3 Must-Try Practices To Build Better Self-love

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Well-known spiritual guru and mentor to women across the Globe, Gabby Bernstein wants women to know that building a better relationship with themselves is the new black.

Emerging from the Pandemic and returning to ‘real life’, many women have a newfound appetite for adventure and living a purposeful existence while raising their standards. 

Self-love is defined as having regard for one’s own well-being and happiness – let’s explore 3 must-try practices to cultivate a better relationship with self:

Practice One: Gratitude

When you show up for yourself, you can show up for the world more completely.” – Gabby Bernstein

Barbie Layton is an International Best You TV channel  personality called “You Are Amazing”, a Certified Spiritual Psychologist at The Amethyst Chamber, Los Angeles Tribune Lifestyle and Personal Growth Columnist, and Speaker on the upcoming, ‘Think and Grow Rich World Tour’, sponsored by the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Barbie was diagnosed with a life-threatening chronic illness in 2016 – “I was fighting for my life and from that, I started a radical transformational journey of courses and reprogramming my thoughts. It was a conscious focus on intentionally participating in life.”

As Barbie’s experience helped her to see, and as so many women will attest; “Our own opinion of ourselves is the most important one we have. By practicing Self-love, you take your power back.”

The first step in regaining that power is practicing gratitude daily, for all that you are, all that you have accomplished, and for all that you have in life. 

Here’s how Barbie goes about it: “First, I write a list of 15-20 things that I can be grateful for in the life that I’m currently living. This allows me to shift away from a negative mindset and focus on improving what’s going on in the present moment. The second thing that I do, is to reanimate any dreams that I’ve either given up on or forgotten about altogether. By implementing small steps every day towards achieving them, I’m making a point of putting my own needs and desires first. The final step is to become the VIP of your own life and make yourself the priority before you start giving to others.

Practice Two: Journaling To Your Soul-music

“The very second we choose a loving thought, our emotions shift, and our energy changes. This is realignment with the Universe.”
– Gabby Bernstein

Shar Moore, is a TEDx Speaker, TV Talk Show Host, Multi-International Award-Winning Mentor, International Best Selling Author, and Founder of the Feminessence® Movement – the first Australian printed magazine of its kind dedicated to empowering women to unleash their feminine essence. 

As Moore affirms; “Unlocking your true potential is an absolute must in today’s world. It’s about loving all parts of ourselves, even the parts we don’t like. We can’t push those down and expect to feel whole – when we embrace them, we embrace ourselves.”

Having moved through her own tribulations of self-doubt and perfectionism, seeing only her shortcomings, flaws, and failings, forever questioning whether she could have done better, Moore learned to look at herself in the mirror with a renewed sense of appreciation for who she really is. 

While Journaling will be familiar to many women, Moore suggests adding a twist to transform it into a powerful ritual for developing Self-love: “By playing your favorite soul-music as you write, you’ll allow yourself to open up, access your deepest self, and reveal your innermost truths.” 

“Start to write the words: ‘I love myself because I’m’… and watch the words fall out onto the page. Read them back by placing your hand on your heart chakra and refer to this at any time you feel you need to refill your cup. You will be amazed at how therapeutic this is!”

Practice Three: Make Room For Healthy Choices

“True abundance is an inside job.”
– Gabby Bernstein

Taryn Lee is the Global Brand Ambassador of Healy World. She believes that self love is deeply rooted in our ability to make healthy choices, including those around our time, energy and money. She is also the Founder of ‘Kinship’ – an online community and platform of conscious entrepreneurs, and a Visionary for Illuminate – a new paradigm movement for female leadership.

Lee’s story will resonate with many women who, in striving for heightened levels of success and wealth, become guilty of self-judgment, self-sacrifice and perfectionism, which has so many high achieving women teetering on burnout.

As the pressures of outdated societal paradigms on women continue to grow, in order to thrive, we must make it a priority to take our power back. As Lee points out; “Society didn’t set us (as women) up to ‘have it all’. There’s this kind of cultural ideal that [as a woman] you’re expected to be nice, relationship-oriented and helpful. We should want women to illuminate, to understand and believe that their self-worth and success is inherent to them rather than defined by society.” 

By understanding and implementing this belief in our lives, we can begin to make room for higher frequency living.  Cultivate patience and kindness for yourself while making everyday habits of healthy choices that optimize your wellbeing, personal power and ultimately the relationship you have with yourself.

“When you hold yourself in high esteem, you’re more likely to choose things that nurture your well-being and serve you well: eating healthy, exercising, or having healthy relationships. You express your love for yourself by doing things that help you to show up in life as the best version of yourself.” 

In Closing

Women with high standards of self-respect and self-love, have a tendency to go further in life and to thrive in their relationships along with their business ventures. We owe it to ourselves to be that person – to thrive, to have greater impact, and to better serve those close to us, as well as our wider communities. By implementing these Self-love practices, you’ll set sail on a journey of self discovery, limited only by the boundless depths of your own imagination.

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