25 Best Social Media Management Companies and Services

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So, we all know that social media platforms are used by companies, both big and small, to promote their products and services. Even though at its core most people use social media mainly for looking at pictures, videos, and other types of posts there are times when they do click on an advertisement because they are interested in the product or service and it is this interest that the companies are looking to capitalize on.

This is where social media management and marketing comes into play. You need to find the right audience and show them the ad for products that they will probably be interested in. But since social media is so big with hundreds of millions of active users and each social media platform has different features things can often get overwhelming. This is why there are many social media management companies and services.

We have listed below some of the best social media management agencies out there that can provide you with such a service. Take a look at them and do check them out and get your queries answered by contacting the support team. We also have a comprehensive guide in the end that goes through what social media management entails, why you should do it too and some tips to help you move in the right direction. So, let’s get started.

List of Social Media Management Companies


If you are looking for a social media management company whose main target audience is businesses that fall under the B2B companies category then FullyDigital is one of the options that you can take a look at. So, if your business deals in products or services that mainly cater to other businesses rather than consumers then you should check out this company.

It is quite an expert when it comes to using social media platforms to generate leads for its clients. The company is good at its job because it takes time to understand it’s clients and then creates customized plans to better suit their needs. If you are already planning to run paid ads on the social media platform of your choice then you can use the expertise of FullyDigital to get more ROI.


GrowBranding is a company that is based out of Utah. The company provides various services that are not limited to social media platforms. But if you are looking for a social media management company then this website has appropriate PPC services along with good quality ad services for Facebook and LinkedIn.

The company wants the best results for its clients so it continuously tried to optimize the campaigns. For example, if the company is providing its clients PPC campaigns it will optimize the campaign weekly to ensure optimal results at a lower cost. The company is more focused on Google ads and believes it to be one of the most powerful when it comes to PPC but also recognizes the potential that Social Media Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn have in this regards as well.


So, the first company on this list is LabelFirm. This is a company that focuses on providing top-quality social media management services to its clients. It has worked with big and small companies and has helped create marketing campaigns on social media platforms that provide high-quality results.

This company has been featured in many lists, blogs and TV shows. Some of the services that LabelFirm provides include social media marketing, social media advertising, SEO, video animation, email marketing, and PPC management. Since this is one of the top companies the price is quite high. For example, if you are looking for social media management services the price starts at $700 per month. LabelFirm has generated more than $100 million in revenue for clients having worked with more than 400 clients.


SkyBranding is a company that helps brands with their social media marketing by providing a variety of services that are result-driven. The strategies range from social strategies to content production to paid advertising campaigns to community management and much more. The company wants to ensure that the services it provides work well with its clients. It starts by having a meeting with the agenda of understanding the target audience.

This meeting helps them get insights on the target audience which is very important in creating content tailored for the audience. Once they have an understanding they start working on creating custom content for the clients. The company offers multilingual support for its clients providing social media management in over 36 languages.


The next social media management agency on the list is also an American company. Shoutzer is based out of Dallas, Texas. The company works with clients and understands their business, products and services. This helps them create custom strategies for each of the clients. Everything is taken care of by Shoutzer. The clients have a smooth experience. They go through stages that include brand discovery, formulating strategy, assembling the campaign and then deploy and manage it.

The company helps clients with growing their sales, getting more all installs, generate leads and much more. It believes in being honest and keeps everything transparent. The company genuinely cares about the clients and wants to maintain its successful track record with each client.

Ignite Social Media

The next social media management agencwy on the list is Ignite Social Media. The name of the company can give you a hint as to what it is passionate about. Ignite Social Media has been around for more than a decade having been founded in 2007. It makes it one of the earliest social media management companies out there and the company does not shy away from it claiming to be the oldest in the business.

The company has its offices in North Carolina and Michigan. It has worked with some of the biggest brands helping develop its social media marketing strategy.  The company provides services like strategy development, Influencer engagement, paid social media advertising, consulting, social listening etc. So, if you are interested check them out.

