25 Best SEO Companies and Services From the Experts

Best SEO Services

We encounter the term Search Engine Optimization more than any other while browsing the internet. Unbeknownst to us, the process of SEO is so deep and fundamental that its absence can break the internet. Literally! If websites were not optimized for search engines, fetching results on Google, Bing, and other such platforms would become a nightmare. With drastically dropped relevance in search results, important content might get pushed behind, and soon, the nightmare will ensue. Now, let us dive into the list of the best SEO companies and services on the internet.

Note that this list has not been arranged in a particular order and thus, you must not consider number 1 to be the best and number 25 to be the worst. Each entry here is equally useful and unique.

List of Best SEO Agencies & Services


Here is why FullyDigital is an amazing entry for this list: it is as much about SEO professionals as it is about customers. FullyDigital is one of the most critically acclaimed marketers’ agencies of all on the internet. Based in Manchester, UK what sets FullyDigital apart is the way its community grows. This is not a website solely about selling marketing services. Instead, this is a community that marketing experts from all over the world can join as an expert and then connect with customers at their convenience.

Simultaneously, it also provides various services that you can purchase. Chief among these services include advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Social media management, and conversion rate. Apart from these, FullyDigital also provides email marketing, content writing, and tracking implementation services. And for keeping up with the latest in the world of digital marketing, e-commerce, and the future of work, FullyDigital also runs a blog you can follow.

In a nutshell, FullyDigital is one of the most reputed, critically acclaimed, and overall, the SEO agency on the market for both professionals and customers alike.


GrowBranding, established in 2016, is one of the most highly recommended digital marketing agencies that is also ranked the number in quality of service and customer success. It has been featured in Forbes, Inc. Search Engine Land, The Huffington Post, as well as UC San Diego. Its co-founder John Lincoln has been featured as the Search marketer of the year by Search Engine Land and was also the brains behind a couple of movies related to SEO and SMM.

A case study on their website claims that they have helped their clients increase traffic by as much as 106% through social media campaigns. Another case study talks about a 250% increase in revenue through SEO and viral marketing. These figures are impressive, to say the least and speak volumes about the amount of effort placed by GrowBranding in their services.

In terms of services, GrowBranding provides more than a dozen marketing-related services, chief among which are Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Amazon marketing services, Social media marketing, local search marketing, public relations, digital marketing strategy, and a plethora of other services that fall under the marketing umbrella.


LabelFirm, founded in 2014, has managed to remain among the best of the best in the world of digital marketing due to its result-oriented approach. They currently caters to more than six thousand clients, and the number is still growing since the company remains fully remotely operational during the Covid-19 period.

An important reason we have included SEO valley on this list is the variety of services they offer. If there is a service related to marketing, chances are that you can find it on their website. These include Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-click Marketing, Local SEO, Online reputation management, content marketing, link acquisition, and a couple of other services related to marketing.

LabelFirm also has the advantage of being one of the most widely spread marketing and SEO agencies on the internet. Their clients do not suffer borders and reside in Australia, South Korea, India, and the United States. They have also received various awards and features, including being ranked as the number 1 SEO firm in India, and number 5 in the same category in the USA. More information is available on this page.


SkyBranding is an SEO agency based in the United States that truly lives up to its name. It is acclaimed for the vast variety of services that it offers, each of which falls under the SEO umbrella. His expertise and his team’s combined efforts have guided SkyBranding on the path to several awards, the most prominent and recent of which is Digital.com’s Best SEO Firm 2021 award. Further, SkyBranding has received numerous other top-firm awards in categories like digital marketing, B2B company, SEM company, and SEO consultants.

SkyBranding offers almost a dozen SEO-related services like SEO game plan, On-Page optimization, technical auditing, keyword research, etc. along with services related to content, link development, web design, and paid search marketing. You can also find several case studies on their website about Link building, local SEO, SEO game plan, etc.

Note: SEO game plan is a trademarked term of Sure Oak. It basically refers to the process they have honed over the years for improving your search ranking and fulfilling your SEO needs.


True to its name, Shoutzer based in the US with more a 175 five-star online reviews. They were also a Microsoft Advertising in the year 2020 and are also a premier Google Partner just like Social SEO.

