3 Edtech Platforms Helping Students Adjust to Remote Learning

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Let’s face it – COVID-19 sent the education sector into a tailspin. In most countries across the globe, students, teachers, parents, faculty, administrators, and all other members of the learning community had about 48 hours to pull together a plan for remote learning.

Now, technology is the future of education, that’s for certain, but not all students found the transition from the traditional brick-and-mortar setting to a remote, online environment, easy.

In fact, the hurried transition into a virtual classroom left many students yearning for less complicated access to teachers and educational support systems, or feeling left behind altogether. And for many, though the internet is an incredible resource, the dichotomy between “just google it” and actual, authentic learning felt like an insurmountable chasm.

However, the challenges that COVID-19 brought to bear were the same inspirations for creativity and growth in the EdTech world. As students found themselves searching for support and resources to supplement their now-remote education, several platforms said, “challenge, accepted!” and sought innovative ways to reach students.

Platforms like Wyzant, Studypool, and Quizlet, all of which existed pre-pandemic, took the needs of their users to heart and rolled out new services and initiatives to provide the fundamental connections between students, teachers, tutors, and resources which are so often lacking in an online education setting. Now almost two years into the pandemic, these platforms continue to serve as the leaders in online student support.


Wyzant isn’t your normal, run-of-the-mill tutoring platform. This EdTech company has really revolutionized and streamlined the process of finding a tutor in your area. After filling out a short questionnaire, students receive a list of vetted tutors, all of whom have completed the required background checks, tests, and interviews to ensure they are qualified to teach a particular subject.

From the list, the Wyzant platform allows students to reach out to their potential tutors, set up a meeting location, and confirm their sessions. Wyzant also offers a secure means for meeting online with your tutor, as well as paying them! It is all hassle-free, and a quick and efficient way to get the quality help you need, fast.


Studypool is, to say the least, revolutionizing the online education industry. They have created a platform that primarily provides what is referred to as “virtual microtutoring,” in which students can submit their questions, be paired with a tutor for their particular needs, and receive chat support as they work through a tough problem or subject.

With tutors available 24/7, in all conceivable subject matters, and at the price offered by the student, truly it has never been so easy to get a question answered by an expert in any field of study.

On top of this, Studypool is quickly growing its community Notebank, which provides access to old study materials and documents. Students can either contribute their own work to the Notebank in exchange for access to the information they need, or they can pay to access another’s study materials.

Regardless of the path they choose to take, Studypool’s Notebank is now comprised of millions of pieces of study material in all subjects, languages, and levels of education. This makes it so incredibly easy to find exactly the information you need when studying!


Many students know Quizlet as the online platform for flashcards: this site merged technological innovation with tried-and-true study habits. Students could create their own decks of flashcards, personalized to their specific needs, or they could access any of the hundreds of decks already made by others, and gain immediate access to study materials.

With multiple users able to access the same flashcard decks, this online platform targeted both individuals and groups looking for quick and well-practiced studying options. With some site innovations, Quizlet introduced games and classroom access to their study sets, allowing even more students to take part in a collaborative learning experience.

Now, Quizlet has introduced yet another helpful study tool. They have created a database of solutions to practice problems, taken from thousands of the most commonly used textbooks in a variety of different subjects.

These practice problems have been written and refined by experts in the field, and the platform even has a feature where the answers can be unlocked in a step-by-step fashion, helping students create a clear line of thinking through some of the toughest problems they encounter.

Simply search for your Textbook, find your chapter or subject matter, and have instant, convenient access to verified solutions. No need to wait for a tutor here, or get bogged down in conversation! Just quick, streamlined answer keys to any textbook question you can find.

So, what’s stopping you?

These leaders in the online EdTech industry have heard our cries! Whatever challenge you are facing in an online classroom, there is surely a document or quick-access tutor on Studypool, a long-term, consistent tutor on Wyzant, or a study deck and textbook answer key on Quizlet to help get you un-stuck and back in a learning groove!

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