27 Years Old Young Entrepreneur – Meet Palan is Rocking the Business World With his Exceptional Entrepreneurial Ventures.

Meet Palan is among few businessmen in Rajkot who can be classified as self made. Although he comes from a family of businessmen who owns the Meet Family Store, he has however carved his own identity in the market. Meet Palan is a lawyer by education and he practices in Gujarat High Court apart from being a part of his family business.

When it comes to his work and business, Meet Palan is a very serious with his impeccable work ethic and integrity. He has left no stone unturned to establish himself in the Rajkot business world. With his exceptional skills and out of the box thinking, Meet Palan has been able to win over 100 clients also across the world.

Thus taking his business to the next level and emerging as a shining star in Rajkot to allow others to take inspiration from him. He is also known for his inclination towards doing something for the society. Hence, when he along with his friend was able to embark with an initiative dealing with making his city clean and green.

Meet Palan was able to run several awareness campaigns about the same and was able to impress one and able to add values to his city Rajkot making it clean and green. This was recognised by the local media and he was applauded with several awards for carrying out this initiative in his city. Even the popular Hindi TV show at Sab TV called Tarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma showcased his work, which made Meet Palan more popular. Meet Palan got the chance to interact with B Town actors and celebrities who also supported him in this cause.

Meet Palan is just 27 years old but has featured on various news and local television channels in Gujarat for his kindness and social work. Meet Palan is also the founder of ‘Chitranagri’ programme for a clean city with his motto ‘Swach Rajkot, Sundar Rajkot’ along with his father Bipinchandra Palan, Director and Jithubai Kotecha, the Co-founder of the programme ‘Chitranagri’.

For the people of Rajkot, Meet Palan is a businessman but with a difference. Meet Palan is not like any other entrepreneur who is only interested in boosting up dividends but at the same time, he is social in nature and loves his city Rajkot and intends to keep it clean and green. He has often kept himself busy in getting engaged in social activities that have created a brand for himself.

Meet Palan along with his friend Jithubai Kotecha co-founded a social program called Swachh Rajkot, Sundar Rajkot. The duo has collaborated with different groups and NGOs to make this initiative and others called Chitranagri very effective. Thanks to his father who has always remained for Meet Palan to support such programs to add more impact in the city with it. This has made him popular in the media as well as he was featured in top media portals like Yahoo News and Midday giving him enough space.

In a sense, the beauty and gleem one can find in Rajkot city has been his gift to his place.  This is not all, as he has remained very supportive to the poor and the downtrodden people in Rajkot and its vicinity during the lockdown period due to COVID 19 outbreak. The crisis has led to a panic kind of situation where the people have lost money in a big way. Meet Palan has supplied them with food and other essential stuff. One can find him making news in the media. While he is active on social media, one can find his efforts in various social and charitable activities in the city.

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