Shoutzer is an essential part of this list of the best SEO companies since their result-driven web design, e-commerce, SEO, and PPC services are unparalleled. Further, their blog contains valuable insights into the world of SEO and digital marketing by renowned and experienced experts.

When it comes to their solutions, the company claims that their people who work with them on SEO campaigns double the traffic within six months. Shoutzer has remained among the top three firms in the digital marketing space. It was ranked as the number one SEO company by Top Developers and the number one SEO firm by AgencyVista.

The Bureau of Small Projects

The Bureau of Small Projects (which you can refer to in short as The Bureau) is a clever and unique idea for marketing, SEO, and web design agency. This is how it works: The Bureau of Small Projects used to work exclusively with enormous brands and Fortune 500 companies. Their focus changed after they produced “Kindness is contagious”, a documentary where they had to work with several startups and small-scale businesses. Now, their idea is to utilize the experience they have gained while working with the so-called “Big Brands” and apply it to help startups, non-profits, and small to medium-sized companies.

The Bureau of Small Projects offers its services across four categories: branding, web development, content creation, and marketing. These categories do not directly scream search engine optimization. However, SEO is a wide and vast umbrella, and it comprises of several other services as well. Further, there are various services that remain incomplete without incorporating SEO into the mix. Web development, marketing, branding, etc. are all topics that involve SEO either directly or otherwise. Thus, The Bureau of Small Projects is an important entry on this list of the best SEO companies.


Uplers is perhaps the most famous, widespread, and sought-after firm you will come across on this list. They provide services across more than 52 nations, and their list of end clients includes enormously famous brands like National Geographic, Amazon, Facebook, Disney, 21st Century Fox, etc. Uplers started its journey in 2012 and has now spread its wings over services like email marketing, search marketing, WordPress, and other related topics.

Uplers offers web development services for WordPress and HubSpot, design services, and digital marketing related services like search engine optimization, search engine marketing, link building, and email marketing. You can also find several case studies, e-books, and infographics on their website, which speaks to their expertise and knowledge in their field. In fact, Uplers’ expertise is evident from their website itself, which looks and feels modern, beautiful, and is functional in a quick and to-the-point way.

Apart from their SEO and design services, you can also visit their blog that publishes articles about a plethora of topics that are not only informative but also interesting and engaging. To browse those posts, click on this link and you will be taken directly to the blog.


WebiMax is the best SEO agency and their company is also known as the expert in reputation management. It was founded in 2008 and for three consecutive years, received Inc. 5000’s fastest growing agency award. WebiMax is so popular that its CEO and founder Ken Wisnefski was able to land a deal with BFW productions. Now, The Web Masters TV show about Ken and his team is available on Amazon Prime and follows their journey of helping clients with search engine optimization, reputation management, social media management, and several other walks of their business and personal lives.

WebiMax claims that they have a 97% client retention rate which, for those of you who do not understand the world of business, is gigantic! The services they offer are spread out across various categories including optimization, management, and marketing. For example, WebiMax provides digital marketing, reputation management, search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, social media marketing, web design, and other similar services. There is even an option to work with them to get more reviews, which does exactly what it advertises: gets you more reviews about your business so that you become a famous name in your industry.

Page Traffic Inc.

It is an award-winning SEO company that was founded in 2002 in India and has now expanded itself across borders to Chicago and London. Page Traffic is an exclusive member of Dunn & Bradstreet, W3C, and the Search Marketing Association of North America. It has been featured on popular SEO-related websites like Search Engine Journal, SEMRush, Silicon India, etc.

As an SEO agency, Page Traffic Inc. is truly the best. 2020 was the ninth year in a row that saw it receive the Best SEO Company award. In 2021 as well, the company received the honor of being the number one award-winning agency in its field. Their client’s list includes some of the most popular and giant names in the world of business including Tata, HCL, Wildcraft, Raymond, OLX, and several dozen other brands. Further, you can find various case studies and a web design portfolio on their website if you wish to better understand their skills.