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency does exactly what its name suggests. It provides services to help clients with online marketing and thrive on social media and other digital platforms. Over the years, of its existence, the company has worked with a lot of businesses. It has raked in good reviews and has over 100 5-star reviews on Google and has achieved similar accolades on other reviewing and social media platforms.

The company provides full digital marketing services and has been in this industry for over 16 years having started in 2005. The company is confident in its skills and believes that it can help you take you to boost your online presence. So, if you are looking for a social media management company that can help with social media marketing then check out Thrive Internet Marketing Agency.


If you are looking for social media management companies then one of the companies that you can check out is Audiencely. This is a German company based out of Düsseldorf. The company deals in Influencer marketing and social media marketing. It has services that can help clients, be it businesses or influencers, stay relevant online and have a nice solid presence on social media platforms.

When you start working with the company it does an in-depth analysis of your social media and then the in-house social media experts give their advice on how to improve stuff. Audiencely has worked with some big names like NordVPN, Disney, Tencent, EA etc.

Vireo Video

Now, there are businesses that use YouTube as the primary social media platform for promoting their products and services. If you are one of them then Vireo Video is one of the social media management agencies that you can check out. The company specialises in providing video marketing services for YouTube. It will develop the video strategy and help with YouTube SEO. It also helps with video advertising on, not only YouTube but also Facebook.

The company uses research-based and data-backed strategies to help increase your viewership and thus, gain you more revenue. The company researches your online target audience. It understands what kind of videos they are looking at. It then formulates a plan to create videos that will be liked by the target audience. With these targeted campaigns on YouTube and Facebook, the company ensures that you get a good return on your investment.


KlientBoost is a company that helps clients increase their revenue through cleverly designed online campaigns which can help bring more conversions. The company mainly deals with three services which they provide to its clients. It provides services for pay-per-click, designs and conversions.

To do this effectively the company starts focusing on optimizing the social media of its clients. The company helps its customers advertise on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn in a more effective way. But the company doesn’t only stop at social media advertising as the landing page that occurs once a potential customer clicks on the link is very important as well. So, KlientBoost helps with the design of the landing page as well along with testing.


Up next, we have a company named WebFx. This is a company that works with global businesses and brands that are mid to high-tier. It uses various innovative solutions and helps businesses with complete online marketing. It provides social media services, SEO services and much more.

WebFx has a team of social media experts who have quite a good understanding of social media management and selecting. These experts create effective social media management plans and execute them to target the right audience and get the right message across. There are different packages for social media management starting from $900 per month which gives you around 15 posts per month along with a couple of ad campaigns and 6 custom images.

PBJ Marketing

PBJ Marketing is a company that offers a variety of services that are all aimed at helping businesses and brands with digital marketing. It provides services that can help with social media management, website design, brand strategy, paid advertising campaigns and a lot more. The company works with clients, to build their presence on social media platforms. It believes that a good data-driven marketing strategy targeted at the right audience can help a lot.

The company uses user data from Facebook to provide good-quality and powerful targeting. PBJ Marketing uses the four-pronged approach to help with social media marketing. It starts with split testing, then moves on to creating engaging ads, then targeting the audience and finally tracking the performance and analyzing the data.

Firebelly Marketing

The next company on this list of social media management agencies is Firebelly Marketing. It is a company that started in 2007 so it has been providing online marketing services to clients for more than a decade. The company mainly focuses on social media platforms when it comes to online marketing.

It provides social media auditing, social media management services and advertising campaign management. The company basically tries to provide everything that you will need to succeed in the social media platform that your brand is using. It will help with content creation, publishing, insights, reporting, and community management.


Bad-Rhino is a social media management company that treats each of its clients individually. It works with the clients to create customized social media management plans to help them gain measurable growth and results on social media platforms of their choice. The company is proud of the quality of its services and the results it produces for the clients.

You can get social media channel audit, content creation and approval, monthly analytics, identification of key strategies and a lot more. The company believes that social media marketing is one of the best marketing options out there when it comes to pricing and the return on investment. So, if you are interested in the company check it out.

