26 Year old Businessman Matthew Canada Shares his Advice for Breaking the Mould Through Entrepreneurship

Matthew Canada

Societal and familial pressure can be a big barrier stopping us from taking the leap of faith to pursue our dreams instead of following a more traditional path. For 26-year-old businessman Matthew Canada, making the decision to choose his goals, his passion, and his purpose without fear of inadequacy in the eyes of anyone else is what has helped this entrepreneurial powerhouse achieve abundance.

Today, Matthew is helping aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere become business-savvy investors who will stop at nothing to manifest their goals into reality.

Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Matthew was raised in Panama City, Florida. His first employment was at the age of 16 where he worked at a Youth Center. Matthew attended Florida A&M University starting in 2013, graduating with his Bachelor’s Degree in electrical engineering in 2018.

Throughout college, Matthew’s money-making mindset was constantly going, exploring viable options to create additional sources of income for himself, starting with investing in real estate. Interestingly enough, it was the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, that would open Matthew’s eyes to the breadth of opportunities available to him that would lead him to the financial freedom he coveted.

The opportunity of network marketing and trading in the financial markets is what caught Matthew’s interest and steered him towards the path of entrepreneurship. Seeing the value he could not only find for himself but bring to others through the platform, Matthew invested his all and has created his own organization called Ingenious Investments.

When discussing the objective behind his business, Matthew says:

“The concept behind Ingenious Investments is informing people about investing and helping them learn the different ways they can go about it. A lot of people are doing what they have to do to provide for themselves and their families, but they may not be knowledgeable about other opportunities to bring in income aside from the traditional 9-5 – maybe because they haven’t been exposed to it, or they don’t have the time or resources to pursue it on their own.

We want to bring this information to people in such a way that they can understand and apply it so they’ll be able to earn that extra income to really start enjoying life without financial pressures”.

With his solutions-based approach for educating his team on investing, Matthew ensures that the proper guidance and mentorship is provided personally to each individual, so they can make a decision appropriate to their lifestyle.

“Once people’s mind is open to the opportunity, the next step is actually connecting them with the information to choose what will work best for them. For instance, with trading in the foreign exchange market, there are a lot of different avenues that you can go about it – scalping, intraday trading, and swing trading.

Depending on your lifestyle, skills, and available time, we’re matching people with the opportunity that will suit them best. It’s sort of an assessment where we evaluate all of the different variables of trading to determine which option you’ll be the most comfortable with and will give you the highest potential for success,” says Matthew.

Matthew understands how difficult and overwhelming it can be when first introduced to investing, especially at a young age, and therefore he focuses heavily on tailoring the experience to each business partner specifically.

When discussing his current goal of bringing more people of a younger demographic into Ingenious Investments, Matthew says:

“A lot of people of the younger generation, maybe under the age of 25 can definitely struggle with the idea of investing and entrepreneurship, I know I definitely did. We kind of live to basically impress our parents and make them happy and we don’t always choose the life that we want. I want to help a lot of kids to have the courage to choose their own path and understand that if they are doing what makes them happy, then ultimately their parents will be happy for them as well.

Gaining that courage and confidence comes from having the right tools, resources, and knowledge about your plans for your future and how you will achieve your investing goals”.

Like many entrepreneurs, at the beginning of his journey, Matthew experienced difficulties mainly in the form of self-doubt. Never having run a business before, Matthew questioned his ability at first to succeed in such a huge undertaking and determine the right blueprint from which he wanted his business to run. Matthew says that to overcome these barriers he has a three-step process:

Step One: “Decide what you want. Once you’ve decided, write it down”.
Step Two: “Find a vehicle that will help you to get where you’ve decided you want to go. Whether that’s starting a business, learning a new skill, going to college, whatever it may be, find it and use it”.
Step Three: “Stick to the plan.

Remember the decision you made and be consistent in how you utilize your chosen vehicle. Don’t give up on it. And enjoy the process”.

Simply by following his three-step plan and fully committing to getting results, like in almost all other cases where we feel inadequate at first, with time, effort, and experience we become seasoned professionals, just as Matthew has become today.

A people-pleaser by nature, Matthew says just as many of the younger entrepreneurs he works with, there can be pressure from parental figures who expect certain things from their kids. When discussing how this obstacle became his opportunity to truly reinvent himself and his life, Matthew says:

“A pivotal moment for me was just choosing to live life for myself. There was a lot of pressure that I felt, and when I look back on it, my family wasn’t really pressuring me, it was just my assumption. I started reading more, focusing on self-development, improving myself mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally – really just on all different levels. And once I started focusing on my goals and realizing that they truly are achievable, everything else just fell into place”.

With Ingenious Investments thriving and Matthew at the helm, there’s no doubt we will be seeing many more aspiring entrepreneurs under his mentorship taking the leap from tradition to off-road success in the world of business.

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