3 Key Differences Jack Canfield Taught Me That Separate Super-high Achievers from Everyday People

If you’re a purpose-driven entrepreneur then this article is for you.
Jack Canfield dropped some serious knowledge bombs at Cole Hatter’s Thrive: Make Money Matter conference, and I’m excited to share them with you.
For those of you who don’t know, Jack is an American author, motivational speaker, seminar leader, corporate trainer, and entrepreneur. He is the co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, which has more than 250 titles and 500 million copies in print in over 40 languages.
In short, Jack is one of the most bad-ass thought leaders who has ever walked the planet.
Last weekend in San Diego, he taught me these 3 key differences that separate super-high achievers from everyday people:
  1. They have unusual clarity
  2. They have developed powerful success habits
  3. They take 100% responsibility for their life and results
We’re going to go into these briefly so you can mentally download these golden nugget RIGHT NOW!

 1. They Have Unusual Clarity

Individuals who climb to the peaks of their potential view the world through different perceptual lenses.
You have to train yourself to consistently focus on the solutions and desires you want. If not, you will literally not perceive the opportunities and resources that appear around you. You will be blind to them and miss them.
Decide what you want. Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want.
Use the power of visualization. Have teams visualize the end goal. The percentage of success will increase.
There is a formula that he used that goes:
Event + Response = Outcome
               ( E + R = O )
There is an event or stimuli that happens to us and it is our response that determines the outcome.
You have to harness the power of your thoughts.
When we focus on our failures we weaken ourselves. When we focus on our strengths/success/wins we strengthen ourselves.
If you talk about your past success it makes your subconscious mind believe you will have future success.

2. They Have Powerful Success Habits

One major habit is curating a strong inner circle.
Surround yourself with people who love and support you.
Raise the standard of your inner circle. You should not allow any outside resistance into your space.
“Support” from others does not count as constant questioning, limiting beliefs, and doubt under the umbrella that, “They really care about you and your success.”
Family and friends will want to give you their opinion. If they are not rational, unbiased, and informative pieces of advice then don’t take them.
Only take advice from people who are doing exactly what you want to be doing.
Next, super-high achievers understand the quantum world and how thoughts become things!
Every thought you think is sending out a vibration.
John Hagelin, Quantum Physicist and Director of the Transcendental Meditation movement for the United States, says that, “The power of a force field created by an intention is the square of the number of people holding the same intention at the same time.”
Which means.. The more people you can get to have the same intention at the same time, the more that energy will be amplified.
You’ve probably seen John in his role for the hit movie, The Secret.
Jack also mentioned the importance of powerful self-talk.
The word, “I cant,” disempowers you. Change your ‘I can’t’ to ‘I won’t,’ and see how it feels.
You will find that saying ‘I won’t’ brings the autonomy back to your life.
This shows that we DO in fact have all the ability to accomplish our goals, and the truth of the matter is that we simply won’t do it.
Jack has instilled a pretty awesome company culture where there is a $2 fine for anyone in the organization who complains, and says, “I can’t”.
The money collected is donated to charity.

3. They Take 100% Responsibility for Their Life and Their Results

You are responsible for your own goal achievement.
Define your breakthrough goals. These goals are big!
For example, my breakthrough goal is to have a Facebook video that reaches over 5-million video views and helps inspire millions of people.
Whatever you believe, you can achieve. Simply amplifying the vision and intention changes everything !
Your level of performance is going to match your vision.
Move from unwritten goals to progress reports, weekly check-ins, and accountability partners. As an entrepreneur I’ve struggled with this myself. I am not a detail oriented person. But at the end of the day, you just need to get it done!

Stop fighting it.

 Write down the goals, quantify the attempts, find the conversion %—just do it already.
There are 3 parts of this process that you must write down:
  • Goal—something measurable in time and space.
  • Intention—what you plan to do.
  • Objective—your specific goal.
Jack says writing goals increases your chance of success by 1100%, and according to Professor David Kohl from Virginia Tech, “People who write their goals down earn 9 times as much over their lifetime as people who don’t”.
Next you have to get an accountability partner. 
Jack has noticed from all of his groups that accountability partners are super important and a main differentiator for success!
An accountability partner is someone at the same level or higher than you. You and your accountability partner should check in on a regular basis, five-to-seven days a week with a five-minute call in the morning.
Tell each other five action steps that you will take, and then reconvene later in the day to hold each other accountable.

Immediate Action Step:

Now here’s what to do next: 
Practice the “Rule of 5.”
Commit to five action steps every single day that bring you closer to success. These are tasks that you must get done!
Easy! Be consistent, and have daily discipline—it’s that easy !
What are the top five priority action steps you need to take today that will lead you towards your breakthrough goal ?
Write them out and execute !

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