Volume Nine

The next company on the list is another social media management company that is an expert when it comes to social media marketing, SEO and content marketing. If you are just starting out with social media marketing then you can reach out to this agency. Volume Nine helps brands start from scratch and gradually grow on social media.

It helps create brand awareness and share your brand story with the world. All the various parts involved in social media marketing are handled by Volume Nine. The company understands your objectives and brand values and then creates a strategy based on it. It provides social media audit, Influencer marketing, social media management etc.


Now, a lot of businesses may have already started on their social media marketing and promotion campaign. They may be regularly posting content promoting their products and services. To increase their exposure they may be looking to invest in advertising campaigns. They may benefit from help from marketing agencies specialising in social media advertising.

This is where the next company on the list comes in.  Jumpfly is a company that specialises in providing services for social media advertising. It is quite adept at managing advertising campaigns on social media platforms mainly Facebook and Instagram.

Little Media Agency

The next company is a UK-based company that has a nice understanding of social media platforms and helps clients create content to attract target audiences and gain more engagement. Little Media Agency is good at content creation that can lead to all the desirable results that one may want from social media marketing like more engagement, more website traffic, lead generation, more exposure etc.

The company provides social media marketing services, blogging services and video marketing. Little Media Agency is a company that works alongside its client creating the strategy that works for that client.

Spin Brands

Spin Brands is a company that is based out of the UK. The company works with businesses and clients who are looking to improve their presence online. Like most of the other agencies on the list Spin Brands also acts as a social media management company as it has various services related to social media management and marketing.

It helps in the planning and strategizing phase, during content creation, managing Influencers, etc. The company claims to have won many awards for its services including the Drum Awards. It has worked with many big brands as well like Viacom and MUJI.


Tinuiti is a company that has services to help clients get their brands more exposure i.e. get the brand in front of more potential audiences. It helps you strengthen the bond with all your followers both new and old. To provide its clients with accelerated growth the company uses an audience-centric approach.

The company uses its performance planning framework viz. GAMMA to help with your digital marketing. GAMMA includes establishing goals and strategy, audience targeting, messaging and creative, measurement testing and learning and acceleration and optimization.


When it comes to any kind of marketing there are several approaches. Marketers have many levers and tools that they can use to formulate strategies for growth. But the main skill is to understand which approach is the best and then executing it effectively.

Convertiv is a social media management agency that understands this and works with a team of strategists and marketing technology experts who use their experience and extensive knowledge to help create plans that align with the goals of your brand and business.


Bornsocial claims to be an award-winning company when it comes to social media marketing and management services. It claims to be for businesses whose approach is more like David’s than that of Goliath’s. The company has been active for the past 7 years and has worked with some of the biggest names in the world while at the same time providing the same quality to small businesses as well.

The company does everything linked with social media marketing including planning the strategy, creating it, executing it and then analyzing the results. It doesn’t matter what your social media goals are, Bornsocial can help you achieve them.

Media Bounty

Media Bounty is a creative social media management company. It is based in London and works with customers all over the world. The company claims to be an agency with a conscience.

It wants to deliver results that can help drive long-term growth for its clients. The company does in-depth research and creates outstanding strategies. It has worked with all types of clients and you can take a look at the various case studies that it provides on the website.

Fuel Online

Fuel Online is a company that provides social media management services. It is proud of its services and claims them to be top-rated and of high-quality.

The team that works in the company consists of around 50 members that have years of experience when it comes to online marketing and SEO. The company is based out of Boston and provides social media awareness, SEO, PPC and campaigns, content and creative etc.


This is a company that wants to become the most respected social media agency out there. The company understands that even though technologies change, new features emerge and new social media platforms have created the importance of good-quality content that engages users online will always be high.

Socialistics also understands that many companies may not have the time to create awesome content for their social media. So, this is where Socialistics comes in and bridges the gap by helping create content, formulate strategy, and manage advertising campaigns.

Social Media 55

The last company on the list is Social Media 55. This is a company that provides various social media management services to its clients including influencer marketing, social media management, marketing in Facebook, and Snapchat.

