24 Year Old Mo Abdul’s Unparalleled Digital Marketing Prowess

How often do you come across a boring advertisement on the internet? A more sensible question would be, how often do you come across an interesting advert? The latter’s answer is quite less. While online marketing is beaten down to touting products and services, Mo Abdul has entered the advertising world to change this notion, for the better.

Mo Abdul is a 24-year old lad who comes from a war-torn immigrant family. He dropped out of his college or more so stopped going to college to find his way through life. In the days that precede Abdul’s entry into the world of online marketing, he has pursued and done jobs in retail, manual labor, and office work. But destiny had some big plans for this young man.

 Thankfully, Wiseguymo, as he is better known in the digital world, stumbled upon the holy grail of ‘Helping Others To Help Yourself’ in business. ‘It’s all about adding value to others’, he recalls vividly. Mo Abdul went on to experiment his luck in various spheres of online money making, be it Affiliate marketing or social media ads, and drop shipping. All these experiences formed who Wiseguymo is today.

The 24-year old has collectively generated his clients over seven-figures in the online space, all credits to his in-demand sales and marketing skills. He has worked with a wide range of different clients and successfully boosted their business revenue and met their marketing objectives. ‘Abdul is a brutally competent and competitive guy. He puts his heart out on the line to understand the strategic objectives of our company and ensures we get the best. With his help, we were able to reach our goals in revenue this fiscal year’, said one of his high-profile clients.

Abdul’s topmost priority is Strengths, Systems, and Networks. The strength of a business should always be taken care of. The systems shall always be dynamic and networking with prospects must continue forever.

He also plans to put together opportunities for other people that are in similar circumstances as he was before. ‘I plan on helping people learn how they can use social media platforms to grow their businesses, push causes, and build influence’, said Wiseguymo.

The unconventional path Abdul opted for was not all bursts of sunshine and rainbows. There were the dark moonless nights more often than not. Society tried to drag him down but Wiseguymo has risen from the ashes like a phoenix and keeps flying higher into the vast world of online marketing.

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