They offers a plethora of services and is an expert in several categories that include SEO and design. Their website lists Social media marketing, Enterprise SEO, Web design, SEO training consultation, link building, and online media buying under the “Our services” section.


Delante’s homepage proudly declares that they are not an ordinary SEO Agency. Instead, they are a data-driven SEO powerhouse. While self-praise may not count for much, Delante boasts a long list of clients that span several countries and industries. These clients, including Ceneo.pl, Best Wester, 3Kiwi baby, etc. are all important names in their respective industries and the only reason these names sound unfamiliar is that they are limited to their industries and region. Delante is based in Poland and a large number of their clients are from the same area as well. However, do not let that distract you since Delante’s expertise is visible in the numbers available on their website.

Delante provides SEO and SEM related services that include E-commerce SEO, International SEO, Longtail SEO, as well as SEO audit, consulting, setup, and copywriting. For search engine marketing, you can consult them for their expertise on Google remarketing, Google Ads audit, and other services across Google Ads and Google shopping. They also run a blog where you can stay up to date with the latest developments in the world of e-commerce, SEO, marketing, etc. To browse the blog, you may follow this link.

SEOTonic Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

SEOTonic is an award-winning firm that has been declared as the best SEO agency in India, though its services are available beyond the Subcontinent’s borders. SEOTonic has offices in the United Kingdom and the United States apart from its home nation. It was founded in 2006 with just three clients. Today, its team comprises of about fifty-five web professionals serving about 300 clients globally.

SEOTonic does not differ much from its competitors in terms of the number of services offered. The categories covered are online marketing, search engine optimization, and web design & development. The first two of these include content marketing, reputation management, PPC management, social media marketing, local SEO, link building, and link removal services. However, the company has gained massive trust and popularity in these sectors due to its approach towards achieving the desired results.

SEOTonic has been declared as a top SEO firm and it also received GoodFirms’s Top App Developers Belarus award. There are various case studies available on their website about their clients, and they run a blog as well which you can visit at this link. The blog offers creative and informative insights into the world of SEO and marketing.


ThatWare was founded by Tuhin Banik, an international expert in the field of search engine optimization. Tuhin is most recognized for his unmatched expertise over semantic search, automation, data science, and most importantly, artificial intelligence. The last one of these carries special significance since ThatWare is one of the very few SEO agencies around the world and the very first one to combine artificial intelligence (AI) with data science and SEO.

Due to its visionary approach and success, ThatWare has received recognition from agencies like the Times of India, Forbes, Clutch, Economic Times, Menifest, etc. They have generated more than four million qualified leads and helped their clients generate about 93 million dollars in revenue through SEO. These are enormous numbers, especially for a company that is a mere six years old.

ThatWare offers about a dozen exclusive services including AI-assisted SEO, advanced SEO, advanced digital marketing, advanced link building, business intelligence & consultation, social media marketing, etc. Further, you can also find SEO services that are honed and adjusted for specific countries like Israel, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, etc.

You can also find several blogs run by ThatWare on this webpage.

WebFX – Result drove Digital Marketing solutions

Not all websites here are blogs. This list also includes a few SEO service companies. If you are looking for websites that offer solutions in fields related to Search Engine Optimization, then WebFX is the number one contender. WebFX claims to have driven more than two hundred and fifty-five thousand-page one rankings on Google for their clients.

WebFX provides one of the most comprehensive marketing solutions on the internet. With categories like search pricing, brand pricing, and marketplace pricing comprising their areas of expertise, they have the widest possible array of services to offer in the field of digital marketing. They also offer content-related services like SEO copywriting as well as for analytics and social media solutions that help improve your user experience and social presence.

Once again, while digital marketing does not sound like SEO, you must remember that the latter is an umbrella covering hundreds of topics and digital marketing happens to be an important one among those.

Brick Marketing

Boston-based digital marketing firm Brick Marketing specializes in Search Engine Optimization and boasts more than a thousand clients all around the United States. Brick Marketing claims that they are selective about their clients and only accept those whom they can truly help.

Brick Marketing offers a wider variety of services in the search engine optimization and digital web marketing categories. These include SEO solutions, content marketing, website content copywriting, business blog writing, social media management, pay-per-click management, web development, SEO for B2B, and digital marketing services. Brick Marketing also runs a blog available at this link.