Managing advertising campaigns on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube.

Ultimate Guide to Social Media Management

So, we have seen the above list of companies that provide social media management services. You can choose the social media management company which you think will work best for you. But if you are just starting out and would like to know more about social media management then this particular guide is for you.

We would like to take you through what social media management is all about and why you should be focusing on ensuring that it is optimized for your brand or business. We will also look at different ways you can get started on or improve social media management for your business.

social media management services

What is Social Media Management?

Social media management is all about monitoring your audience on social media and listening to all the public posts and conversations about your brand and brand niche and using all the info gathered to create a strategy tailored to gain maximum engagement and exposure. In simple terms, it is basically making the most out of social media platforms to gain more followers and possibly make more sales.

You have to figure out what to tweak in your strategy and what steps to take so that more members of your audience are engaging with your posts. The better you are at social media management the more eyes you will get on your brand which will increase the possibility of generating more leads and possibly get some conversions.

Why is Optimal Social Media Management important?

Social media platforms have been around for more than a decade now. If you have been using them from the MySpace days then you have seen the huge growth of these platforms. Earlier, social media platforms were just online places where people can connect with each other and share digital media and texts and messages. But then things started speeding up as businesses and brands started realising the potential of these platforms. After all, millions of people are using these platforms daily.

So, what better place to promote the products and services of the company. This led to businesses and brands using social media for advertisements and promotions which helped them increase their sales and revenue. So, now any business hoping to get a lot of customers need to use social media platforms effectively as it would help them gain more clients. This is why you need to have an efficient and effective social media management strategy.

An optimal strategy will ensure that you are not giving social media management more time than what’s needed. Also, it will ensure that you are getting the most out of your promotional efforts. A good social media management plan can help you deliver high-quality, tailored content to your audience on various social media platforms. But oftentimes social media management can be overwhelming as there are a lot of things to consider. This is why you need to put in some effort and time into planning out your social media management if you want to see some tangible results and make more sales.

Most Popular Social Media Platforms

Earlier, when the social media industry was still in its infancy there were only a few popular social media platforms. But as the industry flourished, lots of platforms started emerging and today there are hundreds of popular social media platforms used by millions of people all over the world.

This information can be overwhelming and it can be useful to understand some of the popular social media platforms, and knowing how businesses use them. In this section of the guide, we plan to provide you with an idea about 8 of the major social media platforms that are currently being used by millions of people.

  • Facebook

One of the OGs of the social media industry that is still one of the most popular of all the social media platforms is Facebook. This is the company that inspired the creation of a lot of other social media companies. Today, many brands and businesses use Facebook to generate leads and chase them down to get online conversions and create brand awareness. This platform has more than a billion users and hundreds of millions of whom are active daily.

So, using Facebook to manage the online promotion and marketing of your products and services can help you a lot. Facebook is a multi-billion dollar company and it has used its capital to create some of the best social media advertising and targeting tools out there. So, if you want to reach your target audience then Facebook is definitely one of the best choices out there.

  • Instagram

Up next, we have Instagram. Well, it is no surprise that a social media platform owned by Facebook will be one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Like Facebook, Instagram pulls in millions of users daily who are always engaging with content posted by other users, brands and businesses. Since Facebook owns Instagram you get all the powerful advertisement tools here as well.

One of the USPs of Instagram is that if you focus on creating visually appealing content for promoting your products and services then it is the best platform to use. Also, if you want to grow on Instagram organically without using any paid service you can do it more effectively. It provides Instagram insights to all the business profiles to better understand the target audience.

  • Pinterest

The next social media platform that lots of people are using is Pinterest. It is one of the best platforms to promote blogs and websites. A lot of people use Pinterest to drive traffic to their articles. Like Instagram Pinterest is a social media platform that is optimized for viewing media. So, if you can create high-quality for promoting your brand then you can use Pinterest as well.

This platform has around 300 million monthly active users. A lot of companies upload images or videos of their products on Pinterest. A huge number of Pinterest users have said that they often make purchases after seeing something on Pinterest. So, this is a good place to promote your products and services.

  • Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms among young people. It is a platform where you can send snaps to people directly or to their story. If you send it to users directly then it can be viewed only once. But like Instagram stories and WhatsApp statuses Snapchat sent to stories will remain for a period of 24 hours. If your business caters to people who are young then Snapchat can be a good platform to promote your brand.

More than half the audience members of the platform are aged between 18 and 24. This is again a platform that is optimised for media as you can only send videos or photos as a snap. There are many advertising options provided by Snapchat to help businesses get their snaps to the top story and discovery feed of users.

  • YouTube

A huge percentage of people who use the internet on a regular basis use YouTube. This is one of the biggest streaming platforms which pulls in hundreds of millions of users daily with over 2 billion monthly active users YouTube is one of the best places on the internet to promote your brand.

Now, there are multiple ways to use YouTube to market your products and services. You can make a YouTube channel and upload videos promoting your stuff. But the most popular way is to pay YouTubers to make videos talking about your product. Popular YouTubers have a huge and loyal audience. So, using them to talk about your product can help generate leads and possibly make a lot more sales than usual.

  • Twitter

The next social media platform that brands and businesses use to gain exposure online is Twitter. Twitter is one of the major and most used social media platforms. Top politicians and celebrities have been using Twitter to talk to their fans and followers. Since hundreds of millions of people are using Twitter brands and businesses use it to create brand awareness and gain a lot of exposure.

Using a combination of photos, videos and texts you can create captivating live updates that can help you increase your reach and gain engagement. Hashtags are quite popular on Twitter and can let you know how people are responding to a particular niche. You can then use this information to promote your business. For example, if people are negatively reacting about some niche you can promote your business as solving that problem.

  • LinkedIn

If you want to tap into a network of professionals and make connections with them then LinkedIn is the social media platform to use. A huge number of businesses and brands, both big and small, are on LinkedIn along with millions of professionals. This is a platform where people are constantly looking for opportunities to get ahead in their career.

Also, a lot of companies are looking for contractors and businesses that they can work with. So, it can be a good place to create brand awareness as people are actively looking for it. This platform is great for businesses that follow the B2B model.

  • TikTok

One of the social media platforms that suddenly became popular with hundreds of millions of active users is TikTok. This is a platform that is structured around short videos. You can upload a short video and share it with the world. This video format was popularized by vines and today many social media platforms have a short video feature. A lot of brands and businesses are regularly using TikTok to promote their products and services.

Many singers and musicians use TikTok to promote their music. The number of users on TikTok has surpassed the user base of many other platforms. So, it is quite obvious why many companies want to use it to create brand awareness. If you can make catchy short videos to promote your product or service then using TikTok can help a lot. The user base consists of young audiences who fall in the Gen Z age group. So, if your target audience belongs to it you can use TikTok for brand promotion.

Now, this is obviously not an exhaustive list as there are hundreds of social media platforms. Our main aim is to provide some info to help you understand how brands are using some of the major social media platforms to reach their target audiences online. You can choose one platform which you think will work best for your brand and then focus mostly on that one while also trying to use multiple social media platforms as it can help with gaining more exposure.

Tips on Social Media Management

In this section of the guide, we will look into many useful tips that can help take your social media management to the next level. As we mentioned before, social media can be quite too much to take at times and the various features can be quite confusing. Different platforms require different strategies and different brands use different plans of promotion. If you are just starting out or struggling with social media management then you are not alone as it is more common than you think.

We hope that the tips that we are going to take a look at will help you in improving your social media management. You can use a combination of multiple tips to ensure that you are getting the most out of your efforts. So, without further ado let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can plan for social media management.

  • Choose the Right Platform

In the previous section, we saw multiple popular social media platforms which businesses and brands use to create brand awareness, get more exposure, generate leads and make sales. We also mentioned that using multiple social media platforms do tend to help. But your focus should be zoned in on the one that works the best with your brand. For example, if you are very good at creating photos and videos as promos for promoting your products and services then Instagram, Pinterest and other similar platforms which have been optimised for media viewing are going to be a better option.

