3 Key Tips on How to Stop Living in the Future for 2021

The life of every entrepreneur can be summarized in projecting, and projecting is always to the future (near or far). The psychology of every entrepreneur tends NOT to differentiate that they are in the “today” and travel with their ideas to a “future” time.

Although the life of every entrepreneur revolves around projects, the problem of living in the future brings consequences that deteriorate their physical and mental health. The challenge lies in becoming aware that it is the ideas and projects that are in the future, not them. The ideal is that they can unfold and understand that life is now, it is this moment, in this instant. 

Stop Making Excuses to Justify the Stress

Entrepreneurs usually have to deal with stress day by day; adding the accumulation of tasks, the endless to-dos, the disorganization, the lack of exercise, intense headaches, bad mood, constant anxiety, insomnia, and depression.  

Excessive reflection and worry contribute to chronic pains, eating disorders, addictions and mental diseases, baldness, high blood pressure, and serious health problems can occur.

In addition to the physical and psychological consequences of overwork, the mind of every entrepreneur remains in a state of limbo between the present moment and the idealized future. Rich experiences, personal relationships, and family moments are lost, living in mental limbo. 

Eventually, living between these two realities wears you down. Choosing a way to be conscious does not mean abandoning the business project. 

It is possible to combat stress with some simple techniques, but they must be carried out constantly. Be a conscious entrepreneur and have this point in your favor. So you may be wondering, where should I start?

1. Meditate

As simple as it sounds, meditating will considerably impact your life and make you recover the capacity to be focused.

Look for a moment in your day and a comfortable, quiet space. Sit on the floor or in a chair with your back straight. Many thoughts will pass through your mind: let them go. 

2. Breath

Breathing is an act that we do automatically without paying too much attention to it. Take conscious and slow breaths, pay attention to your body, feel the path of the air inside you. In just a few minutes you will be able to increase your concentration and regulate your emotions. Feel calm.

3. Connect With Your Five Senses

Connecting with your five senses is the fastest way to stop a mind from boiling.

In the same position (sitting on a chair or the floor), close your eyes and touch the floor, the edges of the chair, the upholstery, your pants. Concentrate on what you feel: is it cold? Rough?

Then concentrate on what you hear. Are there noises outside? Are they cars? Are they horns? Children playing?

How is the smell of the place you are in? Do you feel the fresh air? Does that smell remind you of any other place? Which one?

Feel your own air inside, and then open your eyes, what is the first thing you see? What things do you see? What colors are those objects? Where are you?

After this brief experience in which you have worked with your five senses, you will be here, in the time in which we all are: the present!

By Eliana Ianni, Public Relations Director of Leyes Media

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