The list of Brick Marketing’s clients includes Bennett awards, Roan solutions, B2B.com, Eliassen group, Devonshire, Sports Signup, etc. These are reputable names in their fields and Brick marketing’s remarkable effort and success are evident from the fact that you can find all these brands on page one of most search engines if you perform a quick search of any of these names.

SEM Nexus

SEM Nexus is a top-ranking marketing agency that specializes in helping startups and their focus is on building and marketing mobile applications. Note that SEM nexus is not solely an app marketing agency. They also provide app development services so that their clients can have applications developed in-house. That way, both development and marketing steps can be completed under the aegis of a single firm, which greatly simplifies and streamlines the publishing process.

SEM Nexus uses a trademark optimization process to improve the ranking of their clients’ mobile apps. This includes App store optimization, social media marketing and influencer marketing, and marketing through advertisements. Further, they also provide user testing and venture capitalist connections to secure your app’s future. For keeping up with the latest in the world of mobile app marketing, you can visit SEN Nexus’s blog at this link.

SEM Nexus proudly sits among the top SEO agencies list of several SEO-related websites including GoodFirms, The Manifest, Medium, The Mobile App Daily, Clutch, 99 Firms, and Business of Apps.

Local SEO Search Inc.

Local SEO Search is a full-service search engine optimization (SEO) company that was founded around 2013 by John Vuang. The idea behind Local SEO Search Inc. was to help small and family businesses that we’re unable to find the results they were looking for before the company’s inception.

Local SEO Search Inc. is based in Canada and the United States and it serves clients across Toronto, Southwestern Ontario, and other parts of Canada. Just like the companies that it helps, Local SEO Search Inc. is also a small business and has helped more than ten thousand clients with their SEO related needs.

Local SEO Search Inc. provides services for web design, content writing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization. They also hold a podcast that you can browse on iTunes, Play Music, and Stitcher. Further, they run a blog that at this address where you can find posts about web design, business advice, SEO, and online marketing.

The company’s clients include Cosmo Dental Centre, Timberlane Tree Service, Oriole Physiotherapy, and Gerry’s Automotive among other such names.

Actuate Media

Actuate Media is a data-driven digital marketing solutions company with over 8 years of experience in the field of digital and traditional media implementation. Their focus is on driving B2C (business to consumer) relations and they take advantage of data and analyses to achieve this goal. Understanding their clients’ customers allows them to come up with smart digital advertising solutions. If you wish to find just one word that sets Actuate Media apart, then here it is: transparency.

Actuate Media provides 12 different services that span various industries. These services include search engine optimization, search engine or pay per click marketing, services related to Google Shopping advertisements, video advertisements, social media advertisements, social media management, email marketing, as well as website content and design services.

Actuate Media has won several awards, including the Top Digital Agency award, the Top SEO agency award, the Top SEO Company award, and was declared among the Top 10 Local SEO Companies. It is also a verified Google Partner specializing in Search ads, video ads, display ads, and shopping ads. For keeping up with their vision of the business and SEO world, you can visit their blog here.

Web Choice

Web design, marketing, and search engine optimization go hand-in-hand, which is why Web Choice is an excellent contender for this list of the best SEO agencies. They are a full-service web design and digital marketing agency based in England with an experience of more than 10 years.

Web choice’s list of services spans three categories: design & development, search engine optimization, and marketing. These correspond to services like social media marketing, PPC marketing, SEO, copywriting, and video creation.

Web Choice is a highly renowned expert and their list of clients also includes particularly famous names like Kenwood, Bumblebee Charters, Thryft Advisors, Makosch, and My Porter Commercial among other similar names. Their expertise bore a reward in the form of the Clutch Top Web Design Agency for the 2021 award that they received, along with finding a spot on GoodFirms’s top web development companies list and several five-star reviews on Google.

Once again, if you want to share their vision and understand their views, you can keep up with the world of SEO and web development through their eyes at the Web Choice blog.