If you want state-of-the-art advertisement support then Facebook is probably one of the best choices. If using audio ads is more suitable Spotify ads can fit your needs better. You need to take your time and understand which platform will help you the most. Initially, you can focus on multiple platforms but then you can audit them and figure out which platform you need to primarily focus on.

  • Conduct a Social Media Audit

Social media management and marketing is an integral part of businesses and brands. So, as you would regularly assess the strategy of your business by the results it brings you would also need to regularly perform a social media audit to understand how well your social media strategy is performing. This can give you an idea about the efficacy of your plans and also provide you with insights on how to improve them.

Now, you can use various free tools that are provided by social media platforms or work with third-party companies and brands to help you with it. If you are low on budget you can go for the free route but if you have some money to spare we suggest you use experts for this as they can better pinpoint things that you can do to improve your strategy and make it more efficient and effective. Some of the main things that you meet to look out for are the engagement metrics, referral traffic, publishing metrics, target audience etc.

  • Knowing and Understanding Your Target Audience

One of the most important reasons why so many businesses started using social media platforms is because they could reach their target audience easily all over the world. In the world of television advertising, brands used to buy spots during the time when a particular tv programme was playing that had viewers who would likely be interested in the product of that brand. For example, toy advertisements would be played during kid shows and medical products would be played during shows with more adult viewers. But when it comes to social media you can easily target your audience by tailoring the content to their liking.

This is why knowing who your target audience is and analyzing them is very important when it comes to social media management and marketing. You can use the tools provided by the platform itself, like Instagram insights, to analyze your audience. There are many third-party tools and software as well which use advanced analytics algorithms to provide you with meaningful results about your audience.

  • Using the Right Tools

To be more efficient and effective in your approach to social media management you need to have the right tools. There are many free and paid tools that can be used to improve social media management. In the previous tips, we mentioned some of these tools. The audit tool can help in doing a health check and the efficiency of your strategy. Analytics tools can help with understanding target audiences. Then there are content creation and management tools.

These help with creating and uploading content on your various social media channels. Many content management tools can help you schedule the posts beforehand. So, you can sit for a couple of days. Plan out the content for the entire week or month and then create and schedule them. Now, you can focus on other important aspects and the scheduler will automatically upload the content as scheduled.

  • Listen To Your Brand Mentions and Do Sentiment Analysis

As your brand grows popular on the internet more people will be talking about it online. These conversations and posts are valuable info and can help understand how people are actually reacting to your products and services. For example, let’s say you sell confectionery products. You have a good following on social media platforms.

There’s a good chance that people will be talking about your products. Whenever a company, let’s say, Nike, comes out with a product people tweet about it or make content about it. Nike can collect all these data and then do sentiment analysis to understand the perception of the target audience. There are tools that do this and can rate the conversations positive or negative. Looking at these results can give you insights into why not or why your brand is working.

  • Managing Influencers Working With Your Brand

Influencers are online celebrities and similar to how you would use actors, actresses, sports personalities and other celebrities to promote your product on television you would use Influencers to promote your brand on social media platforms. Influencers generally have a more loyal following.

So, if you can get them to endorse your product then there’s a good chance that it will generate many leads and conversions. But it is very important to manage Influencers to be able to get the most out of influencer marketing. There are many companies and marketing agencies that take care of that. They will find the right influencers and take care of all the other stuff that comes with that. Basically, you need to define your goals when it comes to Influencer marketing. Do you want to sell more products or do you want to increase brand awareness or do you want more traffic etc.

Next, you need to find the right one. There are agencies as well as AI-based tools that can help you with it. After you have found an influencer, talk with them and discuss the content strategy and goals with them. Once the Influencer does your sponsored content you can then start analyzing the results to calculate the return on investment which will help you understand what changes you need to make to get better results.


Social media management is quite an important part of marketing and promotion in this day and age. We hope this article helped you understand what social media management is all about.

If you are struggling with it you can use the list of social media management companies that we have provided. We wish you all the best.

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