2martyg Sheds Light On The Struggles Of Growing Up As An Immigrant

In the list of the names of the most famous and inspiring musicians one of the names that will always be there is the name of Martin Gomez (2martgy). Martin is an impeccable musician, a great entrepreneur, and an inspiring Philanthropist who is following his dreams of creating impeccable music for helping hundreds and thousands of people in the world.

The Chronicles of 2martgy

When Martin was a child his parents and a small child came from a different place in the world and decided to settle in the United States. However, as an immigrant Martin faced various adverse and challenging situations in his life.

When Martin started to go to school he was highly bullied by his schoolmates because of being an immigrant. He knew he was different but he didn’t know that he would have to face a tough time because of being different in America.

Martin had to face the bullying of his classmates and the rude behavior of his schoolmates almost all his life. During this adverse time in his life, Martin found his love and passion for creating music. Later on, Martin realized that playing music gives him happiness and calms his mind. Martin used to play his music whenever he used to feel alone or gets bullied by his schoolmates.

Martin created his first fully composed rap song at the age of 14. He joined a music group that was famous with the name The 109 Group. The 109G was a local band that used to perform for various events.

Soon enough the band The 109G and their lead musician Martin Aka (2martgy) started to perform for various events and at numerous concerts at a bigger level. Following a few years, the 109G bandana martin became famous and found immense popularity. Martin dropped various albums of his own music and rap songs on his Youtube channel, Marty.

Finding Music During Stressful Times

During the adverse and challenging time of Martin’s life, only music could help him get through. Martin says that he was only able to face the adverse situations in his life because of his music and because of the immense support and love of his fans.

Therefore he also wants to do something in return for his friends and for all the people who face something similar in their lives.

He believes that with his music he can show support and love to all the people who are facing or are fighting some kind of battle in their life. For helping such people Martin became a Philanthropist at the age of 16.

Martin says he can understand and feel the pain of being a kid and have to fight with issues such as discrimination or bullying by schoolmates. Martin says that he does not want any other person in the world to go through what he went through when he was a child. He believes that as music has worked wonders for him, his music can work wonders for other people who are suffering from similar issues in their life.

Martin Gomez is right now working on a special rap song for his fans. He stated in one of his announcements that he is going to drop new music for his fans along with a special video. Martin’s fans believe that The 109G boys are making a comeback but who knows. Martin has not shared any specifics regarding the video. However, he did mention that the song and the specialized video might air sometime late in 2021.

Final Take: Other Interests

Aside from being an eminent musician, Martin Gomez additionally has a couple of other passionate character traits and hobbies. These include: the ability to travel to a plethora of different countries, the ability to engage in a variety of different adventure sports- such as snowboarding, and many more.

Martin believes that everyone gets only one life and we all must do whatever we want to do. We must always work and go after our dreams because dreams do come true one day.


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