 Social Media 55

Social Media 55 has only been around since 2014 but it has quickly risen to fame and gained a sensational reputation. It now has clients across the entire Canadian landscape, as well as several places in the United States. Its vast list of services belongs in social media advertising, endorsement, and management categories simultaneously.

Social Media 55 was founded by Joseph Rothstein with a vision to provide customized solutions that offer peace of mind and deliver results in fields spanning web design, web development, optimization, marketing, management, etc. The company is one of the very few contenders on the market that provide expertly crafted solutions for such a wide array of industries. If you visit their website and open the “Services” menu, you will notice that niche specific marketing services cover more than half of your screen. Social Media 55 is perhaps the only company that offers such customized and targeted solutions.

The hard work and persistence that went into the company’s journey have attracted the attention of several SEO-related firms and Social Media 55 received the Top B2B Companies award in 2018, Top Social Media Agency Award in 2019, and the Upcity Excellence Award for 2019.

Caveni Digital Solutions

Most brands on the internet are about landing huge clients that can generate revenues in the order of millions. Not Caveni Digital Solutions. Created in 2016, Caveni is about helping small businesses and startups receive the same level of success that major enterprises have received, allowing their websites to come to scale and thrive in today’s enormously competitive world.

Caveni started off in Philadelphia but now has three more offices across the globe in Romania, Texas, and Indonesia. They provide services related to web design and development, SEO, Consulting, and Social Media, with the first one of these comprising half of their total portfolio till date. More specifically, their services span the following categories: Web development, Digital marketing, Brand strategy, Content creation, Business consulting, and Data analytics.

Caveni also has one of the most beautiful and informative blogs of all SEO agencies on the internet. They publish insights into the world of E-commerce, digital marketing, web development, and Search Engine Optimization. Unfortunately, this blog is rarely updated and thus, not the best way to stay up to date with modern trends. However, if you are looking to gain some knowledge, do not hesitate to visit the blog here.

 AMR Softec

AMR Softec is another web design, SEO, and digital marketing company that made its entry into the world quite recently in 2017 with headquarters located in Mohali, also known as the fastest growing city of India. Several wildly popular brands and websites reside within the portfolio that AMR Softec boasts, including ONY Masks, Obrien Boilers, Cash Pundit, Shop Shields, and Naveen Arora. And these are only those names who have requested AMR Softec’s services for Web Design and development.

Apart from that category, AMR Softec also provides excellent services at remarkable values in the fields of digital marketing. Almost all of their packages include the following services: on-page optimization, local content marketing, local search engine optimization, link acquisition strategy, and reporting. All of these services are available at highly inexpensive costs and AMR Softec is perhaps the most reasonably priced SEO agency of all the entries on this list.

For keeping up with the latest about SEO, web design, and marketing, you can visit the AMR Softec Blog at this link.


Livepage, a Google Premier Partner Company, is a global expert in the fields of Search Engine Optimization and PPC & Email Marketing. Their offices are situated across the United States, Europe, and Central Asia. Clutch, which is an independent rating and review platform, recognized Livepage in 2019 as the number one SEO agency in Ukraine and number 30 around the world.

Livepage has been around for more than nine years and have helped more than a hundred and twenty companies across the globe. Of the many brands I have come across, Livepage is the only one with a specific version for English apart from its native language variant.

Livepage offers services like SEO audit, Competitive analysis, link building, e-commerce, penalty removal, A-Z PPC management, Advertising Campaigns management, and several email marketing-related services. They claim that they can help you generate income from email marketing medium within just one month and the best part about it is that all email marketing-related systems that Livepage offers are fully automated. No-fuss, no mess!

As usual, Livepage also has a blog you can browse at this URL to stay informed about SEO, management, and marketing.

Mandy Web Design

Mandy Web Design is based in India and started off under the aegis of Mandeep Chahal, a seasoned SEO and marketing professional with more than 12 years of experience in his field. While the company is based in India, Mandy Web Design’s clients are not limited by the confines of a nation and transcend political and physical boundaries. They include Orchids International, Atlanticon, Olawale Law Firm, Intersoft, and Bolder Creative Studios.

