunities to the masses. This is his story.

Born in East Harlem and raised in The Bronx, New York, Brando’s first employment opportunity was at Dunkin Donuts during his freshman year of college. Brando attended Farmington State College in Long Island, studying Aviation Administration, completing two years before concluding that his future and fulfillment lay outside of what traditional employment could provide him.

With his previous background in sales from a door-to-door job he held in 2016, Brando sought an opportunity that would give him the same freedom in being his own boss. In February of 2017, Brando found the opportunity he was looking for through network marketing and trading in the financial markets.

To date, Brando has created his own organization called Family Matters Investments, focused primarily on sharing his experience and value through mentorship and education on investing, sales, and wealth building.

When discussing the concept behind his business, Brando says:

“Through Family Matters Investments, a big focus is placed on trading and investing. So I mentor and coach people individually to learn the skills necessary to succeed in these fields, using the educational platform we have available through the business. I make sure that I’m available to my team, whether in person or in zoom calls. Ultimately we’re showing people how to create multiple streams of income and make their money work for them.”

Currently, Family Matters Investments is spread throughout the United States, with global expansion in the works. Brando continues to bring in more like-minded business partners with whom he can share in the opportunity to not only grow their income but their mindset, which Brando says is crucial to success in entrepreneurship.

In a people-oriented industry, working with individuals with different backgrounds and experiences that have molded their opinions over time, Brando says that exemplary leadership is imperative to imparting your way of thinking about success onto another person.

When discussing how he’s able to instill the importance of a positive mindset on his business partners, Brando says:

“The people you’re working with are going to have very different belief systems than your own at first. Many people may want to do something, but they end up quitting themselves. To prevent people from quitting and motivating them to stick through the tough times, you have to ask yourself, ‘how can I become a better leader?’ And one of the most important things you can do is hold yourself and your team accountable.

In trading, rule number one is to have a trading plan and stick to it. In this business of networking, it’s the same thing, have a plan and execute it. Once you start to follow your plan and discipline yourself, the results will come.”

Becoming a leader and mentor over a team of individuals who depend on you for the guidance required to reach their financial and personal goals can be highly challenging. Facing and overcoming his adversities growing up has given Brando the strength and experience to lead his team through thick and thin. Brando faced years in and out of hospitalization struggling with severe pain and bullying in school due to his size as a child with sickle cell anemia.

Despite Brando’s challenges, he remained positive and on track to achieving his goals by keeping his family in mind. As the oldest in his generation within his family, Brando has been the first to accomplish many things like graduate high school and run a business. He strives to set a positive example for the generations of his family to come and show them a lifestyle they haven’t yet experienced.

When discussing how he has been able to prevail in the face of hardship, Brando says:

“I always try to express gratitude every single day. There have been times where I’ve been broken, times where I’ve been in pain, times where I wasn’t able to breathe by myself; so just being grateful for the little things reminds me that everything I have right now, I didn’t have before, or I struggled to have. Writing my goals down, putting them on sticky notes is what also has helped me because there are days where I don’t want to work; everyone has those days, but when I see my goal right in front of me, I know I have to.”

As Brando continues to grow his business to new levels, there’s no doubt we will see more amazing achievements from this inspiring entrepreneur. Keep reading to learn Brando’s best advice to follow on your own journey to abundance!

Believe in yourself. “There are going to be people who doubt you, and sometimes those people are going to be your friends, family, or those closest to you. Trust in yourself and your vision.”

Think big. “Don’t let anyone tell you to be realistic. In my career as an entrepreneur, I had people telling me that my view was too big. Be a big thinker because if you shoot for the moon and you miss, you’ll land in the stars.”

Be humble, grateful, and truthful. “Be humble enough to know that you’re not better than anyone else, but know that you can achieve the best. Be grateful for everything you have, knowing that everything you need is already yours. Be truthful, not just to yourself but to everyone around you, be transparent.”

Don’t let failures break you. “Let your failures MAKE you. As an entrepreneur, you’re going to have a lot more failures than you have successes. But there’s no good story without adversity, right?”

Money isn’t everything. “The money comes and goes, but a solid team, a solid group of people, that’s something you need to cherish, those will be your family for life.”

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