3 Easy Ways to Defeat Stress and Be More Peaceful

Would you like to know 3 simple things you can do every day to add peace and reduce stress in your life?


There’s no time to waste. These easy steps are yours.

Here they are:

Take a Walk With Nature

When you leave your phone in your car or at home and dedicate an hour to yourself, good things happen to your health. When you find yourself struggling to breathe during the week because of how much you have going on, take a part of your day and spend it walking by the river or in the woods. You will soon find it easier to breathe deeper because you are focused on the present moment. You appreciate the nature that produces the oxygen you breathe. You feel at peace. The only thing on your mind is the path in front of you. You begin to experience peace when you hang out with the earth’s green. This I cannot recommend too highly.

Drink Lots of Water During the Day

A concept many of us are familiar with but don’t take to heart: drink lots of water. Here’s the reality: our brains and bodies are made up of over 70% water. That water keeps our skin smooth, our moods positive, and our inner organs functioning well. So what do you think happens when we wake up dehydrated from 6–8 hours of sleep and still avoid water? You got it. Your brain starts pulling that water from other organs in your body, and that makes you feel weary. You don’t think straight anymore. You’re in a bad mood. Your body is missing its special ingredient. Naturally, that causes congestion and makes it difficult to be present. Please, start with 8 bottles a day. You’ll think better, gain clarity, and move more easily. You’ll sleep better, and you’ll look younger than Jennifer Aniston at 50.

Wake Up Early

This you’ve heard of. This you wish you did more often than not. Did you know that if you wake up 1 hour earlier than you do, you add 365 bonus hours to your life each year? When that happens, we create time to meditate, listen to our favorite music, or even set the tone for the day with a positive thought or affirmation. Waking up early, as opposed to rushing and forgetting things before you start your day, puts you at ease with the next 24 hours. The feeling of satisfaction mixed with gratitude hits you when you wake up before the sun. All the greats, all the successful entrepreneurs of the past and the present, have embraced the power of early rising because of the happiness you can discover when you do. Being in control of the day naturally makes us happier people and brings us a peaceful state of mind for the day. And, if you do this every day, you can turn it into a year.


I write this for my own reminder, too. It’s easy to forget to do things that are good for us as long as we keep them from becoming habits.

Let’s acknowledge right now that, in one way or another, we encounter stress. Whether it be because of how much we work, the drama that clouds us, or even thinking our health into sickness – whatever the case may be, we are stressed, and we agree that our lives could be richer and larger with more peace and happiness.

We could be better people, smile more genuinely, think more clearly, breathe a little deeper, and make more friends. When you’re at peace in your life, you find it easier to see the good in others. Everything that you call life begins to gravitate towards you and fulfills your inner ambition to grow and become better.

Well, if you struggle to even believe that you can find peace, let me share this with you:

I believe in you because you took the first step. You read this. And that’s a start.

Best wishes,


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