Mandy Web Design has received a five-on-five rating by more than two hundred clients in the world of web design and development, for which they follow a thorough ten step process. Similarly, their app design & development team has a five-step process including discovery, design, development, Q and A, and delivery. They also offer search engine optimization services like worldwide SEO, local SEO, e-commerce SEO, and PPC marketing.

Mandy Web Design has received several awards. It was among Clutch’s Top Design Companies in India for 2021, among The Manifest’s Top Wed Design Agencies 2021, declared as the Best in Search for 2021 by Top SEO.

Web Design Discovery

Web Design Discovery is the number one source for web design and digital marketing in India that also works on SEO-related jobs.

The team at Web Design Discovery offers the following SEO related services: Keyword research and website analysis, content creation, website audit and optimization, on-page optimization, link building, and reporting & analysis. Further, you can contact them for web development and web design related queries as well and for learning about SEO and marketing, keep up with their blog at this page.

eSign Web Services Pvt Ltd.

eSign Web Services is a google certified internet marketing agency that has more than fourteen years of experience helping businesses of all ages and sizes grow and evolve online. eSign is also based in India, but its clients span several countries. With more than two thousand clients, and above ten thousand first page rankings, eSign truly deserves all the awards it has received including its feature in the Silicon India magazine. You can visit their blog at this link or pay a visit to their website here.

Quick SEO Tips

Another point I would like to discuss before diving in is a list of quick SEO tips that you must keep in mind before you go and contact an SEO agency. Here goes:

seo companies and services

  • Always add internal links to pages on your website. Inter-connection and intra-connection are equally essential.
  • Add missing subtopics. There is a Content Gap tool out there. You can use it to check for topics that are missing from your website but present in other top-ranking websites. It will give you a list of keywords that are not present in your page and thus, there is a “content gap” present. Fill that content gap to increase your ranking and relevance.
  • Send emails to whoever you have linked to. For example, suppose you linked to Mr. Smith’s website. Then, you can send Mr. Smith an email telling him that “Hey! I attached backlink to your website. Hope it helps you.” Add your contact info in the end and press “send”.While this email will not get you backlinks, but it will get you noticed and start a conversation. And engaging and connecting with people will prove beneficial for you in the long run.
  • Perform annual content audit. I once read on a blog that they deleted certain posts from their blog after a few months and it actually led to an increase in traffic. Congestion on website reduces SEO ranking and thus, if you have non-essential pages that are not contributing to your ranking, delete them. You can also edit and update old posts. Your actual plan of action will depend on what report your content audit generates.
  • Repurpose your content in different forms. People have varying preferences about the type of content they enjoy. Not everyone will enjoy videos, but not everyone will enjoy textual matter either. You must repurpose content of one form into another once it has served its purpose.

This will increase your ranking and relevance and who knows? You might even be able to add something essential you missed the first time around; or add something that came into being long after the post was first published; or remove something redundant that you should not have included in the first place.  Thus, repurposing content is important.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) is the process of optimizing and adjusting webpages for search engines. Essentially, there are two important goals behind performing SEO on a website:

  1. Ensuring that the website ranks better in search engine results.
  2. Improving the quality and quantity of traffic that the website receives via search engines.

SEO allows for a website to receive better traffic, which significantly affects income and business. A webpage that is properly optimized will appear first when someone searches for keywords that are relevant to the content on that webpage. The list of best SEO companies that we will soon get to will help you find SEO agencies that take care of this optimization for you and do this task excellently.

Unlike most other websites, the idea behind search engines is that a user spends the least possible amount of time on their website. Success in this regard indirectly means that the user found what they were looking for quickly. A quickly satisfied user is a happy user. And happy users mean more money. Money is what drives companies.

Why perform Search Engine Optimization?

No matter what theories suggest, search engines are most people’s entry point to the internet. Even when people know your URL, they often start by typing your company name in the address bar which leads to a search engine, most often Bing or Google. Hence, ensuring your website ranks higher on search engines is a must if you wish for more traffic.

You will be surprised to know that of all the people that use a search engine, only a tiny percentage actually go to page two of search results. Thus, without proper optimization, you will receive no traffic at all.


This concludes our list of the top SEO agencies around the world. If you know of other entries that should be included here, let us know in the comments box below.

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