3 Amazon Optimization Strategies to Stop Wasting Time, Money, and Energy

Undoubtedly the largest e-commerce website in the world, Amazon received over 20.6 million users per month in 2018 alone. That is why almost every business on the planet is trying to reap the online gold rush by selling their products on Amazon. However, competition on Amazon is fierce. 

If you intend to sell on Amazon or are already a seller, I am sure you have wondered how to filter through the noise and competition to make a reasonable income. To do this, Kharen Minasian, founder of Lab916, argues that you need to begin approaching your Amazon environment from a multi-angle and 3D perspective. Kharen shares three tested strategies that have been proven to help sellers on Amazon save money, time, and energy while increasing sales.

Invest in Software Integration for Amazon

Everyone knows that Amazon, for almost every single product category, has become a pay-to-play type game. You need to invest your advertising dollars when first launching your product to stand out amongst the masses, especially when you are new to the game and have an unknown brand. You have probably already read dozens of tutorials about how to set up one automatic and one manual campaign then adding more keywords via the dozens of YouTube videos from Amazon gurus out there. But have you taken into consideration the power of software integration to your Amazon system? 

By adding the software automation element to your Amazon PPC, you can do things like dayparting and hourly bid adjustments, which allow for a slight decrease in ACoS over time. Unless you are sitting in front of your computer every single minute of the day watching your bids, using software automation is the only way to go to ensure that your ad dollars are being maximized down to the penny.

Integrations facilitate efficiency in terms of inventory management. Not only will systems integration help you centralize your Amazon orders across all sales channels, but you will also be able to track whether you are getting a good return on investment in terms of advertising. 

Focus on How Your Customers Interact With Your Product 

Statistics reveal that in 2018, over 1 million new sellers joined Amazon last year. This e-commerce platform sells over 353 million products, including 1.1 million home improvement products. How do you make your product stand out in such a large online market?

Focus on the main thumbnail and how your brand or product’s first interaction with the customer comes through this initial thumbnail. Use, for example, a product that is made for a specific type of dog or cat – instead of just using the product in the main thumbnail, think about how you can integrate the actual animal into the packaging or the background of the thumbnail – doing so allows you to speak directly to your main customer, with no confusion about what type of animal this is for.

Drive Outside Traffic to Your Amazon Store

The final strategy you can utilize to bring even more traffic to your Amazon listing would be to drive outside traffic to your Amazon store. Everyone already knows about the power of Facebook and Google ads and the type of traffic you can bring from all over the world to your product. But what good is it if you cannot even retarget or track the traffic? Enter Pixelfy.me or the myriad of other similar tools that allow for custom pixel tracking of your Amazon ASINs – now, Amazon’s new A10 algorithm will naturally reward your listing even more because of the external traffic you are bringing in. The clicks register through the custom Pixelfy.me code, which allows you to track, retarget, and bring back your customer to your Amazon listing.

With all 3 of these strategies combined, you are entering the advanced levels of strategy and technique, which are hardly covered in any YouTube or guru’s tutorial. By taking advantage of the entire playing field and looking at your business from a 3D perspective from multiple angles, you can set yourself up for success by thinking outside the box and thinking about how various types of tools work together to ensure you’re winning on Amazon.

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